2010-05-24  Martin Bagge... Commit from LXDE Translation Project with Pootle by...
2010-05-24  Martin Bagge... Commit from LXDE Translation Project with Pootle by...
2010-05-23  Andrea Florioadded italian translations
2010-05-23  Hong Jen Yee... Manage translations in lxinput.desktop with gettext.
2010-05-23  Hong Jen Yee... Fix incorrect path of config file. Bump version number...
2010-05-18  zvacetl10n: Updated Croatian (hr) translation to 66%
2010-05-18  zvacetl10n: Updated Croatian (hr) translation to 61%
2010-05-08  Iñigo Varelal10n: Updates Asturian translation
2010-04-16  juliusl10n: Updates to Lithuanian (lt) translation
2010-04-09  Martin Bagge... Commit from LXDE Translation Project with Pootle by...
2010-03-31  Martin Bagge... Adding new language files
2010-03-31  Martin BaggeCommit from LXDE Translation Project with Pootle by...
2010-03-28  Steve Cookl10n: Updates to English (United Kingdom) (en_GB) trans...
2010-03-28  Steve Cookl10n: Initial English UK en_GB translation
2010-03-20  Andrea Florioremoved exec bit
2010-03-18  akdengil10n: Updates to Russian (ru) translation
2010-02-20  Joe Hansenl10n: Updates to Danish (da) translation
2010-02-13  Sérgio Marquesl10n: Updates to Portuguese (pt) translation
2010-02-06  Ming-Ting Yao WeiSVN changes after git sync
2010-02-06  Hong Jen Yee... Bump version number.
2010-02-01  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2010-01-26  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2010-01-25  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2010-01-18  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2010-01-12  Martin BaggeResynchronized all languages and added LXDM to the...
2010-01-03  Christoph Wickertupdate location of config file
2009-12-27  Martin BaggeCommit from LXDE Translation Project with Pootle by...
2009-12-09  majklCzech translation updated
2009-12-05  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2009-10-27  Martin BaggeAdding Arpitian to repository. It's almost halfway...
2009-10-27  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2009-10-08  Martin BaggeUpdates from Pootle
2009-09-29  Martin BaggeResynched LINGUAS
2009-09-21  Martin BaggeAdding two new languages (Hebrew and Catalan), almost...
2009-09-17  Martin BaggeMore Russian updates from Pootle
2009-09-16  Martin BaggeUpdate from Pootle
2009-09-12  Martin BaggeUpdated translations from Pootle
2009-09-11  Martin BaggeUpdated translations for Lithuanian, Idonesian and...
2009-09-07  Martin BaggeAdding Bulgarian PO files.
2009-09-07  Martin BaggeAdding Serbian as translatable language (with a huge...
2009-09-07  Martin Baggeadded proper charset heading for bn_IN
2009-08-30  Martin BaggeEstonian translation updates from Mahfiaz (closing...
2009-07-28  Martin BaggeUpdated Norweigan Nynorsk translations from Karl Ove...
2009-07-27  Martin BaggeMore Bengali updates from Pootle
2009-07-26  Martin BaggeMajor updates for zh_TW and bn_IN
2009-07-22  Martin BaggeGreek translations update from George Vasilakos (closin...
2009-07-08  Jürgen Hötzelremove distribution of mkinstalldirs
2009-07-07  martyj19Apply Project Standard Autogen 0.1.1
2009-07-01  Martin BaggeNew language! Greek by team led by George Vasilakos...
2009-06-25  Jürgen Hötzeladded source to all manual pages
2009-06-24  Jürgen HötzelReworked lxinput man page generation.
2009-06-18  Ming-Ting WeiJapanese translation including ".desktop" description...
2009-06-14  Ying-Chun Liu... Add manpages for lxinput
2009-06-14  Ying-Chun Liu... add man directory
2009-06-13  Martin BaggeUpdated Slovenian translation from Pootle
2009-06-09  Martin BaggeUpdate Malay translations from Pootle
2009-06-02  Martin BaggeUpdate Slovenian translations from Pootle
2009-05-25  SZERVÁC Attila[intl:hu] update1 (lxlauncher, lxinput)
2009-05-24  Martin BaggeUpdated translations and make files for Spanish and...
2009-05-23  Martin BaggeUpdated translations from Pootle
2009-05-22  Martin BaggeUpdate translations from Pootle
2009-05-22  Martin BaggeUpdated translations from Pootle
2009-05-20  Martin BaggeTranslation updates from Pootle
2009-05-19  Martin BaggeAdding Afrikaans, it's almost complete in core components!
2009-05-18  Og MacielUpdated Brazilian Portuguese translation.
2009-05-17  Martin BaggeSlovenian, Ukrainian, Arabic and German updates from...
2009-05-17  Martin BaggeUkraine, Spanish and Danish updates from Pootle
2009-05-13  Martin BaggePortugese translations by Sérgio Marques <smarquespt...
2009-05-12  Martin BaggeAdding translation of Urdu as spoken in Pakistan, same...
2009-05-12  Martin BaggeAdding complete translation of Urdu from Muhammad Ali...
2009-05-11  Martin BaggeFrench translations from Pootle
2009-05-10  Hong Jen Yee... Support turning off keyboard beep.
2009-05-04  Martin BaggeClosing 2786534 for updated slovak translation from...
2009-05-04  Martin BaggeDutch translation update from Pootle
2009-05-04  Martin BaggeRussian and Spanish translation updates from Pootle
2009-05-02  Martin BaggeJapanese translation updates from Hironao Komats
2009-05-01  Martin BaggeLXInput Polish from mazdac, closing 2784675
2009-05-01  Martin BaggeUpdated POT for LXPanel, resynced.
2009-05-01  Martin BaggeArabic and Ukrainian updates from Pootle
2009-04-30  Martin BaggeTranslations from Pootle
2009-04-29  Martin BaggeTranslations from Pootle
2009-04-29  Martin BaggeTranslations from Pootle (Russian LXTerminal, Spanish...
2009-04-28  Hong Jen Yee... Temporarily make LXInput LXDE only until we find a...
2009-04-28  Hong Jen Yee... Load from and save to LXDE config file.
2009-04-28  Hong Jen Yee... Update translations
2009-04-28  Hong Jen Yee... Little fixes. Use xml-purge to clean ui files.
2009-04-28  Hong Jen Yee... Add LXInput, a tool used to configure keyboard and...