2018-02-14  Palo Kisalxqtplatformtheme: Initialize "folowColorScheme" once master
2018-02-12  Tsu JanFix icon colorizing at startup
2017-12-31  Luís PereiraDrop Qt foreach.
2017-12-20  tsujanMerge pull request #30 from lxde/handle_shortcuts
2017-12-20  Tsu JanHandle the new hint ShowShortcutsInContextMenus
2017-12-16  Luís PereiraSilent unused parameters warnings
2017-12-08  Tsu JanRemember the view mode
2017-10-21  Alf GaidaRelease 0.12.0: Update changelog 0.12.0
2017-10-19  Alf GaidaSet an informal patch version
2017-09-24  Alf GaidaDon't export github templates
2017-09-21  Michael VetterFlag unused vars in onServiceOwnerChanged
2017-09-19  Vladimir ChrenFix missing variable declaration
2017-09-09  tsujanMerge pull request #24 from lxde/handle_qml
2017-08-31  Tsu JanHandle QML (as @PCMan suggested)
2017-08-26  PCManMerge pull request #23 from lxde/pcman@file-dialog
2017-08-15  Tsu JanUse mime functions added by @PCMan
2017-08-11  Tsu JanLoading and saving window/splitter size
2017-08-08  Tsu JanCentral positioning with respect to parent
2017-08-07  Tsu JanSet window title correctly
2017-08-07  Tsu JanQt version conditions
2017-08-06  Tsu JanJust made it compilable
2017-08-04  Hong Jen Yee... Handle mime-type filters for file dialog.
2017-08-03  Hong Jen Yee... Update options properly.
2017-08-03  Hong Jen Yee... Implement a basic file dialog helper using libfm-qt...
2017-08-03  Hong Jen Yee... Avoid using Qt-specific keywords such as signal/slot...
2017-06-14  palinekLXQtPlatformTheme: Make Qt use default palette (#22)
2017-05-02  palinekLXQtPlatformTheme: Add icon FollowColorScheme config...
2017-04-22  Luís PereiraPrevent a possible C++11 range for detach (#20)
2017-03-15  Luís PereiraUse the CMake MODULE library type.
2017-03-10  Palo KisaLXQtPlatformTheme: Propagate wheelScrollLines
2017-03-09  Palo KisaLXQtPlatformTheme: Do not provide own palette
2017-01-06  Roman KaplFix multiple StatusNotifierItems.
2017-01-02  Alf GaidaBump year
2016-12-12  Luís PereiraUpdates lxqt-build-tools required version
2016-12-11  Alf GaidaRelease 0.11.1: Update changelog 0.11.1
2016-10-14  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'use-lxqt-build-tools'
2016-10-08  Alf GaidaUse lxqt-build-tools
2016-10-06  Luís PereiraUse the new lxqt-build-tools package
2016-09-30  Alf GaidaRemove cpack (#14)
2016-09-23  Alf GaidaRelease 0.11.0: Add changelog 0.11.0
2016-09-14  Michael VetterAdd Qt5XdgIconLoader as dependency (#13)
2016-09-06  Peter MatternUpdate README.md
2016-07-04  Palo Kisastatusnotifieritem: Correctly handle menu
2016-05-20  Alf GaidaCleaned up licenses
2016-05-19  Luís PereiraUse XdgIconLoader library (#10)
2016-04-27  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'xdg-icon-theme-paths'
2016-04-06  Luís PereiraxdgIconThemePaths: Use QString::SkipEmptyParts
2016-04-06  Luís PereiraxdgIconThemePaths: Remove duplicated paths
2016-04-06  Luís PereiraAdds $XDG_DATA_HOME to the XdgIconThemePaths
2016-03-04  Alf GaidaBump year in AUTHORS
2015-11-02  Jerome LeclancheRemove unnecessary qDebug calls 0.10.0
2015-10-31  Jerome LeclancheUse markdown for README
2015-10-31  Jerome LeclancheFix license file
2015-10-25  Jerome LeclancheFix mixed indents
2015-10-25  Jerome LeclancheRemove Qt >= 5.3 check
2015-10-24  Alf GaidaMerge pull request #7 from lxde/Licenses
2015-10-24  Alf GaidaRemoved GPL2, added Digia Qt LGPL Exception version 1.1
2015-09-24  Paulo LieuthierSNI: don't create a SNI if support isn't available
2015-09-23  Paulo LieuthierSNI: monitor the watcher in case the host restarts
2015-09-23  Paulo LieuthierSNI: implement scroll, showMessage and improve icons
2015-09-23  Paulo LieuthierSNI: create default context menu
2015-09-22  Paulo LieuthierSupport the StatusNotifierItem spec natively
2015-08-18  Paulo LieuthierUse the standard palette of the current Qt theme
2015-08-06  Luís PereiraHandles CMake policy CMP0063
2015-07-30  Luís PereiraUse the LXQtCompilerSettings CMake module
2015-07-03  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'targets'
2015-07-03  Paulo LieuthierAdd .gitignore
2015-06-24  Luís PereiraUpdates the build system to use the Targets infrastructure
2015-06-18  Michael VetterRemove trailing whitespaces
2015-06-02  Palo Kisaremoved debug (which makes every app too verbose)
2015-01-18  Hong Jen Yee... Try to workaround bug #441 - All LXQt::Settings and... 0.9.0
2014-12-20  Helio Chissini... - Unify naming for a unique lxqt. No more suffixes
2014-11-01  Luís PereiraQt5: Use XDG_DATA_DIR for themeHint::IconThemeSearchPaths
2014-10-17  Jerome LeclancheCMakeLists.txt cleanuop and drop Qt4 support
2014-07-18  Hong Jen Yee... Apply the default application font on program startup. 0.8.0
2014-07-11  Hong Jen Yee... Apply the new font to all apps correctly and fix lxde...
2014-07-10  Hong Jen Yee... Make the code compile with Qt 5.2, fix lxde-qt bug...
2014-07-02  Hong Jen Yee... Fix lxde-qt bug #207: lxqt-qtplugin fail to build with...
2014-07-02  Hong Jen Yee... Use qmake to query the path of Qt5 plugin dir, which...
2014-07-02  Hong Jen Yee... Update README and provide information for usage and...
2014-07-02  Hong Jen Yee... Use a more reliable and portable way to get the path...
2014-06-30  Hong Jen Yee... Support setting default UI font.
2014-06-30  Hong Jen Yee... * Make "oxygen" the default icon theme name.
2014-06-28  Hong Jen Yee... Simplify the Qt5 plugin and remove liblxqt dependency...
2014-06-27  Hong Jen Yee... Correctly read config values.
2014-06-25  Hong Jen Yee... Try to load some Qt settings.
2014-06-24  Hong Jen Yee... Implement a very basic Qt5 platform theme plugin.
2014-06-23  Hong Jen Yee... Prepare for Qt5 support.
2014-05-31  Luís PereiraUse preferred header style.
2014-05-30  Hong Jen Yee... Remove unnecessary debug messages.
2014-05-18  Kuzma ShapranFix int-to-enum casting
2014-04-29  Jerome LeclancheUpdate AUTHORS and COPYING 0.6.99 0.7.0
2014-04-29  Hong Jen Yee... Add CPack rules for creating tarball
2014-04-08  Hong Jen Yee... Support toolbar styles and activating items with single...
2013-11-16  Hong Jen Yee... Initial import.