panel-pref: add option for log level
[lxde/lxpanel.git] / src /
2012-08-01  Henry Gebhardtpanel-pref: add option for log level
2012-08-01  Henry Gebhardttray: add logs to help debugging, enabled with --log 5
2012-08-01  Henry Gebhardtadd cairo error reporting
2012-08-01  Rafał Mużyłoadd a bit more cairo (background)
2012-08-01  Henry Gebhardtdraw sharply with cairo
2012-08-01  Rafał Mużyłodraw using cairo - ID: 3525879
2012-07-23  Henry Gebhardtvolumealsa: fixes in asound_deinitialize()
2012-07-19  Henry Gebhardtfix pthread_mutex_unlock abort in lxpanel - ID: 3527777
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtgtk-run: reload menu cache
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtmonitors: fix potentially truncated message in translat...
2012-05-20  Jack Chenfix enabling dynamic width and autohide results in...
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtvolumealsa: fix unloading and add restart logic
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtfix a few compilation warnings
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtmonitors: gettext'ize tooltips
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtmonitors: clean tooltip, and also print memory in MB
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtmonitors: count 'mem_buffers' towards 'mem_free'
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtvolumealsa: fix detection of ALSA error
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtplugins: fix "Invalid read of size 8"
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtconfigurator: fix file chooser action
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtmonitors: make redraw_pixmap() readable
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtplugins: change monitors, thermal, and batt timeouts...
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtplugins: Use g_timeout_add_seconds() when possible
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtmenu,taskbar: minor cleanup
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtthermal: Use lxpanel error and log facilities
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtthermal: Show all sensors in tooltip
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtthermal: Use highest temperature when using automatic...
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtthermal: prepare for multiple sensors
2012-05-20  Henry Gebhardtmonitors: Open application when clicked, lxtask by...
2012-04-09  Henry Gebhardtthermal: use automatic levels by default
2012-04-09  Henry Gebhardtbatt: Read absolute current_now, power_now
2012-04-08  Martin Bagge / brotherCorrected grammatical error in volumealsa.
2012-03-18  Julien LavergneMerge branch 'gtk2-fixes' of
2012-03-08  Piotr SipikaAdded ap_info_node definition to APLIST typedef
2012-03-08  Piotr SipikaCleaned up compilation warnings.
2012-03-06  Henry Gebhardtmonitors: Fix deallocated memory access when changing...
2012-03-04  Henry Gebhardtbatt: Fix computation of percentage when battery uses...
2012-03-02  Julien LavergneUse *-panel icons when available in the theme for volum...
2012-02-18  Henry Gebhardtnetstat: fix possible creation of thread zombies
2012-02-18  Henry Gebhardtnetstat: fix some memory leaks in lxnm_client.c
2012-02-18  Henry Gebhardtnetstat: fix uninitialized value and potential segfault
2012-02-18  Henry Gebhardtnetstat: fix many compile warnings
2012-02-12  Julien LavergneReally remove glade file
2012-02-12  Julien LavergneRemove, it's not used or installed
2012-02-12  Julien LavergneComplete previous commit for make distcheck fixes
2012-01-28  Henry Gebhardttaskbar: Fix infinite loop
2012-01-28  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Fix launchpad bug #889414 - Run dialog opens up in...
2012-01-25  Julien LavergneMerge missing pieces from original indicator applet.
2012-01-25  Henry Gebhardtmonitors: fix compile warnings
2012-01-25  Henry Gebhardtthermal: Don't print useless info on startup, fix compi...
2012-01-25  Henry Gebhardtmonitors: cached memory should be counted as 'free'
2012-01-25  Henry Gebhardtmonitors: Fix segfault in *_tooltip_update() functions
2011-12-31  Julien LavergneAdd indicator applet, turn off by default
2011-12-31  Julien LavergneAdd a way to launch external configuration program...
