Automatic translation update from Pootle
[lxde/lxsession.git] / .gitignore
2014-10-15  Julien LavergneOnly exclude in .gitignore man page generated from xml
2014-10-11  Andriy GrytsenkoAdd a lxpolkit.desktop to /etc/xdg/autostart/, hidden...
2014-09-27  LXDE PootleMerge branch 'master' of
2014-09-27  Andriy GrytsenkoUpdate .gitignore file.
2014-09-14  Julien LavergneUpdate .gitignore
2013-07-25  Julien LavergneUpdate .gitignore
2013-07-21  Julien LavergneAdd a basic message facility to display GUI messages
2013-06-04  Julien LavergneAdd to the source, since it doesn't want...
2013-06-02  Julien LavergneAdd m4 folder to the source
2013-05-02  Julien LavergneStart lxsession-default-apps, the GUI for configuring...
2013-03-29  Julien LavergneUpdate .gitignore
2012-07-08  Julien LavergneAdd new items to .gitignore
2012-07-04  Julien LavergneAdd lxpolkit to the build system
2012-07-04  Julien LavergneUpdate .gitignore
2012-07-04  Julien LavergneUpdate .gitignore as well
2012-07-04  Julien LavergneAdd more items to .gitignore
2012-07-04  Julien LavergneAnother item to .gitignore
2012-07-04  Julien LavergneAdd more items to gitignore
2012-02-13  Julien LavergneAnother item to .gitignore
2012-02-13  Julien LavergneAdd more items to gitignore
2011-05-09  Julien LavergneMerge branch 'gilir-fixes'
2010-12-17  Julien LavergneAdd another item to .gitignore
2010-12-17  Julien LavergneAdd more items to .gitignore
2010-12-17  Julien LavergneAdd .gitignore