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[lxde/lxappearance.git] / debian /
2013-10-27  Julien Lavergnedebian: run autogen.sh to generate the automake files
2013-10-27  Julien Lavergnedebian: fix the build to avoid empty packages.
2013-10-24  Andriy Grytsenkodebian: remove libmenu-cache1-dev from build dependenci...
2013-09-12  Julien Lavergnedebian: resync with Debian
2013-07-12  Julien LavergneUpdate build system
2012-07-08  Julien Lavergnedebian : Add also the build-depends on dbus-glib.
2012-07-08  Julien Lavergnedebian: Add --enable-dbus to make it work with new...
2012-05-17  Julien Lavergnedebian : Don't build with dbus
2012-05-16  Julien LavergneAdd a flag to enable Dbus support (turn off by default)
2012-05-15  Julien LavergneAdd a debian directory based on the Debian one.
2010-08-07  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Merge branch 'master' into rewrite
2008-08-27  Andrew LeeSync with debian packages.
2008-05-03  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Update URLs: lxde.sf.net -> http://lxde.org/
2008-04-20  Andrew Leesync debian/ for lxappearance
2008-03-29  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Add debian files