Commit from LXDE Pootle server by user sotrud_nik.: 217 of 295 strings translated...
[lxde/pcmanfm.git] / src / desktop-ui.c
2013-12-20  Andriy GrytsenkoImplemented handling for extra items (Trash, Documents...
2012-09-21  Andriy GrytsenkoMade it buildable with Gtk+-3.0.
2012-09-21  Andriy GrytsenkoFmDesktop migrated to FmFolderView and Cairo APIs.
2012-09-21  Andriy GrytsenkoCorrected mnemonics (underscores) in dialogs and menus.
2012-07-02  Andriy GrytsenkoAdded a temp. workaround to integrate lxshortcut (from...
2011-02-15  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Little fix.
2010-10-12  Jordi MartinFixed the pcmanfm bug 3080631
2010-10-06  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)* Make desktop icons movable.
2010-03-23  rootMerge branch 'master' of git://pcmanfm.git.sourceforge...
2010-02-27  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)* Add "Open in Terminal" to popup menu of desktop items.
2010-02-26  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)* Little UI adjustment.
2010-02-21  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)* Support "Open curent folder in terminal"
2010-02-21  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Fully enable keyboard shortcut for desktop manager.
2010-02-21  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)* Add basic keyboard navigation to desktop manager.
2010-02-21  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Fix English strings according to suggestions of Marty...
2010-01-25  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Add missing file.