descriptionDEPRECATED: LXQt session logout/poweroff functionality
last changeWed, 13 Nov 2013 16:21:02 +0000 (17:21 +0100)
2013-11-13  Christian SurlykkeRemoved CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR usage from src/CMakeLists.txt master
2013-11-05  Hong Jen Yee... Fix renaming bugs, replacing lxqt-qt with lxde-qt
2013-11-04  Hong Jen Yee... Finish the crazy razor=>lxqt renaming tasks.
2013-10-20  Hone Jen Yee... Fix incorrect header inclusion and close pull request #1.
2013-10-20  Hone Jen Yee... Remove link to librazorqt and close pull request #2.
2013-10-16  Hone Jen Yee... Fix broken build, rename binary file to lxqt-power...
2013-08-06  Hone Jen Yee... Add COPYING and AUTHORS
2013-06-05  Kuzma ShapranX-RAZOR changed to Razor in desktop files
2012-10-25  Alexander SokolovMerge pull request #467 from mckaygerhard/master
2012-10-24  mckaygerhardpreliminary manpages primary for razorqt and usefully...
2012-10-24  Alec MoskvinTranslation support for lightdm greeter
2012-10-16  Alexander SokolovTranslations updated
2012-10-11  Alec MoskvinDelete bad en_GB translations
2012-10-09  Alec MoskvinUpdate translations
2012-10-08  Alec MoskvinFix various typos
2012-09-20  Alexander SokolovRemoved line num from TS files.
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