2016-12-20  Jonathan ThibaultRelease 0.3.0 0.3.0
2016-12-14  Yao Wei (é... docs: fix README.md
2016-12-14  Yao Wei (魏銘廷)docs: update README.md, and remove redundant README...
2016-12-14  Yao Wei (魏銘廷)fix: ca.po translation file syntax error
2016-12-14  Yao Wei (魏銘廷)Merge branch 'Davidmp1-patch-1'
2016-12-13  Juhani Numminen[I18n] Finnish translation update.
2016-12-12  Pavel Fric[I18n] Czech translation update.
2016-12-12  DavidmpUpdate ca.po
2016-12-11  Alexey Loginov[i18n] Russian translation update.
2016-12-11  Yao Wei (魏銘廷)Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/crayxt...
2016-12-11  Yao Wei (魏銘廷)Merge branch 'Pjotr123-patch-2'
2016-12-11  Pjotr123Update nl.po
2016-12-08  Yao Wei (魏銘廷)chore: update zh_TW.po
2016-12-07  Baurzhan MuftakhidinovUpdate Kazakh translation.
2016-12-06  Andriy Grytsenko[i18n] Ukrainian translation update.
2016-12-06  FinboySlickUpdate pt.po translation.
2016-12-02  FinboySlickUpdate fr.po translation.
2016-12-02  FinboySlickUpdated changelog.
2016-12-02  FinboySlickUpdated translations.
2016-12-02  FinboySlickPre-release cleanup.
2016-10-25  Jonathan ThibaultMaintain terminal scale for new tabs.
2016-10-25  Jonathan ThibaultMake zoom apply to the whole window.
2016-10-20  Yao Weifix: listen to notebook size-allocate event
2016-10-20  Yao Weifix: do not initialize geometry as it is unnecessary
2016-10-20  Yao Weifix: lower allocation on heap memory
2016-10-19  Yao Weifix: remove unused size request
2016-10-18  Jonathan Thibaultfix "invalid cast from 'GtkListStore' to 'GtkWidget...
2016-10-18  Ming-ting Yao Weifix: remove some deprecated warnings on gtk_color_butto...
2016-10-18  Ming-ting Yao Weifix: clean up compile warnings
2016-10-18  Ming-ting Yao Weifix: remove debug log
2016-10-18  Ming-ting Yao Weifix: wait for size-allocate signal before setting geome...
2016-10-18  Ming-ting Yao Weifix: geometry hint
2016-10-18  Yao Weifix: new ways for geometry hinting, wip
2016-10-18  Yao Weifix: disable gtk_window_resize_to_geometry
2016-08-09  Mamoru TASAKAFix critical messages when opening window or tab
2016-08-04  Mamoru TASAKAproperly null-terminate arguments after copy
2016-06-07  Yao Weifix: closing window behavior, prevent from segfault
2016-06-07  Yao Weifix: use GTK_RESPONSE_YES instead of GTK_RESPONSE_OK
2016-06-07  Ming-ting Yao WeiMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/zvacet...
2016-06-07  Ming-ting Yao Weifix: cancel action when closing dialog window
2016-06-07  Ming-ting Yao Weii18n update
2016-06-07  Ming-ting Yao Weistyle: refactor closing multi-tab window dialog
2016-06-06  JeffreyHungAdd an option to disable confirmation before close...
2016-06-06  Yao WeiMerge pull request #18 from nbyouri/master
2016-06-06  youriInclude string.h for memset.
2016-06-06  Yao WeiMerge pull request #14 from nbyouri/master
2016-06-06  Ming-ting Yao Weistyle: replace tab with 4 spaces
2016-06-05  hchungAdd confirmation before closing multi-tab lxterminal
2016-04-06  yourisetting.c: fix clang build
2016-02-20  Andriy GrytsenkoRestore po/POTFILES.skip after crazy Pootle intervention.
