src/panel: update copyright
[lxde/lxpanel.git] / src /
2013-08-25  Henry Gebhardtsrc/panel: update copyright
2013-08-25  Antonio Chiurlamenu: Add accelerators to Main menu - ID: 3607870
2013-08-25  Henry GebhardtIntroduce 'spawn_command_async()', with error reporting
2013-06-19  Henry Gebhardtbatt: make showing extended information configurable
2013-06-01  Henry Gebhardtbatt: display some more information in the tooltip
2013-06-01  Henry Gebhardtbatt: put tooltip generation in separate function
2013-05-20  RouslanBasic Multimonitor support - ID: 3397801
2013-05-19  Henry Gebhardtplugins: assign PluginClass in a C99 compatible fashion
2013-05-19  Henry Gebhardttaskbar: only close windows on same desktop
2013-05-19  Vincenzo di Ciccotaskbar: add option to close all windows within a group
2013-04-23  Henry Gebhardttaskbar: fix "flash_window_timeout" bug ID 3573069
2013-03-16  Julien LavergneRemove empty space in tray icon when there is no plug...
2013-03-09  William Grzybowskifix clang build - applies ID 3606827
2013-03-08  Henry Gebhardttaskbar: clean up task_draw_label(), and fix tooltip bug
2013-02-11  Henry Gebhardtsrc/: fix some compile warnings
2013-02-11  Henry Gebhardtsrc/panel.c: cleanup panel_draw_label_text()
2013-01-16  Henry Gebhardtallow custom font scaling in panel_draw_label_text...
2012-11-26  Andriy GrytsenkoCorrection on warning message from last commit.
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penonedialog in case you want to keep system layouts
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penonefixed gtk entry icon problem being still not sensitive...
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penoneadding option to keep system layouts
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penoneincreased size of xkb layout label on panel
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penoneadding option to keep system layouts
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penoneadding option to keep system layouts
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penonexkb: advanced setxkbmap options complete
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penonexkb advanced options entry save/restore content
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penonebutton to save advanced options
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penonecheckbox to do not reset existing options complete
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penoneskeleton of new config dialog controls
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penonenew frame Advanced setxkbmap Options
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penonepreparing config window to host other two frames
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penonelaunchbar: added credit to changes after 0.5.10
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penonexkb: updated ch flag
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penonelauncher plugin bugfix: when removing item hide exec...
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penonelaunchbar adding tooltip of Exe
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penonelaunchbar adding tooltip of Exec
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penonelaunchbar adding tooltip of Exec
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penonelaunchbar: expand/collapse tree row at mouse wheel...
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penonelaunchbar: in config dialog doble click on lists clicks...
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penonexkb handling of new keyboards
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penoneexpand/collapse tree row at mouse wheel click
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penonexkb: choose model dialog with clickable columns
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penonexkb handling of new keyboards
2012-11-26  Giuseppe Penonexkb handling of new keyboards
2012-11-25  Henry Gebhardtsrc/misc: translate_app_exec_to_command_line() don...
2012-11-24  Henry Gebhardtplugins/dclock: make default formats translatable
2012-11-24  Henry Gebhardtfix lxde-Bugs-3391034: Desktop Pager does not refresh...
2012-11-03  Bastiaan Jacquestaskbar: segfault fix - ID: 3573069
2012-08-20  Julien LavergneUpdate xkb plugin to 0.6 from Giuseppe Penone :
2012-08-08  Julien LavergneUpdate xkb plugin, changes made by Giuseppe Penone.
2012-08-05  Julien LavergneFix main icon usage
2012-08-05  Julien LavergneRevert changes for wincmd theme icon support
2012-08-05  Julien Lavergnekbled : Update icons on theme changed
2012-08-05  Julien LavergneUpdate volumeasla icon on theme changed
2012-08-05  Julien LavergneUse panel->icon_theme when it's possible
2012-08-05  Julien LavergneAdd start-here has an alternative to the video-display...
2012-08-05  Michael RawsonFixed some bugs
2012-08-05  Michael RawsonAdded README changes, replace "background" with "lxpane...
2012-08-05  Michael RawsonMore fixes, cleared up
2012-08-05  Michael RawsonFixed about icon problems
2012-08-05  Michael RawsonFixed more icons
2012-08-05  Michael RawsonFixed about icon
2012-08-01  Henry Gebhardtpanel-pref: add option for log level
2012-08-01  Henry Gebhardttray: add logs to help debugging, enabled with --log 5
2012-08-01  Henry Gebhardtadd cairo error reporting
2012-08-01  Rafał Mużyłoadd a bit more cairo (background)
2012-08-01  Henry Gebhardtdraw sharply with cairo
2012-08-01  Rafał Mużyłodraw using cairo - ID: 3525879
2012-07-23  Henry Gebhardtvolumealsa: fixes in asound_deinitialize()
2012-07-19  Henry Gebhardtfix pthread_mutex_unlock abort in lxpanel - ID: 3527777
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtgtk-run: reload menu cache
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtmonitors: fix potentially truncated message in translat...
2012-05-20  Jack Chenfix enabling dynamic width and autohide results in...
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtvolumealsa: fix unloading and add restart logic
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtfix a few compilation warnings
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtmonitors: gettext'ize tooltips
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtmonitors: clean tooltip, and also print memory in MB
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtmonitors: count 'mem_buffers' towards 'mem_free'
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtvolumealsa: fix detection of ALSA error
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtplugins: fix "Invalid read of size 8"
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtconfigurator: fix file chooser action
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtmonitors: make redraw_pixmap() readable
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtplugins: change monitors, thermal, and batt timeouts...
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtplugins: Use g_timeout_add_seconds() when possible
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtmenu,taskbar: minor cleanup
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtthermal: Use lxpanel error and log facilities
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtthermal: Show all sensors in tooltip
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtthermal: Use highest temperature when using automatic...
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtthermal: prepare for multiple sensors
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtmonitors: Open application when clicked, lxtask by...
2012-04-09  Henry Gebhardtthermal: use automatic levels by default
2012-04-09  Henry Gebhardtbatt: Read absolute current_now, power_now
2012-04-08  Martin Bagge / brotherCorrected grammatical error in volumealsa.
2012-03-18  Julien LavergneMerge branch 'gtk2-fixes' of
2012-03-08  Piotr SipikaAdded ap_info_node definition to APLIST typedef
2012-03-08  Piotr SipikaCleaned up compilation warnings.
2012-03-06  Henry Gebhardtmonitors: Fix deallocated memory access when changing...
2012-03-04  Henry Gebhardtbatt: Fix computation of percentage when battery uses...
2012-03-02  Julien LavergneUse *-panel icons when available in the theme for volum...
2012-02-18  Henry Gebhardtnetstat: fix possible creation of thread zombies