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[lxde/pcmanfm.git] / NEWS
2012-09-28  Andriy GrytsenkoAdded two missing tooltips.
2012-09-21  Andriy GrytsenkoUpdated to libfm fm_launch_search_simple() API.
2012-09-21  Andriy GrytsenkoFixed args passed to single instance.
2012-09-21  Andriy GrytsenkoAdded support for options force_startup_notify and...
2012-09-21  Andriy GrytsenkoFmDesktop migrated to FmFolderView and Cairo APIs.
2012-09-01  Andriy GrytsenkoFixed invalid sysconfdir when --prefix=/usr
2012-08-13  Andriy GrytsenkoUpdated NEWS file.
2009-12-24  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Initial import.