2018-01-29  notname000Update zh_CN translation master
2018-01-16  ska67Triggering shortcuts with meta keys
2018-01-16  ska67Register meta keys for shortcuts
2018-01-16  ska67Daemon triggers on KeyRelease
2018-01-16  ska67free the storage returned by XGetKeyboardMapping
2018-01-04  Luís PereiraDrop Qt foreach.
2017-12-12  Roman KaplAvoid polluting the the x11 shortcut map.
2017-12-08  Luís PereiraHandle CMake CMP0024
2017-12-08  Luís Pereiracmake: Handle CMP0071
2017-11-03  ska67Fixes wrong radio buttons when changing shortcuts
2017-10-21  Alf GaidaRelease 0.12.0: Update changelog 0.12.0
2017-10-19  Alf GaidaSet patch version
2017-09-24  Alf GaidaDon't export github templates
2017-09-16  technic93fix deadlock - don't accept keyPress when processing...
2017-07-18  welaqAdded Lithuanian language
2017-06-27  Alf Gaidalxqt-config-globalkeys: set Qt::AA_UseHighDpiPixmaps...
2017-06-15  Alf GaidaAdded QCommandLineParser and basic cli interface to...
2017-05-01  Luís PereiraFixes a FTBFS in superbuild mode (#51)
2017-03-28  Alf GaidaAdded autostart and xdg to CMakeLists.txt
2017-03-28  Alf GaidaMerge remote-tracking branch 'lxqt-common/stripout...
2017-03-28  Alf Gaidachanged xdg/CmakeLists.txt
2017-03-28  Alf Gaidafixed xdg/CMakeLists.txt
2017-02-24  Luís PereiraUse const iterators
2017-01-03  Palo Kisaglobalkeys: Open "empty" browser on activation
2017-01-03  scootergrisenUpdated *_da.desktop files and removed *_da_DK.desktop...
2017-01-02  Alf GaidaUpdate AUTHORS
2017-01-01  Alf GaidaRelease 0.11.1: Update changelog 0.11.1
2017-01-01  Alf GaidaOpen https://duckduckgo.com instead of google.com as...
2016-12-15  scootergrisenAdded *da.desktop
2016-10-29  paiiouUpdate desktop entries and Replace fr_FR by fr
2016-10-14  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'use-lxqt-build-tools'
2016-10-14  Luís PereiraUse the lxqt-build-tools/lxqt_create_portable_headers
2016-10-07  Alf GaidaUse the new lxqt-build-tools package
2016-10-05  paiiouCreate lxqt-config-globalkeyshortcuts_fr.desktop
2016-09-30  Alf GaidaRemove cpack (#41)
2016-09-23  Alf GaidaRelease 0.11.0: Add changelog 0.11.0
2016-09-07  Peter MatternAdd README.md
2016-08-10  Robert Antoni... Add Catalan translation
2016-07-18  Palo Kisadaemon: Use QDBusServiceWatcher
2016-06-28  Palo Kisalxqt-rc.xml: Change default config install path
2016-06-21  Philipp WiesemannFix typo in German translation for desktop file (#38)
2016-06-01  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'optimize-startup'
2016-05-16  Palo Kisabuild: Use external translations
2016-05-14  Alf Gaidats-files removal (#35)
2016-05-13  Luís PereiraImprove foreach iterator use
2016-05-13  Luís Pereiradaemon/core: Optimize Core startup string stuff
2016-05-12  Palo KisaClient: Fix memory leak (static data)
2016-04-27  Philipp WiesemannFix untranslated string in French translation
2016-03-26  P.L. LucasSettings Openbox updated.
2016-03-20  Ralf Jungfix reseting the state of the edit dialog
2016-03-20  P.L. LucasScreenshot (Shift+Print), file manager (ctl+Alt+e)...
2016-03-19  P.L. LucasDefault key shortcuts added to lxqt-globalkeysd.
2016-03-19  P.L. LucasDefault configs from /etc/xdg/lxqt must be loaded.
2016-03-04  Alf GaidaMerge pull request #31 from lxde/fix-hurd-builds
2016-03-04  Alf Gaidastatic_cast<error_t>, fixes FTBFS for the Hurd
2016-03-04  Alf Gaidalxqt-globalkeys is LGPL only, there are no GPL files...
2015-12-22  stefonarchUpdate italian translation, remove country-specific...
2015-12-22  Vincenzo RealeItalian translation update
2015-12-04  IgorUpdate Russian translation
2015-11-14  Raphaël BazaudUpdate French translation
2015-11-09  attuskaclient: Fix typo in pkg-config dependencies
2015-11-07  attuskaupd: lxqt-config-globalkeyshortcuts_hu.ts
2015-11-02  Paulo LieuthierFix warning
2015-10-31  Jerome LeclancheFix license file 0.10.0
2015-10-31  Jerome LeclancheUpdate translations
2015-10-19  Palo KisaFix regression for config add dialog
2015-09-25  Paulo LieuthierRemove shortcut grabbing from the main window
2015-09-14  Paulo LieuthierAdd KDevelop project type to .gitignore
2015-09-02  Alf GaidaMerge pull request #23 from siduction-upstream/master
2015-09-02  Alf GaidaOnlyShowIn=LXQt;
2015-08-30  Dimitrios GlentadakisUpdate Greek translation (el)
2015-08-29  Paulo LieuthierRename LxQt to LXQt everywhere
2015-08-29  Dimitrios GlentadakisUpdate Greek translation
2015-08-22  Thomas ViehwegerUpdated german translation, make it common for all...
2015-08-22  Thomas ViehwegerUpdated template.
2015-08-06  Luís PereiraHandles CMake policy CMP0063
2015-07-30  Luís PereiraExport the ShortutSelector class
2015-07-29  Luís PereiraUse LXQtCompilerSettings CMake module
2015-07-20  Luís PereiraMerge pull request #33 from lxde/build-system
2015-07-15  Luís PereiraMerge pull request #20 from lxde/fix-ui-compromised-749
2015-07-15  Luís PereiraInstall lxqt-globalkeysd to where it belongs
2015-07-15  Luís PereiraCMake: Adds Runtime and Devel install COMPONENTs
2015-07-15  Luís PereiraCoding style changes
2015-07-15  Luís PereiraAdds double quotes to everything that may break
2015-07-14  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'build-system'
2015-07-13  Luís PereiraRenames development and runtime CMake COMPONENT's
2015-07-13  Luís PereiraUse target_compile_definitions()
2015-07-13  Luís PereiraCoding style changes
2015-07-13  Luís PereiraDouble Quote CMake variables that may contain blanks
2015-07-12  Luís PereiraRemoves unneeded CMake stuff
2015-07-12  Luís PereiraUse CMAKE_AUTOUIC
2015-07-12  Luís PereiraRemoves not needed include_directories()
2015-07-12  Luís PereiraRemoves hardcoded install dirs
2015-07-11  Luís PereiraDrops LIB_SUFFIX. Use GNUInstallDirs.
2015-07-08  Philipp WiesemannFix three memory leaks in daemon error handling
2015-07-03  Paulo LieuthierFix FTBFS after new CMake Targets
2015-07-03  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'targets'
2015-07-03  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'targets'
2015-07-02  Palo Kisamain: use standard liblxqt unix signal handling to...