2009-06-13  Jürgen HötzelAutomake 1.11 support
2009-06-10  Martin Baggeupdated Indonesian translation from Pootle
2009-06-09  Martin BaggeUpdated Urdu (ur and ur_PK) translations for LXPanel...
2009-06-08  Martin BaggeUpdated French and Malay translations from Pootle
2009-06-07  Hong Jen Yee... Save glade files in GtkBuilder format directly with...
2009-06-06  Jürgen Hötzelcheck for negative drawing size
2009-06-06  martyj19Fix possible segfault in previous patch (Bug2802152...
2009-06-04  Martin BaggeUpdated translations from Pootle
2009-06-04  martyj19CPU plugin loses context on a relayout (Patch 2800828...
2009-06-04  Ming-Ting WeiMake the tint color changes apply after changed
2009-06-04  Ming-Ting WeiFix the panel transparency colorbox
2009-06-02  Martin BaggeUpdated Portugese translation (closing 2800059)
2009-06-02  Martin BaggeUpdate Slovenian translations from Pootle
2009-05-31  Martin BaggeUpdated Spanish translations from Pootle
2009-05-31  martyj19Apply icon to more configuration dialogs
2009-05-30  Martin BaggeUpdated translations from Pootle
2009-05-29  martyj19Missed applying icon to one configuration dialog window
2009-05-29  Martin BaggeUpdated Malay translations from Pootle
2009-05-28  Martin BaggeUpdated translations from Pootle
2009-05-28  Peter Zsolt... Corrected some strings in gpicview and translator credi...
2009-05-28  Peter Zsolt... Fixed some strings and translated panel plugins
2009-05-28  Peter Zsolt... Fixed some strings and translated panel plugins
2009-05-28  helix84 * make lxpanel.pot && make update-po
2009-05-27  martyj19Add About box
2009-05-26  Og MacielUpdated Brazilian Portuguese translation.
2009-05-25  SZERVÁC Attila[intl:hu] updates
2009-05-24  Martin BaggeUpdated Polish translation from mazdac (closing 2796110)
2009-05-24  Martin BaggeUpdated translations and make files for Spanish and...
2009-05-24  Martin BaggeCommit from (unofficial) LXDE Pootle by user payne...
2009-05-23  Martin BaggeUpdated translations from Pootle
2009-05-23  Martin BaggeUpdated translations from Pootle
2009-05-22  Martin BaggeUpdate translations from Pootle
2009-05-22  Martin BaggeUpdated translations from Pootle
2009-05-22  Martin BaggeUpdated Malay translations from Pootle
2009-05-21  Martin BaggeMalay translation for LXPanel (partial) and LXMenu...
2009-05-21  Martin BaggeUpdated Japanese, Polish, Portugese and Slovak translat...
2009-05-20  Martin BaggeTranslation updates from Pootle
2009-05-19  Martin BaggeAdding Afrikaans, it's almost complete in core components!
2009-05-17  Martin BaggeUkraine, Spanish and Danish updates from Pootle
2009-05-13  Martin BaggeUpdated plural forms expression
2009-05-13  Martin BaggeUpdated strings for GPicView, resync pot file for Dutch...
2009-05-12  Martin BaggeAdding translation of Urdu as spoken in Pakistan, same...
2009-05-12  Martin BaggeAdding complete translation of Urdu from Muhammad Ali...
2009-05-11  Martin BaggeFrench translations from Pootle
2009-05-10  Hong Jen Yee... Change behavior of preference dialogs: Only apply value...
2009-05-10  Hong Jen Yee... Little fix.
2009-05-10  Hong Jen Yee... Fix #2501166 - network monitor doesn't save network...
2009-05-06  Martin Bagge[POOTLE] Russian and Dutch minor updates. Lithuanian...
2009-05-04  Martin BaggeClosing 2786534 for updated slovak translation from...
