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2016-12-10  Andriy GrytsenkoCorrect lxsession-db.1 and lxsession-xdg-autostart...
2016-12-05  Andriy GrytsenkoAdd dummy manual pages lxsession-db.1 and lxsession...
2016-12-05  Andriy GrytsenkoAdd lxsession-edit.1 manual page.
2016-12-05  Andriy GrytsenkoAdd a simple lxpolkit.1 manual page.
2016-12-05  Andriy GrytsenkoAdd lxsettings-daemon.1 manual page.
2014-10-17  Andriy GrytsenkoFix few spelling errors in man/lxclipboard.1 file.
2014-10-17  Andriy GrytsenkoCorrect man page name: lxsession-default-app.1 -> lxses...
2014-10-15  Julien LavergneFix clean files in manpages directory
2014-10-15  Julien LavergneAdd missing man pages for some binaries
2009-06-25  Jürgen Hötzeladded source to all manual pages
2009-06-24  Jürgen HötzelReworked lxsession man page generation.
2009-04-26  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Replace the original lxsession with lxsession-lite.
2009-04-14  Ying-Chun Liu (Pau... Use other docbook to manpage tools.
2008-04-20  Ying-Chun Liu (Pau... Add man pages
2008-04-16  Fred Chiencreate a new branch for lxsession-lite.
2008-03-22  Ying-Chun Liu (Pau... Move manpages to dist
2008-03-07  Ying-Chun Liu (Pau... fixed: W: lxsession: manpage-has-errors-from-man
2008-03-01  Ying-Chun Liu (Pau... add manpages