Use .glade file names and compress them into .ui purging spaces.
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2014-09-14  Andriy GrytsenkoUse .glade file names and compress them into .ui purgin...
2014-09-12  Andriy GrytsenkoDisable setting of custom colors if run without lxsession.
2011-05-11  Julien LavergneUpdate files in
2010-08-07  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Update pot file.
2010-08-07  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Merge branch 'master' into rewrite
2010-07-30  Andrea Floriocreate pot
2010-07-25  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Rewrite of LXAppearance.
2009-12-19  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)LXAppearance:
2009-11-01  Funda Wanguse intltool to generate desktop file
2009-02-06  Martin Bagge- rename pl_PL to pl
2008-03-27  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Update translation.
2008-03-23  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Load icon and gtk+ themes on startup.
2008-03-23  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Add a desktop-independent gtk+ theme switcher for LXDE.