2016-11-04  paiiouAdd/Update french desktop entries master
2016-10-27  Palo Kisataskbar: Set toolButtonStyle for popup correctly
2016-10-26  Peter MatternFix faulty link in README.md
2016-10-19  Piotr WójcikRemove arbitrary limit of taskbar button width
2016-09-30  Alf GaidaRemove cpack (#371)
2016-09-23  Alf GaidaRelease 0.11.0: Add changelog
2016-09-20  Peter MatternUpdate README.md: Reflect changes introduced in 1c22479
2016-09-19  Palo KisaCMakeLists: Fail for unmet dependencies
2016-09-09  Palo Kisamainmenu: Remove setting base style in StyleChange
2016-09-09  Palo Kisamainmenu: Workaround transparent search
2016-09-09  Palo Kisamainmenu: Dispose old menu first when building new
2016-09-07  Peter MatternAdd README.md
2016-09-02  Palo Kisasensors: Add default bar scale
2016-09-02  Palo Kisasensors: Check for existence of the max value
2016-09-02  Palo Kisasensors: Add minor code optimization
2016-08-30  Palo Kisamainmenu: Handle QAction disposal correctly
2016-08-30  Palo Kisapanel: Don't use autoFillBackground
2016-08-23  Palo KisaPlugin: Fix FTBFS for older Qt versions
2016-08-22  Palo Kisamainmenu: Fix show/hide actions after menu rebuild
2016-08-11  Jesper Schmitz... Statusnotifier: Remove setParent on StatusNotifierMenu.
2016-08-10  Michael VetterAdd XKB_COMMON_X11_INCLUDE_DIRS
2016-08-04  palinekpanel: Remove/deprecate plugin-screensaver (#363)
2016-07-25  safaalfulaijAdd and Update Arabic Translations for Desktop Files
2016-07-18  Paulo LieuthierFix updating panel geometry on screen size change
2016-07-15  Palo Kisapanel: Fix screen number config change saving
2016-07-10  safaalfulaijSeparate a String for I18N Enhancement
2016-07-08  Palo Kisaplugin: Force config dialog activation/raise
2016-07-08  Palo Kisaplugin: Fix crossreferencing of config dialogs
2016-07-07  Palo Kisapanel: Dispose unneeded menu
2016-07-06  Palo Kisapanel: Destroy panel's config dialog
2016-06-30  Jesper Schmitz... showPopupMenu: Remove extraneous setParent() call ...
2016-06-29  Paulo Lieuthierstatusnotifier: fix popup position on right click
2016-06-28  Palo Kisadesktopswitch: Take layoutDirection into account
2016-06-23  Palo Kisataskbar: Remove orientation specific logic for DnD
2016-06-22  Palo KisaLXQtPanelLayout: Take layoutDirection into account
2016-06-22  Palo Kisataskbar: Remove forgotten debug
2016-06-22  Palo Kisataskbar: Consider layoutDirection for DnD
2016-06-20  Palo Kisapanel: Optimize search a bit
2016-06-07  Luís Pereiraplugin-volume: Avoid an buffer overflow
2016-06-02  Paulo LieuthierRespect the OnlyShowIn property for menu entries when...
2016-06-01  Dominique Leuenbergerkbindicator-plugin: fix linking with libxcb-1.12
2016-06-01  Luís Pereiraplugin-volume: Handle errors when trying to determine...
2016-06-01  IgorClean up CMakeLists.txt
2016-05-29  Luís Pereiraplugin/directorymenu: Removes no use code (#350)
2016-05-16  Palo Kisabuild: Forward translations parameters
2016-05-14  Alf Gaidats-files removal (#346)
2016-05-12  Palo KisaFix memory leaks
2016-05-05  Luís PereiraUse const references with the foreach iterator
2016-05-05  OhDaetoSmall fix
2016-05-04  Palo Kisastatusnotifier: Fix showing icons in menu
2016-05-02  Palo Kisakbindicator: (Re)Add .desktop translations
2016-05-02  Stefano BindeUpdate desktopswitchconfiguration.ui
2016-05-02  Palo Kisapanel: (Re)Add translations dir
2016-05-01  Palo KisaRevert unintended *.desktop files removal
2016-04-28  Palo KisaRemove translations (can be pulled in build time)
2016-04-28  Palo KisaUse external translations
2016-04-25  Stefano BindeUpdate lxqt-panel_it.ts
2016-04-25  DrTobbeAdd documentation/comments for PanelPluginsModel.
2016-04-23  Paulo LieuthierFix segfault on plugin initialization (#338)
2016-04-23  Thomas Viehwegertranslations: updated german translation (#323)
2016-04-23  Stefano Bindeplugin-mainmenu: update mainmenu_it.ts (#337)
2016-04-19  Ilya87Russian translation update
2016-04-18  Palo Kisamainmenu: Use style sheet to override icon
2016-04-18  Palo Kisaplugins: Change "repolish" logic
2016-04-15  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'new-panel-position'
2016-04-14  Ralf Jungmainmenu: Reduce delay of popup when using shortcut
2016-04-14  Palo Kisavolume: Remove debug
2016-04-14  Palo Kisaplugins: Don't unload -> avoid dangling resources
2016-04-13  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'add-use-stringbuilder-def'
2016-04-13  Thomas ViehwegerAdded new translated strings.
2016-04-13  Thomas ViehwegerAdded missing context for lupdate.
2016-04-13  Thomas ViehwegerUpdated german translation.
2016-04-12  Luís PereiraAsk for confirmation when removing a panel
2016-04-12  Palo Kisapanel: Add "Lock Panel" functionality
2016-04-12  Ralf Jungfix updating panel geometry on screen changes
2016-04-12  Luís PereiraTry find a free position when adding a new panel
2016-04-12  Luís PereiraLXQtPanelApplication: Use D-Pointers
2016-04-12  Tsu JanAnimate auto-hiding panels.
2016-04-08  Luís PereiraAdd QT_USE_QSTRINGBUILDER to the compile definitions
2016-04-03  Palo Kisatray: Fix SEGFAULT on stop
2016-03-31  Palo Kisamainmenu: Fix visual search problems
2016-03-31  Palo Kisamainmenu: Remove duplicates from search
2016-03-31  Palo Kisamainmenu: Add new configuration options for search
2016-03-31  Palo Kisamainmenu: Workadound QLineEdit's wakups(QTBUG-52021)
2016-03-31  Palo Kisamainmenu: Add configurable way of search
2016-03-28  Paulo Lieuthiertaskbar: separate adding from changing windows
2016-03-16  Palo Kisaplugins: Make buttons flat for cleaner look
2016-03-16  Tsu Janmainmenu: Fix search interacion
2016-03-16  Palo Kisamainmenu: Add search/hide possibility
2016-03-07  Palo Kisataskbar: Add show icon by WindowClass to config
2016-03-07  Palo Kisataskbar: Use icon from theme (based on windowClass)
2016-03-07  Palo Kisapanellayout: Do not allow oversized plugins
2016-03-07  Palo Kisapanellayout: Avoid plugin margins
2016-03-07  Palo KisaPluginSettings: Make settings object/class public
2016-03-04  Alf GaidaBump year
2016-02-16  Palo Kisaworldclock: Fix possible SEGFAULT
2016-02-15  DrTobbeAdd comments for ILXQtPanel and LXQtPanel.
2016-02-15  Peter Matternplugin-taskbar: fix German translation of configuration...
2016-02-15  Palo Kisapanel: Correct PanelPluginsModel logic
2016-02-14  Palo Kisavolume: Avoid infinite cycle in config dialog