2011-12-30  Henry Gebhardtthermal: use applyConfig() in the constructor
2011-12-30  Henry Gebhardtthermal: be more careful in case th->sensor is NULL
2011-12-30  Henry Gebhardtthermal: fix using custom or automatic warning levels...
2011-12-30  Henry Gebhardtthermal: Automatic sensor location also works for sysfs...
2011-12-24  Henry Gebhardtbatt: Fix segmentation fault on resume from suspend...
2011-12-24  Henry GebhardtFix type unsafety while opening plugin configuration...
2011-12-23  Henry Gebhardtwnckpager: fix plugin_class version
2011-12-23  Julien LavergneMake wnckpager a dynamic plugin.
2011-12-23  Julien LavergneAdd pager2 plugins, compatible with compiz (apply patch...
2011-12-23  Julien LavergneAdd monitors plugin (apply patch from ID 3026608)
2011-12-23  Henry GebhardtPrevent clipping button for taskbar (apply patch v2...
2011-12-23  Julien LavergneAdd plugin by double-click (apply patch from ID 3029596)
2011-12-23  Henry Gebhardtplugins/thermal: support both /proc and sysfs interfaces
2011-12-23  Lajos KamocsayAdded font size setting to Appearance preferences.
2011-12-23  Julien LavergneCenter text in dClock (Apply patch from ID 3102621)
2011-12-23  Julien LavergneApply patch from ID 3103192
2011-12-23  Henry Gebhardtbatt: Fix low battery check
2011-12-23  Henry Gebhardtbatt.c: Consistently indent 'update_display()'
2011-12-23  Henry Gebhardtbatt.c: Don't modify battery struct outside of the...
2011-12-23  Henry Gebhardtbatt.c: Check NULL-pointer-derefernce before using it
2011-12-23  Henry Gebhardtbatt_sys.c: Round percentage properly
2011-12-23  Henry Gebhardtbatt_sys.c: Always set all values when reading from...
2011-12-23  Henry Gebhardtbattery plugin: Name variables the same as the sysfs...
2011-12-23  Henry Gebhardtbatt.c: Don't call 'battery_update()' redundantly on...
2011-12-23  Henry Gebhardtbatt_sys.c: Fix 'battery_print()'
2011-12-23  Henry Gebhardtbatt_sys.c: Also try reading "power_now" from sysfs
2011-12-23  Henry Gebhardtbatt_sys.c: Remove 'acpi_sys_get_battery_from_dir()'
2011-12-23  Henry Gebhardtbatt_sys.c: Replace 'get_unit_value()' with 'atoi()'
2011-12-23  Henry GebhardtRevert "Apply patch from Debian to fix battery plugin...
2011-12-17  Julien LavergneFix sizeof on 64 bits, thanks Richard Hirst for the fix
2011-10-06  Julien LavergneFix position of the menu, and add the same fix to pager.
2011-07-27  Andrea Floriofix typo to make code build with old gtk
2011-07-24  Andrea Floriofixed compiler warning
2011-07-24  Andrea Floriofixed error in tooltipS function call
2011-07-24  Julien LavergneFix usage of GtkRequisition
2011-07-21  Martin Bagge / brotherUpdated copyright year to 2011 in preparation for next...
2011-06-10  Julien LavergneFix usage of GtkAllocation
2011-05-22  Julien LavergneApply patch from Debian to fix battery plugin display
2011-05-22  Julien LavergneSome fixes for GTK3 building
2011-05-22  Julien LavergneAdd missing X11 to the linker
2011-05-22  Julien LavergneReplace deprecated INCLUDES in
2010-12-01  Marty JackFix brown bag off-by-one in timer setting exposed by...
2010-08-20  Marty JackMerge branch 'master' of ssh://lxde.git.sourceforge...
2010-08-20  Marty JackBattery percentage incorrectly always evaluates as...
2010-07-22  Marty JackFix build issue with symbol "alarm" showing up on F14...
2010-07-20  Marty JackRelease 0.5.6 0.5.6
2010-07-20  Marty JackFix inconsistencies in pager test for window type and...