2016-09-12  Peter Matternbuild scripts: Add pavucontrol-qt, QTermWidget and... 0.11.0
2015-12-02  Luís PereiraAdds the ability to specify the nunber of jobs running...
2015-12-02  Palo Kisabuild: Add DO_BUILD/DO_INSTALL(_ROOT) options
2015-12-02  Palo Kisabuild: Unify build logic
2015-12-02  Palo Kisabuild: Use more modern bash constructs
2015-12-02  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'uninstall_all_cmake_projects'
2015-12-02  Palo Kisauninstall: Add messages & exit after error
2015-12-02  Luís PereiraAdds uninstall_all_cmake_projects.sh script
2015-12-01  Luís PereiraUpdates clean_all_cmake_projects.sh
2015-12-01  Luís PereiraAdds submodule libfm-qt
2015-11-04  Luís PereiraFixes several CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH related issues
2015-11-03  Jerome LeclancheAdd a link to Contributing to Open Source on GitHub
2015-11-02  Ioan-Adrian... liblxqt-mount: Remove submodule path
2015-11-02  Jerome LeclancheRemove liblxqt-mount
2015-11-02  Jerome LeclancheUpdate release script
2015-11-02  Jerome LeclancheRelease 0.10.0 0.10.0
2015-07-01  Luís PereiraAdds CMake projects experimental SuperBuild support
2015-06-18  Michael VetterUpdate contributing link
2015-05-27  Palo Kisaadd submodule lxqt-sudo
2015-04-13  Luís PereiraRemoves USE_QT5 documentation
2015-03-02  Palo Kisacontributing: removed legacy git.lxde.org link
2015-02-26  Jerome LeclancheSign all git tags by default
2015-02-07  Jerome LeclancheAdd the LXQt release script 0.9.0
2015-01-27  Peter Matternadjustments in CONTRIBUTING.md
2014-12-23  Paulo LieuthierFix line breaks in helper scripts
2014-11-19  Hong Jen Yee... Update to the latest commits.
2014-11-06  Jerome LeclancheAdd a link to the contributing docs
2014-11-04  Jerome LeclancheUpdate a dead link
2014-11-04  Jerome LeclancheRemove deprecated repos
2014-11-04  Jerome LeclancheImport old jhbuild repository
2014-11-03  Jerome LeclancheAdd a CONTRIBUTING symlink to the .md version
2014-11-03  Jerome LeclancheAdd a note about IRC
2014-11-03  Jerome LeclancheUpdate bug reports section
2014-11-03  Jerome LeclancheUse markdown for CONTRIBUTING
2014-10-29  Luís PereiraMake libfm-extras build honor LXQT_PREFIX environment...
2014-10-19  Kuzma ShapranUnify build scripts
2014-10-18  Jerome LeclancheRemove Qt4 support
2014-10-14  Jerome LeclancheAdd a proper CONTRIBUTING document
2014-10-13  Jerome LeclancheRelease v0.8.0 0.8.0
2014-09-24  Kuzma ShapranPrebuild libfm-extras and configure libfm before the...
2014-09-24  Kuzma ShapranImprove output in the build script
2014-09-09  Kuzma ShapranMake sure build script does not uses advanced commands
2014-09-09  Kuzma ShapranFix qt version detection code in `build_all` script
2014-09-07  Pierre Vorhagenupdate submodule URLs
2014-09-04  Hong Jen Yee... Update the the latest submodules.
2014-09-01  Luís PereiraAdds Ninja as an CMake Generator and make program
2014-08-28  Luís PereiraAdds the mimetypes module to the build_all.sh script
2014-08-24  Hong Jen Yee... Update to the latest components.
2014-08-24  Hong Jen Yee... Remove unused components from build_all.sh and update...
2014-08-24  Hong Jen Yee... Add a simple script to generate a changelog from all...
