[l10n] Russian translation update.
[lxde/lxpanel.git] / po / ar.po
2014-08-16  Andriy GrytsenkoMerge branch 'wp-up' into Apply API changes as well.
2014-08-14  knedlykCommit from LXDE Pootle server by user admin.: 967...
2014-03-27  Martin Bagge[l10n] Resync POT and PO files.
2014-02-15  Andriy GrytsenkoMerge branch 'weather'
2013-09-15  Giuseppe PenoneMerge with 0.6.1
2013-09-14  Henry GebhardtMerge branch 'next-gtk2'
2013-08-27  Martin Bagge[l10n] Minor meta data clean up.
2013-08-27  Martin Bagge[l10n] Resync POT and PO files. String freeze until...
2013-06-07  Mohamed Mohsen[l10n] Arabic translation update.
2012-10-04  mohsenCommit from LXDE Translation Project with Pootle by...
2012-09-23  Martin Bagge / brother[l10n] Resync files.
2012-06-10  Martin Bagge / brother[l10n] Resyncing PO files before release.
2012-05-20  Martin Bagge / brother[l10n] Resync and correct newline instruction.
2012-04-07  Martin Bagge / brother[l10n] Lazy translators forgot to commit their work.
2012-01-04  Martin Bagge / brother[l10n] Resynchronize po files before call for translations.
2011-07-29  Andrea FlorioMerge branch 'master' of ssh://lxde.git.sourceforge...
2011-07-29  Martin Bagge / brother[l10n] Syncing translations before release.
2011-07-29  Martin Bagge / brother[l10n] Syncing translations before release.
2011-07-29  Martin Bagge / brotherRevert "translations sync"
2011-07-27  Andrea Floriotranslations sync
2011-07-21  Martin Bagge / brother[l10n] Removing fuzzy marker for copyright year where...
2011-07-21  Martin Bagge / brother[l10n] Resyncing PO files adfter 2011 change, will...
2011-07-21  Martin Bagge / brother[l10n] Rewrite PO file info and resyncing PO files...
2010-07-20  Martin Bagge / bro... Resynchronizing po files before a possible LXPanel...
2010-04-26  Andrea Floriosync translations
2010-02-02  Martin BaggeResynchoronized po files
2010-01-12  Martin BaggeResynchronized all languages and added LXDM to the...
2010-01-07  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2009-12-23  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2009-12-21  Martin BaggeUpdated and synchronized PO files.
2009-12-13  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)merge translations of lxpanel-plugins and lxpanel for...
2009-10-31  Martin BaggeUpdates from pootle
2009-08-02  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Rework configuration dialog of launchbar applet.
2009-08-01  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)* Port netstatus plugin from Glade-generated code to...
2009-07-20  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle (Spanish and Arabic for LXPanel...
2009-07-18  Martin BaggeResynchornization of LXPanel l10n.
2009-07-13  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2009-07-09  Martin BaggeResync of files. A deprecated source file with strings...
2009-07-09  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Re-arrange panel preference dialog.
2009-07-08  Martin BaggeResynchronizing PO files for stirng freeze
2009-06-26  Martin BaggeUkrainian and Arabic updates from Pootle
2009-06-22  Martin BaggeResynchronized po files.
2009-06-04  Martin BaggeUpdated translations from Pootle
2009-05-28  helix84 * make lxpanel.pot && make update-po
2009-05-04  Martin BaggeRussian and Spanish translation updates from Pootle
2009-05-01  Martin BaggeUpdated POT for LXPanel, resynced.
2009-04-18  Martin BaggeItalian and French translations from Pootle
2009-04-15  Martin Baggeresync of POT for all languages and components.
2009-02-09  Martin Bagge - renaming pt to pt_PT
2009-01-27  Og MacielUpdated POTFILES.in and added LINGUAS. Fixes SF.net...
2009-01-26  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)1. Apply patch in #1902434 can't compile 0.2.6 provided...
2009-01-26  Ming-Ting WeiAdded Arabic translations for LXTerminal, LXSession...