[i18n] Few corrections to make comments for translators.
[lxde/lxhotkey.git] / CONCEPT
1- should work both GUI and commandline
2- plugins for each WM (using FmModule)
3 * key is WM ID
4 - func(conf) [re]load config
5 - func(conf) save config
6 - func(conf,mask) get desc/keys for global binding(s)
7 - func(conf,action,data) set keys for a global binding
8 - func(conf) get list of possible global actions
9 - func(conf,mask) get exec/[desk]/key for app binding(s)
10 - func(conf,name,data) set exec/desc/key for an app binding
11- if change exec then remove old and add new
12- commandline is like
13 lxkeys global desktop2 <-- show bound key(s) for action desktop2
14 lxkeys app <-- show all keys bound to applications
15 lxkeys app xfrun4 Alt+F2,Win+Return "Execute a command" <-- bind a key
16 lxkeys show Win+Space <-- show which action/application is bound to the key
17- commandline action syntax:
18 action1[:attr1=val1:attr2=val2][&action2]
19- commandline exec syntax:
20 exec line[&startupnotify=yes[:attr1=val1]][&action=val]
4185d89e 21- do special window parameters as well???