2017-12-08  Luís Pereiracmake: Handle CMP0071 master
2017-11-03  tsujanMerge pull request #119 from jairlopez/master
2017-11-03  Jair LópezAdd Spanish desktop entries
2017-10-21  Alf GaidaRelease 0.6.0: Update changelog 0.6.0
2017-10-21  Nathan OsmanAdd ImageShack upload provider.
2017-10-21  Nathan OsmanFix warnings issued by GCC and Clang.
2017-10-21  Nathan OsmanEnsure file is closed when upload finishes.
2017-10-21  Nathan OsmanMake image URL read-only.
2017-10-21  Nathan OsmanUpdate copyright in initial file comment for new additions.
2017-10-21  Nathan OsmanMake QNetworkAccessManager static and fix initializatio...
2017-10-21  Nathan OsmanAdd support for uploading files (fixes #98).
2017-10-19  Alf GaidaBump versions
2017-09-24  Alf GaidaDon't export github templates
2017-09-02  Luís PereiraDon't use hardcoded install dir
2017-08-31  tsujanMerge pull request #110 from stefonarch/patch-2
2017-08-31  stefonarchUpdate CMakeLists.txt
2017-07-21  Tsu JanFix regression in thumbnail view
2017-07-17  welaqAdd Lithuanian .desktop files
2017-07-09  Alf Gaidaliblxqt don't fit here
2017-07-09  Alf GaidaCopied issue-template
2017-07-05  Luís PereiraDrops Qt5Core_VERSION_STRING
2017-06-27  Alf Gaidaset Qt::AA_UseHighDpiPixmaps to true
2017-06-27  Palo KisaMainWindow: Fix crash for quick image changes
2017-06-27  Hong HaoUse GNUInstallDirs
2017-04-17  PCManMerge pull request #90 from lxde/new_libfm-qt
2017-04-13  Palo Kisajobs: Do proper error handling
2017-04-12  Palo KisaAdapt to changes in libfm-qt(the c++11 port)
2017-02-22  Luís PereiraUse the new lxqt-build-tools new FindExif CMake module
2017-02-07  tsujanMerge pull request #86 from lxde/screenshot-region
2017-02-01  P.L. LucasSimpler code for ScreenshotSelectAreaGraphicsView class.
2017-02-01  P.L. LucasMerge branch 'master' into screenshot-region
2017-02-01  P.L. LucasChange Screenshot select area green color by actual...
2017-01-31  tsujanMerge pull request #84 from lxde/strict-iterators
2017-01-28  P.L. LucasAdapt to C++11 and RAM improvements.
2017-01-27  P.L. LucasScreenshot captures an area of the screen.
2017-01-18  tsujanMerge pull request #81 from lxde/view_DND
2017-01-17  Luís PereiraUse const iterators
2017-01-02  Alf GaidaBump year
2016-12-21  Alf GaidaRelease 0.5.1: Update changelog 0.5.1
2016-12-18  Alf GaidaBump patch version and (#82)
2016-12-18  stefonarchCreate lximage-qt-screenshot_it.desktop (#83)
2016-12-17  Tsu JanFile and folder DND
2016-12-15  scootergrisenAdd *da.desktop files
2016-12-06  Georges EckenschwillerDesktop entry files: Fix typo in French translation
2016-12-02  asnt[MRG] Display first image when loading a directory...
2016-10-19  paiiouDesktop entry files: Add French translation
2016-10-14  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'use-lxqt-build-tools'
2016-10-08  Alf GaidaUse lxqt-build-tools
2016-10-06  Luís PereiraUse the new lxqt-build-tools package
2016-10-03  tsujanFixed A Cast (#71)
2016-09-30  Alf GaidaRemove cpack (#70)
2016-09-23  Alf GaidaRelease 0.5.0: Add changelog 0.5.0
2016-09-23  Alf GaidaBump version to 0.5.0 (#67)
2016-09-20  Michael VetterRemove Core and Qt from Categories in desktop file...
2016-09-07  Peter MatternExtend README.md
2016-08-23  Hong Jen Yee... Fix broken compatibility introduced by libfm-qt API...
2016-08-10  Robert Antoni... Add Catalan translations
2016-08-04  tsujanMerge pull request #60 from lxde/compiler_warning
2016-08-03  Tsu JanQuieten compiler warning
2016-08-03  tsujanMerge pull request #58 from lxde/use-lxqt-compiler...
2016-08-03  tsujanMerge pull request #59 from lxde/code_cleanup
2016-08-03  Tsu JanCode cleanup
2016-08-02  tsujanMerge pull request #57 from lxde/svg_images
2016-08-02  Luís PereiraUse LXQtCompilerSettings cmake module
2016-08-01  Tsu JanTreat SVG files separately as SVG images
2016-08-01  tsujanMerge pull request #48 from tsujan/hide_cursor
2016-06-29  Palo Kisabuild: Update translations based on *.ui
2016-06-17  Philipp WiesemannFix typo in Portuguese translation for desktop file
2016-06-09  Philipp WiesemannFix typo in German translation for desktop file (#55)
2016-05-16  palinekbuild: Use external translations (#54)
2016-05-14  Alf Gaidats-files removal (#53)
2016-04-30  Tsu JanHide cursor smartly in fullscreen mode
2016-02-14  Palo Kisabuild: Use liblxqt's TranslateDesktop module
2016-01-08  Tsu JanAdds support for GIF animation.
2016-01-03  Tsu JanImplement an EOG-like behavior on starting
2015-12-30  Philipp WiesemannAdd --version command line option
2015-12-24  Philipp WiesemannFix missing Russian translation in desktop file
2015-12-22  Philipp WiesemannFix memory leak if taking screenshot with cursor
2015-12-14  Daniel NaporaPolish translation updated
2015-12-11  IgorAnother update
2015-12-11  IgorImproved Russian translation - thanks to uazure
2015-12-11  IgorFix typo
2015-12-11  IgorAdd Russian translation
2015-12-11  Vincenzo RealeItalian translation update
2015-11-27  Luís PereiraCMake: Adapt to libfm-qt Targets
2015-11-17  Hong Jen Yee... Turn on C++11 support. This closes bug lxde/lximage...
2015-10-31  Alf GaidaMerge pull request #34 from lxde/agaida-patch-1
2015-10-31  Alf GaidaExec should have an argument
2015-10-31  Alf Gaidaall GPL files are (or any later)
2015-10-30  Jerome LeclancheAdd release script
2015-10-30  Jerome LeclancheUpdate translations
2015-09-13  npmillerSet the color table properly for scaled images
2015-08-28  Dimitrios GlentadakisAdd Greek (el) translation
2015-08-22  Thomas ViehwegerCorrected language code (de_DE -> de) of german transla...
2015-07-25  Mattias Harryssonreplace tabs with spaces
2015-07-25  Mattias Harryssonremove trailing spaces
2015-07-24  Mattias Harryssonreplace glib with Qt for command-line parsing
2015-06-26  npmillerDon't save file in private mode
2015-06-26  npmillerPrevents the slideshow timeout to be set to 0 in the UI
2015-06-26  Luís PereiraCorrectly include CMake modules in intree/superbuild...