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d22a63fe 1# Dutch translation of the lxinput package.
2# Copyright (C) the author of the lxinput package.
3# This file is distributed under the same license as the
4# lxinput package.
5# Pjotr, 2011.
784335a7 6#
7msgid ""
8msgstr ""
f9f249b3 9"Project-Id-Version: lxinput\n"
541d192f 10"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
ad978ff6 11"POT-Creation-Date: 2011-07-29 15:08+0200\n"
d22a63fe 12"PO-Revision-Date: 2011-09-08 11:34+0200\n"
13"Last-Translator: Pjotr\n"
14"Language-Team: Dutch\n"
784335a7 15"Language: nl (Dutch)\n"
541d192f 16"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
f9f249b3 17"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
541d192f 18"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
37e4dc9d 19"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"
541d192f 20
5471edf7 21#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:1
541d192f 22msgid "<b>Character Repeat</b>"
02b5d646 23msgstr "<b>Tekenherhaling</b>"
541d192f 24
5471edf7 25#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:2
5471edf7 26msgid "<b>Keyboard layout</b>"
f4e7ea2e 27msgstr "<b>Toetsenbordindeling</b>"
29#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:3
541d192f 30msgid "<b>Motion</b>"
f7cd7b0d 31msgstr "<b>Beweging</b>"
541d192f 32
5471edf7 33#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:4
541d192f 34msgid "Acceleration:"
02b5d646 35msgstr "Versnelling:"
541d192f 36
5471edf7 37#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:5
541d192f 38msgid "Beep when there is an error of keyboard input"
d0880b82 39msgstr "Piep bij verkeerde toetsenbordinvoer"
541d192f 40
5471edf7 41#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:6
541d192f 42msgid "Delay before each key starts repeating"
2a8407e8 43msgstr "Vertraging voordat een toets begint met herhalen"
541d192f 44
5471edf7 45#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:7
541d192f 46msgid "Fast"
f7cd7b0d 47msgstr "Snel"
541d192f 48
5471edf7 49#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:8
541d192f 50msgid "High"
f7cd7b0d 51msgstr "Hoog"
541d192f 52
5471edf7 53#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:9
541d192f 54msgid "Input Device Preferences"
d22a63fe 55msgstr "Voorkeuren invoerapparaten"
541d192f 56
5471edf7 57#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:10
541d192f 58msgid "Interval between each key repeat"
2a8407e8 59msgstr "Interval tussen elke toetsherhaling"
541d192f 60
5471edf7 61#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:11
541d192f 62msgid "Keyboard"
f7cd7b0d 63msgstr "Toetsenbord"
541d192f 64
5471edf7 65#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:12
541d192f 66msgid "Left handed (Swap left and right mouse buttons)"
d22a63fe 67msgstr "Linkshandig (wissel linker- en rechtermuisknop om)"
541d192f 68
5471edf7 69#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:13
541d192f 70msgid "Long"
f7cd7b0d 71msgstr "Lang"
541d192f 72
5471edf7 73#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:14
541d192f 74msgid "Low"
f7cd7b0d 75msgstr "Laag"
541d192f 76
5471edf7 77#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:15
541d192f 78msgid "Mouse"
f7cd7b0d 79msgstr "Muis"
541d192f 80
5471edf7 81#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:16
541d192f 82msgid "Repeat delay:"
2a8407e8 83msgstr "Vertraging voor herhaling:"
541d192f 84
5471edf7 85#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:17
541d192f 86msgid "Repeat interval:"
2a8407e8 87msgstr "Herhalingsinterval:"
541d192f 88
5471edf7 89#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:18
541d192f 90msgid "Sensitivity:"
2a8407e8 91msgstr "Gevoeligheid:"
541d192f 92
5471edf7 93#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:19
541d192f 94msgid "Short"
f7cd7b0d 95msgstr "Kort"
541d192f 96
5471edf7 97#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:20
541d192f 98msgid "Slow"
f7cd7b0d 99msgstr "Traag"
541d192f 100
5471edf7 101#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:21
541d192f 102msgid "Touch Pad"
2a8407e8 103msgstr "Aanraakveld"
541d192f 104
5471edf7 105#: ../data/lxinput.ui.h:22
541d192f 106msgid "Type in the following box to test your keyboard settings"
2a8407e8 107msgstr ""
d22a63fe 108"Tik iets in onderstaand kader, om uw toetsenbordinstellingen uit te proberen"
110#: ../data/
111msgid "Configure keyboard, mouse, and other input devices"
37e4dc9d 112msgstr "Instellen van toetsenbord, muis, en andere invoerapparaten"
114#: ../data/
46c1dfce 115msgid "Keyboard and Mouse"
d22a63fe 116msgstr "Toetsenbord en muis"
46c1dfce 117
46c1dfce 118#~ msgid "input-keyboard"
f9f249b3 119#~ msgstr "invoer-toetsenbord"