2014-09-01  Andriy Grytsenko[SF#517]In the pcmanfm.cong sort_by should be 2, not 0.
2014-09-01  Andriy Grytsenko[SF#488]Remove inappropriate text about lxde-settings...
2014-09-01  Andriy Grytsenko[SF#399]Fix missing install of lxde-logout.desktop...
2014-09-01  Andriy GrytsenkoRelease 0.5.6. 0.5.6
2014-09-01  Andriy GrytsenkoCreate dist tarball in xz format by default instead...
2014-09-01  Andriy GrytsenkoUpdate autogen.sh to support automake > 1.11
2014-09-01  Andriy GrytsenkoLaunch gnome-screenshot when PrintScreen is pressed...
2014-09-01  Andriy GrytsenkoUse Alt+F1 for 'lxpanelctl menu', the same as it is...
2014-09-01  Andriy GrytsenkoChanging location of LXPanel configuration files placement.
2014-09-01  Andriy GrytsenkoChanging location of Openbox configuration files placement.
2014-09-01  Andriy GrytsenkoFix incorrect path to pcmanfm.conf file in startlxde...
2014-09-01  Andriy GrytsenkoFix invalid $sysconfdir in configure in case of $prefix...
2014-09-01  Andriy GrytsenkoChange "Fullscreen" keybinding in Openbox rc.xml from...
2011-03-27  Christoph WickertFix install location of pcmanfm.conf file 0.5.5
2011-03-13  Christoph WickertAdd missing openbox-lxde manpage
2011-03-13  Christoph WickertFix location of pcmanfm config file
2010-11-04  Andrea Floriofixed pcmanfm config file path after 0.9.8 release
2010-05-26  Andrew Lee... Minor adjust for PCManfm 0.9 LXDE profile name in LXDE...
2010-05-25  Andrea Floriopcmanfm2 has been finally re-named as pcmanfm
2010-05-18  Andrea Floriofixed pcmanfm command to call the proper config table...
2010-03-26  Andrew Lee... Set terminal=lxterminal to make it consistent with...
2010-03-07  Hong Jen Yee... Bump version of lxde-common to 0.5.5.
2010-03-07  Hong Jen Yee... * Fix config file of pcmanfm2.
2010-03-07  Hong Jen Yee... Properly set XDG_MENU_PREFIX.
2010-03-01  Andrea Florioremove old config file
2010-03-01  Andrea Florioswtich from pcmanfm to pcmanfm2
2010-02-19  Andrew LeeSync lxde-common/debian from debian.
2010-01-18  Christoph WickertEnsure the existance of the 'Desktop' folder
2010-01-03  Christoph Wickertstart xscreensaver after lxpanel and pcmanfm
2009-12-19  Hong Jen Yee... Launch dbus in startlxde when needed.
2009-12-10  Hong Jen Yee... Release lxde-common 0.5.0. Remove icon theme from it. 0.5.0
2009-11-08  Hong Jen Yee... Fix broken Makefile.am
2009-11-08  Hong Jen Yee... Update nuoveXT2 icon theme and trying to use new icon...
2009-11-01  Christoph WickertLXDE: add german and portuguese translation to desktop...
2009-11-01  Christoph Wickertlxde-logout: add portuguese translation to desktop...
2009-09-03  Christoph WickertTranslations and freedesktop spec fixes for lxde-logout...
2009-09-03  Christoph Wickertproper fix for GDM and the number of desktops
2009-07-14  Hong Jen Yee... Fix config files of lxde-common
2009-07-11  Hong Jen Yee... Update lxde-common to support the new changes in lxsession.
2009-07-08  Jürgen Hötzelremove distribution of mkinstalldirs
2009-07-06  martyj19Slim down autogen a little
2009-07-06  Jürgen Hötzelfix duplicate installation of openbox-lxde.1
2009-07-05  martyj19Fix "make dist"
2009-07-05  martyj19Apply Project Standard Autogen 0.4.2
2009-06-25  Jürgen Hötzeladded source to all manual pages
2009-06-24  Jürgen HötzelReworked lxde-common man page generation.
2009-06-18  Ming-Ting WeiJapanese translation including ".desktop" description...
