Fix border of 'batt' plugin, it should correctly use panel settings.
[lxde/lxpanel.git] /
2014-09-28  LXDE PootleMerge branch 'master' of
2014-09-22  Andriy GrytsenkoShip man pages in the GIT and tarball, not just xml...
2014-09-19  Andriy GrytsenkoRemove autom4te.cache directory when executing ./
2014-02-15  Andriy GrytsenkoMerge branch 'weather'
2013-02-11  Henry change to use autoreconf et al
2012-07-19  Henry, support automake 1.12, fix...
2009-07-08  Jürgen Hötzelremove distribution of mkinstalldirs
2009-06-17  Jürgen Hötzelrewrite of sed-based automake version check
2009-06-14  Jürgen Hötzelfix faulty autotools commit #1594
2009-06-14  Jürgen Hötzelfix version check for multiple minor versions
2009-06-13  Jürgen HötzelAutomake 1.11 support
2009-05-27  martyj19Add About box
2008-02-20  Jim HuangUse automake 1.10 officially.
2008-01-09  Jim Huangconsistent automake version.
2008-01-07  Fred Chienfixed aclocal to use AC_VERSION.
2006-11-28  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Little fixes.
2006-10-04  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Initial import.