Release 0.6.3.
[lxde/lxappearance.git] /
2017-01-25  Andriy GrytsenkoRelease 0.6.3. 0.6.3
2016-02-20  Andriy GrytsenkoRelease 0.6.2. 0.6.2
2015-07-01  Balló GyörgySubstitute the correct GTK+ version in pkgconfig file
2014-10-23  Andriy Grytsenkoelease 0.6.1. 0.6.1
2014-10-21  Andriy GrytsenkoRelease 0.6.0. 0.6.0
2014-09-19  Andriy GrytsenkoRelease 0.5.6. 0.5.6
2014-09-19  Andriy GrytsenkoChange AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR to [.] instead of [m4].
2014-09-14  Andriy GrytsenkoUse .glade file names and compress them into .ui purgin...
2014-09-14  Andriy Grytsenko[SF#515] Fix configure --enable-debug.
2014-09-12  Sven Jonsson[SF#498] Fix lxappearanse 0.5.2 gtk3 linking problem
2014-09-12  Andriy GrytsenkoGet rid of unused libtoolize - this is not a library.
2014-01-07  Martin BaggeRelease v.0.5.5. 0.5.5
2013-12-30  Martin BaggeRelease v0.5.4. 0.5.4
2013-11-16  Andriy GrytsenkoDistribute tarballs in XZ format instead of GZIP by...
2013-10-28  Martin BaggeRelease v0.5.3. 0.5.3
2013-10-27  Andriy GrytsenkoLower autoconf version required - it works with 2.64...
2013-10-24  agaida@siduction.orgChange in for compatibility with automake...
2013-07-12  Julien LavergneUpdate build system
2012-05-20  Martin Bagge / brotherRelesae v0.5.2. 0.5.2
2012-05-16  Julien LavergneAdd a flag to enable Dbus support (turn off by default)
2012-05-16  Julien LavergneUse AS_HELP_STRING
2012-05-02  Julien LavergneAdd Dbus to build-system
2011-07-29  Martin Bagge / brotherRelesae v0.5.1. 0.5.1
2011-07-22  Daniel BaumannRemoving useless whitespaces at EOL and EOF.
2011-07-22  Daniel BaumannCorrecting automake handling for --enable-man configure...
2011-07-22  Daniel BaumannRather than unconditionally regenerating the manpage...
2011-06-24  Julien LavergneMerge branch 'master' of ssh://lxde.git.sourceforge...
2011-06-11  Julien LavergneAdd an option to compile with gtk3
2011-06-11  Julien LavergneUse an option to enable more warnings instead of the...
2011-05-11  Julien LavergneFix silent build
2011-05-09  Julien LavergneMerge branch 'gilir-fixes'
2010-12-20  Julien LavergneUse directly ui file instead of glade files
2010-12-20  Julien LavergneReally apply previous changes
2010-12-20  Julien LavergneImprove build system (new flags, silent rules)
2010-08-07  Andrea Floriobump the version to be bigger than the 'old' version
2010-08-07  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Update pot file.
2010-08-07  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Merge branch 'master' into rewrite
2010-08-07  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Fix bugs of plugin support.
2010-08-06  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Eanble plugin support.
2010-08-06  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Rename lxappearance2 back to lxappearance.
2010-08-03  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Finish theme installation support.
2010-07-28  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Bump version number.
2010-07-25  Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)Rewrite of LXAppearance.