2009-05-31  martyj19Use ln -s -f so reinstalling works
2009-05-05  Ying-Chun Liu... Release lxde-common 0.4.1 0.4.1
2009-04-29  Ying-Chun Liu... Move lxde-settings manpage from lxde-common to lxde...
2009-04-28  Hong Jen Yee... Release lxde-common 0.4. NOTICE: lxde-settings daemon... 0.4
2009-04-14  Ying-Chun Liu... Use other docbook to manpage tools.
2009-03-20  Jürgen Hötzelfix xsession data path
2008-11-28  Hong Jen Yee... Little fix.
2008-11-28  Hong Jen Yee... Optimize the icon png files with tools.
2008-11-28  Hong Jen Yee... Remove binary program lxde-settings from lxde-common...
2008-11-10  Elias JulkunenAdded and modified some Finnish translations in .deskto...
2008-08-27  Andrew LeeSync with debian packages.
2008-07-16  Hong Jen Yee... Little fix for the menu.
2008-07-16  Geoffroy CarrierAdded a disclaimer in default (lxde-common).
2008-07-14  Hong Jen Yee... Let openbox-lxde accept additional parameters from...
2008-06-15  Hong Jen Yee... Add logout button to the panel.
2008-06-15  Ying-Chun Liu... fix defaultsdir from /etc to $(sysconfdir)
2008-05-05  Andrew LeeSync debian/ for lxde-common, lxpanel and lxsession
2008-05-03  Hong Jen Yee... Update URLs: lxde.sf.net -> http://lxde.org/
2008-05-02  Ying-Chun Liu... rename lxde-settings-daemon.sgml to lxde-settings.sgml
2008-04-26  Hong Jen Yee... Add F11 for fullscreen in openbox's rc.xml.
2008-04-26  Hong Jen Yee... Add missing files.
2008-04-24  Hong Jen Yee... Little fix of the config files.
2008-04-22  Hong Jen Yee... Update locales.
2008-04-20  Ying-Chun Liu... add manpages
2008-04-20  Andrew Leesync debian/ for lxde-common
2008-04-20  Hong Jen Yee... Do some little fixes.
2008-04-20  Hong Jen Yee... Fix default config files of lxpanel. 0.3.2
2008-04-20  Hong Jen Yee... Little fixes for the default config files of lxpanel.
2008-04-20  Hong Jen Yee... Add wrapper script for openbox.
2008-04-20  Hong Jen Yee... Move lxde-settings into lxde-common.
2008-04-19  Hong Jen Yee... Fix memory leaks.
2008-04-06  Hong Jen Yee... Fix config files.
2008-03-29  Hong Jen Yee... Turn off background image of lxpanel by default in...
2008-03-27  Andrew Leesync lxde-common/debian
2008-03-27  Hong Jen Yee... Little fix of the Makefile.
2008-03-26  Andrew Leesync debian/ for lxpanel and lxde-common
2008-03-25  Hong Jen Yee... Add missing files.
2008-03-25  Ying-Chun Liu... add manpages
2008-03-25  Hong Jen Yee... Remove unused directories.
2008-03-25  Hong Jen Yee... Add missing DESTDIR.
2008-03-24  Fred Chiensetting fontsize to 10.
2008-03-23  Fred ChienLXDE GTK+ theme
2008-03-23  Hong Jen Yee... Add a desktop-independent gtk+ theme switcher for LXDE.
2008-03-23  Hong Jen Yee... Little fix.
2008-03-23  Hong Jen Yee... Remove symlinks and generate symlinks on installation.
2008-03-22  Hong Jen Yee... include nuoveXT icon theme in our project.
2008-03-21  Hong Jen Yee... Add default gtkrc, prepare to include nuoveXT2 icon...
2008-03-21  Andrew Leesync debian/
2008-03-21  Hong Jen Yee... Add manpages
2008-03-20  Hong Jen Yee... Add missing files.
2008-03-20  Hong Jen Yee... Add missing files in the EXTRA_DIST.
2008-03-19  Hong Jen Yee... Remove openbox menu generator from the menu.xml.
2008-03-19  Hong Jen Yee... Remove openbox menu generator from the menu.xml.