2009-07-13  martyj19Update man page with options
2009-07-13  martyj19fb_ev_active_window never worked
2009-07-13  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2009-07-13  martyj19Remove ability to build netstat plugin from configure
2009-07-12  martyj19Guard against zerodivide
2009-07-12  martyj19Guard against segfault
2009-07-12  martyj19Adjust font size along with icon size
2009-07-12  martyj19Add logic to have a visible name on grouped tasks
2009-07-11  Martin BaggeUpdate from Pootle
2009-07-11  martyj19Delete deskno2.c as its features were merged into deskno.c
2009-07-11  Hong Jen Yee... Fix potential reference to invalid pointer in tray.c.
2009-07-11  martyj19Apply icon grid and icon size configuration and resizin...
2009-07-10  martyj19Make icon size configurable
2009-07-10  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle.
2009-07-09  martyj19Fix growth of systray
2009-07-09  Peter Zsolt... comment
2009-07-09  Martin BaggeResync of files. A deprecated source file with strings...
2009-07-09  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2009-07-09  Hong Jen Yee... Re-arrange panel preference dialog.
2009-07-08  martyj19Fix lost translation hooks on dialogs
2009-07-08  helix84 * [INTL:sk] Slovak translation update
2009-07-08  Martin BaggeResynchronizing PO files for stirng freeze
2009-07-08  Martin BaggeUpdate from Pootle
2009-07-08  martyj19Heavy rewriting in many areas
2009-07-08  Jürgen Hötzelremoved orphaned mkinstalldirs from distribution
2009-07-08  Jürgen Hötzelremove distribution of mkinstalldirs
2009-07-06  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle for Czech and Swedish.
2009-07-01  Martin BaggeUpdated Indonesian translations from Pootle
2009-07-01  Martin BaggeNew language! Greek by team led by George Vasilakos...
2009-06-29  Martin BaggeUpdated French translations from Pootle
2009-06-26  Martin BaggeUkrainian and Arabic updates from Pootle
2009-06-25  Jürgen Hötzeladded source to all manual pages
2009-06-25  Martin BaggePortugese translations from anonymous contributor at...
2009-06-25  Martin BaggeUpdate translations from Pootle
2009-06-24  Jürgen Hötzelremoved orphan fbpanel man page
2009-06-24  Jürgen HötzelReworked man page generation.
2009-06-24  Martin BaggeSpanish updates from Pootle
2009-06-23  Martin BaggeUpdated Dutch translations from Pootle
2009-06-23  Martin BaggeUpdated translations in Urudu (as spoken in Pakistan...
2009-06-23  Martin BaggeUpdated Urdu (ur) translations from Muhammad Ali Makki...
2009-06-23  Martin BaggeUpdated Swedish translation from Pootle
2009-06-22  Martin BaggeResynchronized po files.
2009-06-22  martyj19Add scroll wheel on main icon to adjust volume and...
2009-06-20  Martin BaggeUpdated translations from Pootle
2009-06-18  martyj19Fix up case where battery isn't detected, for example...
2009-06-18  Ming-Ting WeiJapanese translation including ".desktop" description...
2009-06-17  Jürgen Hötzelremoved obsolete header file from distribution
2009-06-17  Jürgen Hötzelremoved obsolete header file
2009-06-17  Jürgen Hötzelrewrite of sed-based automake version check
2009-06-17  Martin BaggeUpdated Russian translation from Pootle
2009-06-16  Jürgen Hötzelfixed chargelevel calculation
2009-06-16  Jürgen HötzelRewrote battery backend code (based on Linux acpi 1...
2009-06-15  martyj19Convert to radio buttons in panel configuration dialog
2009-06-14  Jürgen Hötzelfix faulty autotools commit #1594
2009-06-14  Jürgen Hötzelfix version check for multiple minor versions
2009-06-13  martyj19Build fix (noticed by myself and Bug2805915)
2009-06-13  Martin BaggeUpdated Slovenian translation from Pootle
2009-06-13  Jürgen HötzelAutomake 1.11 support
2009-06-10  Martin Baggeupdated Indonesian translation from Pootle
2009-06-09  Martin BaggeUpdated Urdu (ur and ur_PK) translations for LXPanel...
2009-06-08  Martin BaggeUpdated French and Malay translations from Pootle
2009-06-07  Hong Jen Yee... Save glade files in GtkBuilder format directly with...
2009-06-06  Jürgen Hötzelcheck for negative drawing size
2009-06-06  martyj19Fix possible segfault in previous patch (Bug2802152...
2009-06-04  Martin BaggeUpdated translations from Pootle
2009-06-04  martyj19CPU plugin loses context on a relayout (Patch 2800828...
2009-06-04  Ming-Ting WeiMake the tint color changes apply after changed
2009-06-04  Ming-Ting WeiFix the panel transparency colorbox
2009-06-02  Martin BaggeUpdated Portugese translation (closing 2800059)
2009-06-02  Martin BaggeUpdate Slovenian translations from Pootle
2009-05-31  Martin BaggeUpdated Spanish translations from Pootle
2009-05-31  martyj19Apply icon to more configuration dialogs
2009-05-30  Martin BaggeUpdated translations from Pootle
2009-05-29  martyj19Missed applying icon to one configuration dialog window
2009-05-29  Martin BaggeUpdated Malay translations from Pootle
2009-05-28  Martin BaggeUpdated translations from Pootle
2009-05-28  Peter Zsolt... Corrected some strings in gpicview and translator credi...
2009-05-28  Peter Zsolt... Fixed some strings and translated panel plugins
2009-05-28  Peter Zsolt... Fixed some strings and translated panel plugins
2009-05-28  helix84 * make lxpanel.pot && make update-po
2009-05-27  martyj19Add About box
2009-05-26  Og MacielUpdated Brazilian Portuguese translation.
2009-05-25  SZERVÁC Attila[intl:hu] updates
2009-05-24  Martin BaggeUpdated Polish translation from mazdac (closing 2796110)
2009-05-24  Martin BaggeUpdated translations and make files for Spanish and...
2009-05-24  Martin BaggeCommit from (unofficial) LXDE Pootle by user payne...
2009-05-23  Martin BaggeUpdated translations from Pootle
2009-05-23  Martin BaggeUpdated translations from Pootle
2009-05-22  Martin BaggeUpdate translations from Pootle
2009-05-22  Martin BaggeUpdated translations from Pootle
2009-05-22  Martin BaggeUpdated Malay translations from Pootle
2009-05-21  Martin BaggeMalay translation for LXPanel (partial) and LXMenu...
2009-05-21  Martin BaggeUpdated Japanese, Polish, Portugese and Slovak translat...
2009-05-20  Martin BaggeTranslation updates from Pootle
2009-05-19  Martin BaggeAdding Afrikaans, it's almost complete in core components!
2009-05-17  Martin BaggeUkraine, Spanish and Danish updates from Pootle
2009-05-13  Martin BaggeUpdated plural forms expression
2009-05-13  Martin BaggeUpdated strings for GPicView, resync pot file for Dutch...
2009-05-12  Martin BaggeAdding translation of Urdu as spoken in Pakistan, same...
2009-05-12  Martin BaggeAdding complete translation of Urdu from Muhammad Ali...