2014-08-16  Joerg Bornemannuse relative paths in .gitmodules
2014-06-28  Dirk OlmesAdd some markdown formatting to the README
2014-06-15  Jerome LeclancheMove CONTRIBUTING to a section in README
2014-06-13  Luís PereiraAdds mimetypes repository
2014-05-21  Hong Jen Yee... Add lxqt-admin to submodules.
2014-05-15  Jerome LeclancheMove README to README.md
2014-04-29  Hong Jen Yee... Update to the latest code and add a script for generati... 0.7.0
2014-04-29  Jerome LeclancheCMakeLists.txt is not executable 0.6.99
2014-04-29  Jerome LeclancheDrop lxqt-power (merged with lxqt-powermanagement)
2014-04-29  Jerome LeclancheAdd a CONTRIBUTING file
2014-04-20  Hong Jen Yee... Remove lxinput-qt.
2014-04-20  Hong Jen Yee... Remove lxinput-qt
2014-04-01  Hong Jen Yee... Change repository urls to git.lxde.org.
2014-04-01  Hong Jen Yee... Update to the latest git HEAD.
2014-03-26  Hong Jen Yee... Update to the latest commits.
2014-03-10  Hong Jen Yee... Update the build_all.sh script: Auto-detect processor...
2014-03-06  Hong Jen Yee... Update to the latest git HEAD with patches from Veeti...
2014-03-06  Hong Jen Yee... Update build script.
2014-02-07  Hong Jen Yee... Remove lxsession and lxrandr-qt from the submodules.
2014-02-07  Hong Jen Yee... Add lxqt-config-randr
2014-02-06  Hong Jen Yee... Update to the latest git HEAD.
2014-01-19  Hong Jen Yee... Update build_all.sh due to the removal of libxdsettings.
2014-01-19  Hong Jen Yee... Remove libxdsettings from the submodules.
2014-01-19  Hong Jen Yee... Add lxqt-session to a git submodule and list it in...
2014-01-19  Hong Jen Yee... Update to the latest comonents.
2014-01-05  Hong Jen Yee... Update the build_all.sh script to compile lxsession...
2014-01-05  Hong Jen Yee... Add lxqt-qtplugin to the list of projects to build.
2014-01-01  Hong Jen Yee... Add --rebase to the git instructions in README.
2014-01-01  Hong Jen Yee... Update to the latest code.
2013-11-22  Christian SurlykkeMoved pointers
2013-11-21  Christian SurlykkeAdded compton-conf lxqt-lightdm-greeter and lxqt-qtplug...
2013-11-21  Christian SurlykkeMoved pointers
2013-11-16  Hong Jen Yee... Add submodule lxqt-qtplugin.
2013-11-14  Christian SurlykkeUpdated submodule lxinput-qt
2013-11-14  Christian SurlykkeSubmodules updated
2013-11-13  Christian Surlykkemaster cmake project added
2013-11-13  Hong Jen Yee... Update menu-cache.
2013-11-13  Hong Jen Yee... Switch menu-cache to master.
2013-11-12  PCManUpdate README
2013-11-12  Hong Jen Yee... Make submodule track the latest master branch when...
2013-11-12  Hong Jen Yee... Update to the latest commits.
2013-11-09  Hong Jen Yee... Add submodule lxmenu-data.
2013-11-09  Hong Jen Yee... Update to the latest compton-conf.
2013-11-08  Hong Jen Yee... Add new submodule, compton-conf.
2013-11-05  Hong Jen Yee... Add libxdsettings submodule.
2013-11-05  Hong Jen Yee... Use the latest git HEADs.
2013-11-05  Hong Jen Yee... Fix renaming bugs, replacing lxqt-qt with lxde-qt
2013-11-04  Hong Jen Yee... Use the latest components.
2013-11-04  Hong Jen Yee... Finish the crazy razor=>lxqt renaming tasks.
2013-11-03  Christian SurlykkeAdded submodule lxqt-lightdm-greeter