2010-12-20  Julien LavergneRemove new compiler warnings. gilir-fixes
2010-12-20  Julien LavergneAdd additional flags for maintainer mode.
2010-12-17  Julien LavergneAdd information of man pages support
2010-12-17  Julien LavergneAdd some CFLAGS for GTK3 migration
2010-12-17  Julien LavergneFix compiler warning
2010-12-17  Julien LavergneAdd another item to .gitignore
2010-12-17  Julien LavergneAdd more items to .gitignore
2010-12-17  Julien LavergneAdd .gitignore
2010-12-17  Julien LavergneAdd some improvement to build system, inspired by patch...
2010-12-17  Julien Lavergnegtk3 build fixes (apply patch from ID: 3103279)
2010-12-17  Julien LavergneAdd support for not launching autostart programs (patch...
2010-11-17  Andrea Floriofixed logscreen issue
2010-11-16  Marty JackRelease 0.4.5 0.4.5
2010-11-04  wilsonsammCommit from LXDE Translation Project with Pootle by...
2010-10-17  Martin Bagge... Adding complete Belarusian (be) and partially complete...
2010-10-10  A S Alaml10n: Punjabi Translation Added
2010-10-03  kizitoCommit from LXDE Translation Project with Pootle by...
2010-09-22  Sérgio Marquesl10n: Updated Portuguese (pt) translation to 100%
2010-09-05  Mehmet Gülmenl10n: Updated Turkish (tr) translation to 100%
2010-08-16  Mostafa Daneshvarl10n: Updated Persian (fa) translation to 100%
2010-07-16  Andrea Florioreversed previous patch waiting for more feedback
2010-07-16  Marty JackSoften from g_error to fprintf(stderr) to quiet abrt...
2010-07-14  Andrea Floriolock the screen when hybernate/suspend or switch user
2010-06-15  Jay Alexander... l10n: Serbian (latin) translation
2010-06-09  Yarema aka... l10n: Updated Ukrainian (uk) translation to 100%
2010-06-07  Martin Bagge... Commit from LXDE Translation Project with Pootle by...
2010-05-27  Martin Bagge... Resynchronize PO files with the updated POT files,...
2010-05-27  Martin Bagge... Update the POTFILES.in adn regenerate POT file.
2010-05-13  Piotr Strębskil10n: Updated Polish (pl) translation to 100%
2010-05-13  Glennzl10n: Updated Dutch (Netherlands) (nl) translation...
2010-05-09  Iñigo Varelal10n: Updates Asturian Translation
2010-04-28  Martin Bagge... Commit from LXDE Translation Project with Pootle by...
2010-04-16  juliusl10n: Updates to Lithuanian (lt) translation
2010-04-16  juliusl10n: Updates to Lithuanian (lt) translation
2010-04-08  Marty JackConvert DeviceKit/Power support to UPower support and...
2010-03-31  Hong Jen Yee... * Add support for LTSP (Linux terminal service project).
2010-03-31  Martin Bagge... Adding new language files.
2010-03-31  Martin BaggeCommit from LXDE Translation Project with Pootle by...
2010-03-28  Steve Cookl10n: Initial English UK en_GB translation
2010-03-28  Hong Jen Yee... Little fix.
2010-03-27  Marty JackStraighten out formatting
2010-03-27  Marty JackMerge branch 'master' of ssh://lxde.git.sourceforge...
2010-03-27  Marty JackRestore GDM Switch User path
2010-03-20  Andrea Florioallign text and icon to the left
2010-03-19  Christoph Wickertl10n: Updates to German (de) translation
2010-03-18  Marty JackRelease 0.4.3 0.4.3
2010-03-18  Marty JackFix regression on Logout button placement
2010-03-09  Hong Jen Yee... Rework background window to reduce unnecessary widgets.
2010-03-09  Hong Jen Yee... Fix bugs in shell expansion support.
2010-03-09  Hong Jen Yee... Use wordexp to do shell expansion for command lines.
2010-03-08  Andrea Floriofixed typos
2010-03-08  Andrea Florioremoved exec bit
2010-03-08  Marty JackMissing include
2010-03-08  Marty JackRevert "DeviceKit commands don't return replies; avoid...
2010-03-08  Marty JackDeviceKit commands don't return replies; avoid a warning
2010-03-08  Andrea FlorioMerge branch 'master' of ssh://lxde.git.sourceforge...
2010-03-08  Andrea Floriofixed 'atoi' and 'strcmp' implicit declarations
2010-03-07  Marty JackRelease 0.4.2 0.4.2
2010-03-03  Christoph Wickertl10n: Updates to German (de) translation
2010-02-23  Marty JackFix incorrect configure message for missing dbus-1
2010-02-22  Marty JackFinish development/checkout of latent DeviceKit flow
2010-02-21  Marty JackMajor rewrite of lxsession-logout
2010-02-20  Hong Jen Yee... Support commenting with # in autostart file.
2010-02-20  Joe Hansenl10n: Updates to Danish (da) translation
2010-02-18  Marty JackFix faulty defaulting of XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP
2010-02-01  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2010-01-27  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2010-01-26  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2010-01-26  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2010-01-25  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2010-01-24  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2010-01-18  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2010-01-12  Martin BaggeResynchronized all languages and added LXDM to the...
2009-12-27  Martin BaggeRussian LXPanel (closing: 2915544), thanks HsH
2009-12-10  Hong Jen Yee... Support recognizing current DE with $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTO...
2009-12-10  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2009-11-21  Martin BaggeNB updated in Pootle
2009-10-27  Martin BaggeAdding Arpitian to repository. It's almost halfway...
2009-10-27  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2009-10-09  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2009-09-29  Martin BaggeResynched LINGUAS
2009-09-28  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2009-09-23  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2009-09-21  Martin BaggeAdding two new languages (Hebrew and Catalan), almost...
2009-09-20  Martin BaggeVarious uppdates from Pootle
2009-09-08  Martin BaggeAdding two lost files for Serbian.
2009-09-07  Martin BaggeAdding Bulgarian PO files.
2009-09-07  Martin BaggeAdding Serbian as translatable language (with a huge...
2009-09-07  Martin Baggeadded proper charset heading for bn_IN
2009-09-07  Martin BaggeMajor French update by Cilyan Olowen <gaknar@gmail...
2009-08-30  Martin BaggeEstonian translation updates from Mahfiaz (closing...
2009-08-25  Martin BaggeSome updates from Pootle
2009-08-11  Hong Jen Yee... Set default value of $DISPLAY to ':0.0'.
2009-07-28  Martin BaggeUpdated Norweigan Nynorsk translations from Karl Ove...
2009-07-26  Martin BaggeMajor updates for zh_TW and bn_IN
2009-07-22  Martin BaggeGreek translations update from George Vasilakos (closin...
2009-07-14  Hong Jen Yee... Little fixes for lxsession and bump version number...
2009-07-11  Jürgen Hötzelfix package name
2009-07-11  Jürgen Hötzeldon't redirect output of lxsession processes to /dev...
2009-07-11  Jürgen Hötzelhandle missing GTK+ section graceful