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a52c2257 1LXPanel - Lightweight X11 desktop panel
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3cacc158 4[Developers]
a52c2257 5 Hong Jen Yee (PCMan) <>
3cacc158 6 Jim Huang <>
8f11d5f8 7 Greg McNew <> (battery plugin)
6dc1c070 8 Fred Chien <>
fdc7811f 9 Daniel Kesler <>
d295668c 10 Juergen Hoetzel <>
2918994e 11 Marty Jack <>
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3cacc158 13[History]
14LXPanel is a derivative work from fbpanel [1] written by Anatoly Asviyan,
15and fbpanel is derived from another project, fspanel [2], originally
16written by Peter Zelezny.
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3cacc158 18[Credits]
9feadde4 19Fbpanel has done its good job, but it didn't satisfy our needs. Originally
20PCMan sent patches to the author of fbpanel, Anatoly Asviyan, and they had
21some discussions. After Asviyan received some patches, PCMan would be
22willing to enhance this little panel application which might be differnt
23from the goal of Anatoly in the future. However, PCMan didn'get enough
24chance to join fbpanel project. So, finally PCMan decided to create his own
25branch, and started the hacking regarding he want to do. Thank to Anatoly
26Asviyan and Peter Zelezny, the original creator for this little panel. And
27the most important, thank free software, which gives us the freedom to
28modify existing projects to serve our needs. :-)
30* src/plugins/menu.c contains few pieces of code from menu.c of gnome-panel.
32* gtk-builder-convert is a fixed version of the original program included in
33 gtk+ package. It's originally developed by gtk+ developers, but it contains
34 some bugs. So a fixed version is included here.
f1286efa 35
2918994e 36Window commands plugin icon from (licensed under LGPL)
38[1] fbpanel,
39[2] fspanel,