2016-02-20  Pootle LXDEAutomatic translation update from Pootle
2015-11-26  Ming-ting Yao WeiRevert "Fix: memory leak using login shell"
2015-11-26  Yao WeiMerge pull request #10 from jesjimher/master
2015-11-25  Jesus Jimenezfixed bug when multiple asterisks were added to title...
2015-11-25  Jesus JimenezTab title management was working only with mouse-genera...
2015-11-25  Jesus JimenezProper tab activity handling with user specified titles
2015-11-10  Ming-ting Yao WeiAdd --no_remote option.
2015-11-06  Ming-ting Yao WeiAdd version information from command line arguments...
2015-11-05  Ming-ting Yao WeiFix cursor_moved event and make it more obvious
2015-11-05  Ming-ting Yao WeiFix gtk3 build failure.
2015-11-05  ZhiFeng HuAdd document how to build on ubuntu
2015-11-05  Ming-ting Yao WeiUpdate lxterminal.pot
2015-11-05  Ming-ting Yao WeiComment out unused debug function
2015-11-05  Ming-ting Yao WeiAdd default geometry option in preferences. Closes #6
2015-11-03  Ming-ting Yao WeiFix assignments to some function parameters. Closes #2
2015-10-31  Ming-ting Yao WeiAdd function prototype for cursor-move signal.
2015-10-31  Ming-ting Yao WeiFix some zooming problems.
2015-10-30  Jesus JimenezSet tab label text to bold when there's activity in...
2015-10-18  Ming-ting Yao WeiPrevent window resizing when in fullscreen
2015-10-18  Ming-ting Yao WeiAdd Gtk+2 window resizing
2015-10-06  Ming-ting Yao WeiMerge branch 'zoom'
2015-10-06  Ming-ting Yao WeiChange default key binding for zooming zoom
2015-10-06  Ming-ting Yao WeiAdd a function to get preferred shell
2015-10-06  Ming-ting Yao WeiFix: memory leak using login shell
2015-08-22  Ming-ting Yao WeiText zooming and adjust window size (GTK+3)
2015-08-22  Ming-ting Yao WeiAdd terminal_set_geometry_hints
2015-08-18  Ming-ting Yao WeiRemove geometry hint code.
2015-08-15  Ming-ting Yao WeiAdd Terminal Font Resize
2015-08-12  Ming-ting Yao WeiFix: child-exited event has status code in libvte 0.38
2015-08-12  Ming-ting Yao WeiFix: load palette
2015-08-12  Ming-ting Yao WeiFix: typos of implementations of palette function
2015-08-12  Ming-ting Yao WeiFix: change preset name when changing preset from dropdown
2015-08-12  Ming-ting Yao WeiAdd palette function and some presets
2015-07-23  FinboySlickSupport for vte>=0.38.0 -- Thanks Gyorgy Ballo
2015-06-21  FinboySlickBug #314, #701: -l now applies to new tabs as well.
2015-05-30  LXDE PootleAutomatic commit from Pootle 2.7.0a1
2015-05-10  FinboySlickCleanup unused code.
2015-05-10  FinboySlickFix bug #704: --title flag has no effect.
2015-05-06  LXDE PootleAutomatic commit from Pootle 2.7.0a1
2015-05-04  zvacetUpdate hr.po
2015-04-27  FinboySlickMake sure we rename the right tab.
2015-03-21  wwycheukCommit from LXDE Pootle server by user wwycheuk.: 176...
2015-03-14  jcslCommit from LXDE Pootle server by user jcsl.: 121 of...
2015-03-01  FinboySlickAllow reset of tab name.
2015-02-18  FinboySlickPass command array directly to child and fix login...
2015-02-02  FinboySlickMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.lxde.org/lxde/lxterminal
2015-01-30  FinboySlickPreserve command line argument array.
2015-01-30  FinboySlickAdd autom4te.cache/ to .gitignore
2015-01-17  kizitoCommit from LXDE Pootle server by user kizito.: 182...
2015-01-15  PjotrCommit from LXDE Pootle server by user Pjotr.: 178...