2018-02-02  Palo KisaDrop usage of Fm::IconTheme master
2018-01-14  Tsu JanAdd symlink target info to statusbar
2018-01-08  notname000Add Simplified Chinese desktop entries (#640)
2018-01-06  Tsu JanFollow GLib to know if a file is hidden
2018-01-06  Tsu JanRemember hidden Places items between sessions
2018-01-04  Luís PereiraDrop Qt foreach
2017-12-22  Luís PereiraUse QString Use multi-arg
2017-12-22  Luís PereiraPrevent a possible c++11 range-loop detach container...
2017-12-22  Luís PereiraDon't call QList::first() on temporary
2017-12-22  Luís PereiraWarnings (#625)
2017-12-16  Alf Gaidamove config to /usr/share/pcmanfm-qt/lxqt
2017-12-12  tsujanFixed the setting for "backup as hidden"" (#614)
2017-12-09  Tsu JanSweep a desktop mess under the carpet
2017-12-08  Luís Pereiracmake: Don't set CMP0063
2017-12-08  Luís Pereiracmake: Handle CMP0071 - Mark DBus files with SKIP_AUTOGEN
2017-12-08  Luís Pereiracmake: Handle CMP0071 related to UI files.
2017-12-02  Jair LópezRefer to PCManFM-Qt in desktop entries
2017-12-02  Jair LópezAdd Spanish desktop entries
2017-12-02  Safa AlfulaijUse QChars
2017-12-02  Safa AlFulaijSimplify if statements
2017-12-02  Safa AlFulaijConst it
2017-12-02  Safa AlFulaijFix typos, move encloseWithBidiMarks to private and...
2017-12-02  Safa AlFulaijFix direction of statusbar message
2017-12-02  Tsu JanGive context to singleShot()
2017-12-02  Tsu JanAdded a short comment
2017-12-02  Tsu JanWait for events to be processed before chdir
2017-11-25  Tsu JanRename progress dialog
2017-11-25  Tsu JanBasic bulk rename
2017-11-25  Tsu JanReally cancel multiple renaming on cancelling
2017-11-25  Tsu JanInitialize dragStarted_ in constructor
2017-11-25  Tsu JanCompact disconnection format
2017-11-25  Tsu JanTab DND
2017-11-25  Tsu JanView tool-buttons
2017-10-21  Alf GaidaRelease 0.12.0: Update changelog 0.12.0
2017-10-19  Alf GaidaSet Version
2017-10-15  Alf Gaidaremoved dangeling symlink to debian dir
2017-10-15  Tsu JanText eliding, long texts and newline
2017-10-15  Tsu JanUpdate status message appropriately
2017-10-15  Palo Kisafixup...use static const
2017-10-15  Tsu JanFix icon sizes
2017-10-05  tsujanJust fixed my typo in search settings (#574)
2017-09-25  welaqLithuanian translation
2017-09-25  welaqLithuanian translation
2017-09-24  Tsu JanDisable menubar actions that cannot be used
2017-09-24  Tsu JanSave and restore search settings
2017-09-24  Alf GaidaDon't export github templates
2017-09-14  Tsu JanWallpaper Slide Show
2017-09-11  tsujanInline renaming with F2 for detailed list view (#554)
2017-07-20  Tsu JanInline renaming with F2
2017-07-16  tsujanFix showing/hiding hidden files (#535)
2017-07-16  tsujanDon't select or scroll to child folder on reloading...
2017-07-15  PCManReplace customized DesktopItemDelegate hacks with the...
2017-07-08  Alf Gaidaliblxqt version make no sense here
2017-07-08  Alf GaidaCopied issue template
2017-07-07  tsujanFix Ctrl+A on desktop (#526)
2017-07-05  Tsu JanUpdate statusbar size info when needed
2017-07-05  Luís PereiraDrops Qt5Core_VERSION_STRING
2017-06-27  Alf Gaidaset Qt::AA_UseHighDpiPixmaps to true
2017-06-15  Tsu JanFix jerky desktop items
2017-05-10  tsujanPlace dropped item at drop position (#504)
2017-05-10  tsujanMake custom pos checkbox work for multiple items (...
2017-04-30  tsujanFix crash on removing desktop items with custom positio...
2017-04-28  Tsu JanFix cursor on hovering desktop items
2017-04-28  Tsu JanFix pressing RETURN in location bar
2017-04-28  Tsu JanRemove the old tilde replacement
2017-04-26  Alf GaidaIncluded LXQTConfigVars
2017-04-26  Alf GaidaFixed config/CMakeLists.txt - removed not needed things
2017-04-26  Alf GaidaAdded merged autostart and config to CMakeLists.txt
2017-04-26  scootergrisenUpdated *_da.desktop files and removed *_da_DK.desktop...
2017-04-26  paiiouUpdate desktop entries and Replace fr_FR by fr
2017-04-26  Palo Kisalxqt-rc.xml: Change default config install path
2017-04-26  Peter MatternPCManFM-Qt: Update default wallpaper (#49)
2017-04-26  Peter MatternMerge pull request #48 from lxde/pcmanfm-qt-sort-order
2017-04-26  P.L. LucasSettings Openbox updated.
2017-04-26  P.L. LucasDefault key shortcuts added to lxqt-globalkeysd.
2017-04-26  Hong Jen Yee... Use lxqt-sudo in pcmanfm-qt config file by default.
2017-04-26  Dimitrios GlentadakisUpdate Greek translation (el)
2017-04-26  Luís PereiraCMake: Adds Runtime and Devel install COMPONENTs
2017-04-26  Luís PereiraCoding style changes
2017-04-26  Luís PereiraAdds double quotes to everything that may break
2017-04-26  Luís PereiraUpdates the build system to use the Targets infrastructure
2017-04-26  Peter Matternadjust default wallpaper to default theme
2017-04-26  Luís PereiraDrops hardcoded /etc/xdg paths
2017-04-26  Thomas ViehwegerUpdated german translation, replaced Qt4 by Qt in all...
2017-04-26  Luís PereiraUpdates translations infrastructure
2017-04-26  Luís PereiraUpdate the required minimum cmake version
2017-04-26  Alf Gaidaremove dead template lines
2017-04-26  Hong Jen Yee... Add session.conf and windowmanagers.conf.
2017-04-26  Hong Jen Yee... Support lxqt-session and add necessary xdg autostart...
2017-04-26  Hong Jen Yee... Rename dirs and replace razor with lxqt.
2017-04-26  Hong Jen Yee... Properly set default wallpaper for pcmanfm-qt.
2017-04-26  Hong Jen Yee... Remove custom openbox config file in desktop.conf tempo...
2017-04-26  Hone Jen Yee... * Fix file paths, replacing razor with lxqt.
2017-04-26  Hone Jen Yee... Add default configuration files for lxde-qt session.
2017-04-23  Luís PereiraUse const iterators (Fix a FTBFS in debug mode) (#483)
2017-04-17  Hong Jen Yee... Merge branch 'pcman@libfm-c++11-port'
2017-04-17  Tsu JanFixed desktop items movement
2017-04-17  Alf GaidaFixes some pedantic bugs
2017-04-17  Tsu JanCorrect alignment of small icons on desktop
2017-04-17  Hong Jen Yee... Rename namespace Fm2 to Fm.