[SF#644]Fix click on 'menu' plugin, it was GtkBox instead of GtkEventBox.
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1LXPanel is a lightweight X11 desktop panel.
3To build this program you need some development packages:
4 libtool 2.2 or newer, intltool, libgtk 2.18 or newer,
5 libfm-gtk 1.2 or newer, libwnck.
6Optional development packages may be required to build some modules:
7 libmenu-cache,
8 libalsasound ('volumealsa' plugin isn't built if missing),
9 libindicator 0.3.0 ('indicator' plugin isn't built if missing),
10 wireless-tools (required to build 'netstat' plugin),
11 libxml-2.0 (required to build 'weather' plugin).
13To install this program, three other packages are needed:
14 menu-cache, libfm-gtk, lxmenu-data.
15Please install them before installing lxpanel.
17There are 2 programs contained in the package.
191. lxpanel: the panel
212. lxpanelctl: the controller of lxpanel, can be used to control lxpanel in
22 other programs. The best place to use lxpanelctl is by far
23 the numerous key bindings provided by window managers.
24 When the key combination is pressed, call lxpanelctl to popup
25 system menu, or to open run dialog in lxpanel.
26 Run lxpanelctl without any argument to see what command it
27 currently recognizes.
30About Netstat and Netstatus plugins:
321. netstatus was ported from netstatus panel applet of GNOME Project. This
33 plugin has good support on Linux/BSD/other UNIX, and it is released under
34 GNU GPL. (the same as LxDE)
362. netstat is a new plugin written by LxDE developers as the lightweight
37 replacement of netstatus plugin. It aims to be more usable and resource
38 efficient. At the current stage, netstat runs only on Linux.
41About theming & lxpanel:
431. In future, hardcoding should not be used for icon lookup. Instead, use Gtk's built-in functions to handle icon lookup. If necessary, provide a fallback (hardcoded) icon.
452. Current icon names that can be themed specifically for lxpanel include:
46 *"lxpanel-background"
47 *"clock"
48 *"capslock-on"
49 *"capslock-off"
50 *"numlock-on"
51 *"numlock-off"
52 *"scrllock-on"
53 *"scrllock-off"
54 *"wincmd"
55 *"ns-lock"
56 *possibly more, as yet unfound.
583. You can also set theme for any plugin specifically using it's widget name
59 which is equal to plugin type.
614. There is a specific RC file which can be loaded by LXPanel, it can be placed
62 as ~/.config/lxpanel/$PROFILE/gtkrc, where $PROFILE is the profile used on
63 the LXPanel start.
65There are also a substantial amount of others, but they use the icon naming specification.
68About keyboard options translations in xkb plugin:
70The 'xkb' plugin can use translations from language packs that are present
71 in many distributions. To use it you should have language pack which
72 includes "xkeyboard-config" translations.