2018-01-27  Palo KisaAdd support for turning monitor(s) off master
2018-01-27  notname000Add Traditional Chinese desktop entry
2018-01-27  notname000Add Simplified Chinese desktop entry
2018-01-04  Luís PereiraDrop Qt foreach
2017-10-21  Alf GaidaRelease 0.12.0: Update changelog 0.12.0
2017-10-17  Alf GaidaSet patch version
2017-09-25  scootergrisenSpell check (add "," and "-")
2017-09-24  Alf GaidaDon't export github templates
2017-08-29  stefonarchAdding missing "Comment" section to .desktop files.
2017-07-18  welaqAdded Lithuanian language
2017-07-05  Luís PereiraDrops Qt5Core_VERSION_STRING
2017-06-27  Alf Gaidalxqt-config-powermanagement: set Qt::AA_UseHighDpiPixma...
2017-06-15  Alf GaidaAdded QCommandLineParser and basic cli interface to...
2017-06-15  Alf GaidaAdded default CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE and LXQT_POWERMANAGEMENT...
2017-05-22  Marcin Mikołajczakadded *pl.desktop
2017-04-30  Luís PereiraFixes a FTBFS in superbuild mode
2017-04-26  Alf GaidaAdded merged autostart to CMakeLists.txt
2017-04-26  scootergrisenUpdated *_da.desktop files and removed *_da_DK.desktop...
2017-04-26  paiiouUpdate desktop entries and Replace fr_FR by fr
2017-04-26  Peter MatternMove Italian desktop entry to correct path
2017-04-26  Dimitrios GlentadakisUpdate Greek translation (el)
2017-04-26  Paulo LieuthierRename LxQt to LXQt everywhere
2017-04-26  Luís PereiraCMake: Adds Runtime and Devel install COMPONENTs
2017-04-26  Luís PereiraCoding style changes
2017-04-26  Luís PereiraUpdates the build system to use the Targets infrastructure
2017-04-26  Paulo LieuthierRename Power Management module name again
2017-04-26  Paulo LieuthierRename LXQt Power Management module name
2017-04-26  Luís PereiraDrops hardcoded /etc/xdg paths
2017-04-26  Thomas ViehwegerUpdated german translation, replaced Qt4 by Qt in all...
2017-04-26  Sérgio MarquesPortuguese update for .desktop files
2017-04-26  Luís PereiraUpdates translations infrastructure
2017-04-26  Luís PereiraUpdate the required minimum cmake version
2017-04-26  Alf Gaidaremove dead template lines
2017-04-26  Christian SurlykkeRenamed lxqt-autosuspend.desktop.in --> lxqt-powermanag...
2017-04-26  Hong Jen Yee... Support lxqt-session and add necessary xdg autostart...
2017-01-24  Alex HenrieDefault to no action if the action is not specified...
2017-01-05  Palo KisaBatteryWatcher: Fix indentation
2017-01-02  Alf GaidaBump year
2017-01-01  Alf GaidaRelease 0.11.1: Update changelog 0.11.1
2016-12-15  scootergrisenAdd lxqt-config-powermanagement_da.desktop
2016-10-19  Georges EckenschwillerCreate lxqt-config-powermanagement_fr.desktop
2016-10-19  Alf GaidaMake CMakeLists.txt more uniform.
2016-09-30  Alf GaidaRemove cpack (#43)
2016-09-23  Alf GaidaRelease 0.11.0: Add changelog 0.11.0
2016-09-23  Alf GaidaREADME.md: Replace dependency XCB with KIdleTime
2016-09-23  Paulo LieuthierIdleness Watcher: rely on KIdleTime instead of XCB...
2016-09-17  technic93fix indents
2016-09-06  Peter MatternUpdate and extend README.md
2016-08-11  Robert Antoni... Add Catalan translation
2016-07-25  safaalfulaijAdd Arabic Translation for Desktop File
2016-07-11  Safa AlfulaijI18N: Fix Plural Strings (#38)
2016-07-08  Luís PereiraRemoves the QEventLoop from the Watcher class
2016-05-16  Palo Kisabuild: Use external translations
2016-05-14  Alf Gaidats-files removal (#34)
2016-03-04  Alf GaidaBump year
2015-12-26  Philipp WiesemannFix source language in Italian translation file
2015-12-22  Vincenzo RealeItalian translation update
2015-12-07  IgorUpdate Russian translation
2015-11-29  Philipp WiesemannFix typo in Greek translation
2015-11-07  attuskaupdate: lxqt-powermanagement_hu.ts
2015-11-02  Philipp WiesemannAdd German translation
2015-10-31  Jerome LeclancheUpdate translations 0.10.0
2015-10-31  Jerome LeclancheFix LICENSE file
2015-10-29  Palo KisaAdd (re)enabling info message
2015-10-24  Jerome LeclancheRename "On Ac" to "On AC" to have a single string for...
2015-10-21  Philipp WiesemannFix typo in message
2015-09-30  Paulo LieuthierRemove "LXQt " from .desktop to follow pattern
2015-09-25  Alf GaidaUpdate batteryhelper.cpp
2015-09-25  Alf GaidaFixed typo Unkown -> Unknown
2015-09-14  Paulo Lieuthierlidwatcher: don't listen to Changed signal
2015-09-04  Christian SurlykkeAdd some missing license headers
2015-09-03  Alf GaidaMerge pull request #23 from siduction-upstream/master
2015-09-02  Alf GaidaOnlyShowIn=LXQt;
2015-08-31  Dimitrios GlentadakisAdd Greek (el) translation
2015-08-30  Peter MatternAdd key "Comment" to desktop entry file
2015-08-25  Paulo LieuthierRename LxQt to LXQt everywhere
2015-08-07  Luís PereiraHandles CMake policy CMP0063
2015-07-30  Luís PereiraUse the LXQtCompilerSettings CMake module
2015-07-19  Christian SurlykkeMake built-in icon move clockwise when charging
2015-07-19  Christian SurlykkeFix red-painting of built-in icon when power low
2015-07-16  Christian SurlykkeMerge pull request #20 from lxde/build-system
2015-07-16  Luís PereiraAdds Runtime install COMPONENT
2015-07-16  Luís PereiraCoding sytle change
2015-07-16  Luís PereiraUse GNUInstallDirs
2015-07-16  Luís PereiraRemoves non existent RESOURCES
2015-07-16  Luís PereiraUse CMAKE_AUTOUIC, drop qt5_wrap_ui()
2015-07-16  Luís PereiraRemove unneeded include_directories() entries
2015-07-03  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'targets'
2015-06-25  Jerome LeclancheMinor strings update
2015-06-25  Luís PereiraUpdates the build system to the Targets infrastructure
2015-06-18  Michael VetterRemove trailing whitespaces
2015-06-15  Paulo LieuthierEnable screen locking from the idleness watcher
2015-06-15  Paulo LieuthierPrevent a too small value for the idle watcher
2015-06-15  Paulo LieuthierCorrectly check for batteries on first run
2015-05-29  rezsore-add notification about missing battery
2015-05-26  stefonarchAdded italian translations
2015-05-21  attusHungarian translations added
2015-04-26  Paulo LieuthierSupport CMake 2.8.11 again
2015-04-23  Ellis WhiteheadTypos: fix "Idle" capitalization and misspelling
2015-04-23  Paulo LieuthierAdd icons to the action in the systray icon's menu