Apply Project Standard Autogen
[lxde/lxde-common.git] /
2009-07-05  martyj19Apply Project Standard Autogen 0.4.2
2009-06-24  Jürgen HötzelReworked lxde-common man page generation.
2009-05-05  Ying-Chun Liu (Pau... Release lxde-common 0.4.1 0.4.1
2009-04-28  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Release lxde-common 0.4. NOTICE: lxde-settings daemon... 0.4
2009-03-20  Jürgen Hötzelfix xsession data path
2008-11-28  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Remove binary program lxde-settings from lxde-common...
2008-06-15  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Add logout button to the panel.
2008-04-22  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Update locales.
2008-04-20  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Do some little fixes.
2008-04-20  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Little fixes for the default config files of lxpanel.
2008-04-20  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Move lxde-settings into lxde-common.
2008-04-19  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Fix memory leaks.
2008-03-25  Ying-Chun Liu (Pau... add manpages
2008-03-25  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Add missing DESTDIR.
2008-03-23  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Remove symlinks and generate symlinks on installation.
2008-03-21  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Add default gtkrc, prepare to include nuoveXT2 icon...
2008-03-20  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Add missing files in the EXTRA_DIST.
2008-03-19  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Remove openbox menu generator from the menu.xml.
2008-03-19  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Update related files after renaming lxde-data to lxde...
2008-03-14  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Add default config file for pcmanfm.
2008-02-28  Fred ChienAdd --with-xsession-path option to
2008-02-24  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Add preset config files for lxpanel lxpanel and openbox.
2008-02-24  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Add LXDE-specific configuration profile for LXPanel.
2008-02-24  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Add logout script for lxde.
2008-02-23  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Add default configuration for LXDE.