2009-05-04  Martin BaggeDutch translation update from Pootle
2009-05-04  Martin BaggeRussian and Spanish translation updates from Pootle
2009-05-03  Hong Jen Yee... Release lxpanel 0.4.1
2009-05-02  Martin BaggeJapanese translation updates from Hironao Komats
2009-05-01  Martin BaggeAdding turkish LXPanel plugins.
2009-05-01  Martin BaggeUpdated POT for LXPanel, resynced.
2009-04-30  Jürgen HötzelFix #2053020 again (Reverted by patch #2655536)
2009-04-30  Martin BaggeTranslations from Pootle
2009-04-29  Hong Jen Yee... Apply patch #2655536 - lxpanel pager fix.
2009-04-29  Hong Jen Yee... Apply patch #2778880 - Fix lost alpha configuration.
2009-04-29  Hong Jen Yee... Apply patch #2778881 - Fix thermal plugin build
2009-04-29  Hong Jen Yee... Apply patch #2782263-Typo in lxpanel-plugins/thermal
2009-04-28  Fred ChienFixed a bug that menu icon couldn't have ratio for...
2009-04-28  Og MacielUpdated Brazilian Portuguese translation.
2009-04-27  Andrew LeeMinor changes for the manpage description of lxpanel.
2009-04-27  Martin BaggeItalian translations from Pootle
2009-04-24  Martin Bagge - update Japanese translation for lxterminal (2780314...
2009-04-20  Ying-Chun Liu... Fix typo.
2009-04-20  Hong Jen Yee... * Remove unused image files.
2009-04-18  Martin Bagge - Update German translations for LXPanel and LXTermina...
2009-04-18  Martin BaggeItalian and French translations from Pootle
2009-04-18  Ying-Chun Liu... fix minor warnings
2009-04-15  Martin Baggeresync of POT for all languages and components.
2009-04-15  Martin BaggeFrench translation from Pootle
2009-04-15  Ying-Chun Liu... Fix a bug in unload_old_icons() of menu.c which wrongly...
2009-04-15  Ying-Chun Liu... Fix some non-important minor warnings.
2009-04-15  Jürgen Hötzelfixed compiler warnings
2009-04-14  Ying-Chun Liu... Fix some minor warnings.
2009-04-14  Ying-Chun Liu... Use other docbook to manpage tools.
2009-04-14  Ying-Chun Liu... Remove Slovenian translation (sl.po) UTF-16 BOM. It...
2009-04-13  Martin BaggeSloveninan translation Matej Gačnik
2009-04-13  Jürgen HötzelFix race-condition: g_idle callback could be called...
2009-04-09  Jürgen HötzelFix 2663513 (load .desktop files from absolute filenames)
2009-04-09  Martin BaggeUpdated translations (Slovenian) from Pootle
2009-04-07  Martin BaggeLithuanian translations from Pootle
2009-04-05  Martin BaggeUpdates to Idonesian plural forms (2721257 and 2721265...
2009-04-05  Martin BaggeAdding th following translations
2009-04-02  Hong Jen Yee... Remove netstat plugin from default plugins loaded and...
2009-03-26  Jürgen HötzelFix #2053020 (invalid assumption on IconicState)
2009-03-23  Jürgen Hötzelfix case when no _NET_WM_ICON is available (thanks...
2009-03-23  Jürgen HötzelFixed invalid assumptions about X Error Code: Success...
2009-03-23  Martin BaggeSpanish translations from Pootle.
2009-03-22  Martin Baggespanish translations from Pootle.lxde.bsnet.se
2009-03-22  Martin BaggeSpanish translations from Pootle
2009-03-21  Martin BaggeAdding Croatian translation of LXPanel (2687686) by...
2009-03-17  Martin BaggeDanish updates via Pootle
2009-03-15  Martin BaggeGerman translation from Pootle
2009-03-13  Martin BaggeDanish l10n from Pootle
2009-03-12  Og MacielUpdated Brazilian Portuguese translations.
2009-03-11  Martin Baggesetting charset so Pootle won't choke on the file if...
2009-03-11  Martin Baggeadding croatian to repository, files are in tracker...