Add a workaround for WM like MWM which does not properly resize down widgets of panel...
[lxde/lxpanel.git] / TODO
ea6e17cb 1* "Move" option in plugin context menu
7f7a69a9 2* LXPanelPluginInit::activatable flag to allow activation with hotkey
c5bd64c8 3* accessibility (keys-only; single-button-mouse; special devices)
ea6e17cb 4* compose new custom launcher in launchbar config dialog
c5bd64c8 5* special launchers support ()
8a6f68a1 6* launchbar template with LockScreen and Shutdown
7* manage invisible panel from unplugged monitor
8* hotkeys for launchers
9* support rounded corners
10* support keywords in gtk-run
11* standalone run application with history shared with panel?
12* "lxpanelctl restart" with panel not running starts it?
eb30cfa4 13* make click-wait-release popdown popups similarly to as GtkMenuShell does
edd6656c 14* make lxpanel multiscreen-aware (build fb_ev_* and get_net_* into lxpanel)
74c0ae5e 15* improve startup time (move every non-instant operation into idle callback)
16* support custom timezone in the 'dclock'
17* decide 'netstat' vs 'netstatus'
f73b9bdf 18* optional libnotify support (useful for battery and volume plugins)
19* pull improvements from Raspbian
20* add Most Recent support into 'menu' plugin
2ddb6daa 21* check and use weather-* standard themed icons for weather plugin
22* "Remove this Launch Button" option in launchbar context menu
23* 'usb-unmount' plugin
27e891a8 24* in 0.10.0 fix "GTK2+" string to just "GTK+"
443efa71 25* show/hide Raise/Restore/Maximize/Iconify in button menu depending on task
01eabc96 26* get rid of GDK_ROOT_WINDOW() and gdk_get_default_root_window()