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[lxde/lxsession.git] / debian /
2016-12-05  Andriy GrytsenkoAdd dummy manual pages lxsession-db.1 and lxsession...
2016-12-05  Andriy GrytsenkoMove lxsession-xsettings into $pkglibexecdir
2016-12-05  Andriy GrytsenkoAdd lxsession-edit.1 manual page.
2016-12-05  Andriy GrytsenkoAdd a simple lxpolkit.1 manual page.
2016-12-05  Andriy GrytsenkoAdd lxsettings-daemon.1 manual page.
2016-04-17  Julien LavergneImproving apt-check and adding crash manager, finishing...
2014-11-15  LXDE PootleMerge branch 'master' of
2014-11-14  Julien Lavergnedebian: stop building build-in support, for easy integr...
2014-11-14  Julien LavergneUse libunique for lxpolkit, to avoid launching it twice
2014-11-08  LXDE PootleMerge branch 'master' of
2014-11-08  Julien LavergneFix typo in debian/control
2014-10-19  Julien Lavergnedebian: fix manpages installation
2014-10-17  Andriy GrytsenkoCorrect man page name: lxsession-default-app.1 -> lxses...
2014-10-15  Julien Lavergnedebian: update with new manpages
2014-10-11  Andriy Grytsenkodebian: fix lxpolkit installation - etc/xdg/autostart...
2014-09-27  LXDE PootleMerge branch 'master' of
2014-09-27  Julien LavergneFix lxsession-logout man page installation.
2014-09-27  Andriy Grytsenkodebian/*: update incorrect debian build setup.
2014-09-14  LXDE PootleMerge branch 'master' of
2014-09-12  Julien LavergneRemove lxsession-message-gtk in debian
2014-06-06  Julien LavergneDisable lxsession-message for now, since it's not reall...
2014-05-07  Julien LavergneReally fix the sysdir reading, by not replacing desktop...
2014-03-26  Julien LavergneRemove gee also from new commits, by using HashTable
2014-03-26  Julien Lavergnedebian: fix installation of the .ui files
2013-08-08  Julien LavergneDebian: install also lxsettings
2013-07-25  Julien LavergneUse gee-0.8 instead of (old) gee-1.0
2013-07-21  Julien Lavergnedebian: Add also the .install for lxsession-message-gtk
2013-07-21  Julien Lavergnedebian: Add a new binary for lxsession-message-gtk
2013-07-12  Julien LavergneInitial commit for lxsession-db, to build database...
2013-06-15  Julien Lavergnedebian: Add lxsession-xsettings
2013-05-26  Julien Lavergnedebian : prefer vala 0.20 to build
2013-05-04  Julien Lavergnedebian: add missing files
2013-04-08  Julien LavergneUpdate debian/ to add a separate binary for lxsession...
2013-04-02  Julien Lavergnedebian : Add lxsession-default
2012-11-06  Julien LavergneIncrease version to
2012-08-28  Julien Lavergnedebian: Update
2012-07-05  Julien Lavergnedebian: Add missing build-depends on polkit-agent
2012-07-04  Julien LavergneSmall fixed to packaging and lxsession-logout to comple...
2012-07-04  Julien LavergneFix build-in support for polkit and clipboard
2012-07-04  Julien LavergneUpdate debian directory with new binaries
2012-07-04  Julien LavergneUpdate examples to install
2012-07-04  Julien LavergneAdd a missing debian file
2012-07-04  Julien LavergneUpdate debian directory
2012-07-04  Julien LavergneRename lxsession2 in debian package until it is safe...
2012-02-13  Julien LavergneUse the native format for upstream tree
2012-02-13  Julien LavergneAdd a dbg debian package
2011-07-02  Julien LavergneMerge branch 'master' of ssh://lxde.git.sourceforge...
2011-07-02  Julien Lavergnedebian: Update to build from source
2011-07-02  Julien Lavergnedebian: update with current directory on Debian
2009-04-26  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Replace the original lxsession with lxsession-lite.
2008-08-27  Andrew LeeSync with debian packages.
2008-05-05  Andrew LeeSync debian/ for lxde-common, lxpanel and lxsession
2008-05-05  Andrew LeeSync debian/ for lxde-common, lxpanel and lxsession
2008-04-22  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Update locales.
2008-04-16  Fred Chiencreate a new branch for lxsession-lite.
2008-03-21  Andrew Leesync debian/
2008-03-02  Andrew LeeSync debian/ with debian package.
2006-11-12  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Add rules for builing debian package.