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[lxde/lxpanel.git] / TODO
1* drag & drop plugins via middle button
2* "Move" option in plugin context menu
3* "lxpanelctl command ..."
4* drag & drop launchers
5* accessibility
6* 'volumealsa' improvements
7* compose new custom launcher in launchbar config dialog
8* manage invisible panel from unplugged monitor
9* hotkeys for launchers
10* support rounded corners
11* support keywords in gtk-run
337c98b1 12* convert Task into GtkWidget and use it to emit signals for menus and buttons
eb30cfa4 13* make click-wait-release popdown popups similarly to as GtkMenuShell does
6fbf56dc 14* make lxpanel multiscreen-aware
74c0ae5e 15* improve startup time (move every non-instant operation into idle callback)