2008-03-28  Jim HuangApplied linker optimizations.
2008-03-28  Fred Chienlittle fixes
2008-03-26  Andrew Leesync debian/rules for lxpanel
2008-03-26  Andrew Leesync debian/ for lxpanel and lxde-common
2008-03-23  SZERVÁC Attilaintl:hu lxappearance, lxpanel updates
2008-03-23  Hong Jen Yee... Add a desktop-independent gtk+ theme switcher for LXDE.
2008-03-23  Hong Jen Yee... Turn off background image by default.
2008-03-23  SZERVÁC Attilaintl:hu gpiciew, lxde-openbox added
2008-03-22  Fred Chienadd LxDE icon.
2008-03-22  Ying-Chun Liu... Move manpages to dist
2008-03-21  Fred Chienupdate release number to
2008-03-21  Fred Chienreplace Lxnetdaemon by LxNM for netstat plugin.
2008-03-19  Fred Chiensetting release number to 0.2.8
2008-03-19  Fred Chienshow "Hidden access point" message when ap does not...
2008-03-19  Fred Chienfix a crash problom when destory interface.
2008-03-19  Fred Chiensome fixes for essid setting.
2008-03-15  Fred Chienupdate netstat images.
2008-03-15  Fred ChienSupport WEP/WPA-SPK methods in netstat plugin.
2008-03-14  Fred Chienupload lost files.
2008-03-14  Fred ChienAdd password dialog for netstat plugin.
2008-03-14  Hong Jen Yee... return TRUE correctly in timeout handler.
2008-03-10  Fred Chienthis patch fix batt plugin for eeepc.
2008-03-10  Fred Chienrename some files to avoid misleading.
2008-03-10  Fred ChienSupported wireless connection without encrytion. (need...
2008-03-08  Fred ChienAdd lxnetdaemon support.
2008-03-08  Fred ChienRemove pt_BR from configure.ac to fix make error.
2008-03-07  Jim Huangtrivial indent.
2008-03-04  Fred Chiensome fixed for netstat and po
2008-03-04  Hong Jen Yee... Fix i18n for netstat.
2008-03-04  Fred Chienupdate .po for netstat.
2008-03-04  Fred Chienadd activity status to netstat plugin.
2008-03-03  Fred Chienupload ns-lock.png
2008-03-03  Fred Chienshow lock-icon if AP is encrypted.
2008-03-03  Fred Chienadd ns-lock.png
2008-03-03  Fred ChienAdd wireless AP scanning to netstat plugin.
2008-03-02  Andrew LeeSync debian/ with debian package
2008-03-02  Jim HuangRefactory: devproc.[ch] and fnetdaemon.h shall not...
2008-03-02  Fred ChienAdd statusicon for netstat plugin.
2008-03-02  Fred Chienremove unused function .
2008-03-02  Fred ChienFix crash problem for netstat plugin.
2008-03-02  Jim Huangpurify the descriptions.
2008-03-02  Fred Chienupdate README to explain what is different between...
2008-03-02  Fred ChienOptimizing PPP device in netstat plugin
2008-03-02  Jim Huangcheck libiw for netstat plugin.
2008-03-02  Fred ChienSupported wireless device in netstat plugin.
2008-03-01  Fred Chienupdate release number to
2008-03-01  Ying-Chun Liu... add lxpanelctl.sgml
2008-03-01  Fred Chienadd HWAddr to tooltip in netstat.
2008-03-01  Fred Chienupdate ChangeLog and release number to
2008-03-01  Fred Chienreduce memory usage and delete unused functions.
2008-03-01  Ying-Chun Liu... fix typos
2008-03-01  Ying-Chun Liu... forget EXTRA_DIST sgml files.
2008-03-01  Ying-Chun Liu... Build manpages and install manpages
2008-03-01  Ying-Chun Liu... indent the sgml file
2008-03-01  Ying-Chun Liu... add manpages
2008-03-01  Fred Chienupdate changelog
2008-03-01  Fred Chienupdate ChangeLog
2008-03-01  Hong Jen Yee... Use "*.directory" file for the translation of categorie...
2008-03-01  Fred ChienAdd broadcast and netmask status to tooltip in netstat...
2008-03-01  Fred Chienupdate ChangeLog.
2008-03-01  Fred ChienFix tintcolor bug (Request ID 1900678).
2008-03-01  Fred Chienstarting 0.2.7
2008-03-01  Fred ChienFix a crash problem when repair command was NULL.
2008-03-01  Fred ChienFix a plug stats bug when non-root.
2008-03-01  Andrew LeeSync debian/ with debian package.
2008-03-01  Andrew LeeFurther revised license statements.
2008-03-01  Fred ChienRemove device icon which is not real device.
2008-03-01  Hong Jen Yee... Add fr.po.
2008-02-28  Fred ChienFixed crash problem in gtkbgbox.
2008-02-27  Fred ChienFix style_set in gtkbx.
2008-02-26  Jim HuangTrivial indent.
2008-02-25  Jim HuangPerform linker tweaking using "--as-needed".
2008-02-25  Hong Jen Yee... I don't think these Makefile.am files are correct...
2008-02-25  Hong Jen Yee... Fix typo in the Makefile.am of netstatus plugin.
2008-02-24  Hong Jen Yee... Add LXDE-specific configuration profile for LXPanel.
2008-02-24  Hong Jen Yee... Fix errors in configure.ac and src/plugins/Makefile...
2008-02-23  Hong Jen Yee... Delete unused files.
2008-02-23  Hong Jen Yee... Fix incorrect path of icons.
2008-02-23  Fred ChienAdd netstat icons to Makefile.am.
2008-02-23  Fred Chienadd netstat plugin setting-example to default config...
2008-02-23  Fred ChienAdd netstat setting and icons to configure.ac.
2008-02-23  Fred ChienAdd a new netstatus plugin (netstat).
2008-02-23  Hong Jen Yee... Change icon size to reduce memory usage.
2008-02-20  Jim HuangUse automake 1.10 officially.
2008-02-19  Jim Huangupdate translations.
2008-02-19  Hong Jen Yee... fix crashing during destruction of batt plugin.
2008-02-19  Fred Chienset release number
2008-02-18  Jim HuangPoint BackgroundFile to autotoolized path.
2008-02-18  Jim HuangAvoid launchbar failed when icon file missing.
2008-02-18  Fred ChienFixed some types.
2008-02-18  Fred Chienoptimizing something.
2008-02-18  Fred ChienFixed crash problem due to:
2008-02-18  Fred Chienfix dialog background without setting gtk-theme-name.
2008-02-17  Hong Jen Yee... Fix memory leak.
2008-02-17  Fred Chienmodified some detail.
2008-02-17  Fred ChienFix some bugs when update background.
2008-02-17  Hong Jen Yee... Little fix.
2008-02-17  Fred Chiendo not set background pixmap when loading file failed.
2008-02-17  Hong Jen Yee... Load the system menu in idle handler to speed up launch...
2008-02-17  Fred ChienUpdate background immediately when change background...