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53c95396 1# French translation for lxappearance package.
2# Copyright (C) 2010 The LXDE Project
3# This file is distributed under the same license as the lxappearance package.
4# Julien Lavergne <>, 2010.
6msgid ""
7msgstr ""
8"Project-Id-Version: lxappearance\n"
9"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
d847e3cc 10"POT-Creation-Date: 2010-10-29 16:12+0200\n"
e7ae895f 11"PO-Revision-Date: 2010-10-16 15:48+0200\n"
c5f36180 12"Last-Translator: Cilyan <>\n"
53c95396 13"Language-Team: French\n"
c5f36180 14"Language: fr\n"
53c95396 15"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
16"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
17"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
18"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n > 1);\n"
c5f36180 19"X-Generator: Pootle 2.0.5\n"
53c95396 20
21#: ../data/ ../data/ui/
22msgid "Customize Look and Feel"
561f5153 23msgstr "Personnaliser l'apparence"
53c95396 24
25#: ../data/
26msgid "Customizes look and feel of your desktop and applications"
561f5153 27msgstr "Personnaliser l'apparence du bureau et des applications"
53c95396 28
29#: ../data/ui/
30msgid "Copyright (C) 2010 LXDE Project"
561f5153 31msgstr "Copyright (C) 2010 LXDE Project"
53c95396 32
33#: ../data/ui/
34msgid "Customizes look and feel of your desktop"
561f5153 35msgstr "Personnaliser l'apparence du bureau"
53c95396 36
37#. Please replace this line with your own names, one name per line.
38#: ../data/ui/
39msgid "translator-credits"
40msgstr ""
41"GoKhlaYeh <>\n"
42"Cilyan Olowen <>"
53c95396 43
44#: ../data/ui/
45msgid "<b>GUI Options</b>"
561f5153 46msgstr "<b>Options de l'interface graphique</b>"
53c95396 47
48#: ../data/ui/
49msgid ""
50"<b>Note:</b> Not all of the desktop applications support changing cursor "
51"theme on-the-fly. So your changes here might not be fully applied to all "
52"applications till next login."
53msgstr ""
54"<b>Note :</b> Toutes les applications ne supportent pas le changement de "
55"thème de curseur à la volée. Vos changements pourraient ne pas être "
56"entièrement appliqués avant la prochaine connexion."
53c95396 57
58#: ../data/ui/
59msgid "<b>Sound Effect</b>"
60msgstr "<b>Effets sonores</b>"
62#: ../data/ui/
63msgid "Background"
561f5153 64msgstr "Arrière-plan"
53c95396 65
66#: ../data/ui/
67msgid "Bigger"
561f5153 68msgstr "Plus gros"
53c95396 69
70#: ../data/ui/
71msgid "Check Button"
561f5153 72msgstr "Case à cocher"
53c95396 73
74#: ../data/ui/
75msgid "Color"
76msgstr "Couleur"
78#: ../data/ui/
79msgid "Color scheme is not supported by currently selected widget theme."
80msgstr ""
81"La sélection des couleurs n'est pas supportée par le thème sélectionné."
53c95396 82
83#: ../data/ui/
84msgid "Default font:"
c5f36180 85msgstr "Police par défaut :"
53c95396 86
87#: ../data/ui/
88msgid "Demo"
561f5153 89msgstr "Démonstration"
53c95396 90
91#: ../data/ui/
92msgid "Foreground"
c5f36180 93msgstr "Premier plan"
53c95396 94
95#: ../data/ui/
96msgid "Icon Theme"
561f5153 97msgstr "Thème d'icônes"
53c95396 98
99#: ../data/ui/
100msgid "Icons only"
561f5153 101msgstr "Icônes seulement"
53c95396 102
103#: ../data/ui/
104msgid "Install"
105msgstr "Installer"
107#: ../data/ui/
108msgid "Large toolbar icon"
c5f36180 109msgstr "Grandes icônes"
53c95396 110
111#: ../data/ui/
112msgid "Mouse Cursor"
561f5153 113msgstr "Curseur de la souris"
53c95396 114
115#: ../data/ui/
116msgid "Normal windows:"
c5f36180 117msgstr "Fenêtres normales :"
53c95396 118
119#: ../data/ui/
120msgid "Other"
121msgstr "Autres"
123#: ../data/ui/
124msgid "Page1"
561f5153 125msgstr "Page1"
53c95396 126
127#: ../data/ui/
128msgid "Page2"
561f5153 129msgstr "Page2"
53c95396 130
131#: ../data/ui/
132msgid "Play event sounds"
c5f36180 133msgstr "Activer les notifications sonores"
53c95396 134
135#: ../data/ui/
561f5153 136msgid "Play event sounds as feedback to user input"
c5f36180 137msgstr "Notifications sonores en réponse aux entrées de l'utilisateur"
53c95396 138
139#: ../data/ui/
140msgid "Preview of the selected cursor theme"
141msgstr "Prévisualisation du thème de curseur sélectionné"
53c95396 142
143#: ../data/ui/
144msgid "Preview of the selected icon theme"
145msgstr "Prévisualisation du thème d'icônes sélectionné"
53c95396 146
147#: ../data/ui/
561f5153 148msgid "Preview of the selected widget style"
c5f36180 149msgstr "Aperçu du thème d'interface séléctionné"
53c95396 150
151#: ../data/ui/
152msgid "Radio Button"
153msgstr "Bouton radio"
155#: ../data/ui/
53c95396 156msgid "Remove"
157msgstr "Enlever"
561f5153 159#: ../data/ui/
53c95396 160msgid "Same as buttons"
c5f36180 161msgstr "Comme les boutons"
53c95396 162
561f5153 163#: ../data/ui/
53c95396 164msgid "Same as dialogs"
c5f36180 165msgstr "Comme les boîtes de dialogue"
53c95396 166
561f5153 167#: ../data/ui/
53c95396 168msgid "Same as drag icons"
c5f36180 169msgstr "Comme les icônes de glisser-déposer"
53c95396 170
561f5153 171#: ../data/ui/
53c95396 172msgid "Same as menu items"
c5f36180 173msgstr "Comme les entrées de menu"
53c95396 174
561f5153 175#: ../data/ui/
53c95396 176msgid "Selected items:"
e7ae895f 177msgstr "Éléments sélectionnés :"
53c95396 178
561f5153 179#: ../data/ui/
53c95396 180msgid "Show images in menus"
561f5153 181msgstr "Montrer les images dans les menus"
53c95396 182
561f5153 183#: ../data/ui/
53c95396 184msgid "Show images on buttons"
561f5153 185msgstr "Montrer les images dans les boutons"
53c95396 186
561f5153 187#: ../data/ui/
53c95396 188msgid "Size of cursors"
189msgstr "Taille des curseurs"
53c95396 191#: ../data/ui/
561f5153 192msgid "Small toolbar icon"
c5f36180 193msgstr "Petites icônes"
53c95396 194
195#: ../data/ui/
561f5153 196msgid "Smaller"
c5f36180 197msgstr "Plus petit"
53c95396 198
199#: ../data/ui/
200msgid "Text below icons"
201msgstr "Texte en-dessous des icônes"
53c95396 202
203#: ../data/ui/
204msgid "Text beside icons"
205msgstr "Texte au-dessus des icônes"
53c95396 206
207#: ../data/ui/
208msgid "Text only"
209msgstr "Texte seulement"
53c95396 210
211#: ../data/ui/
561f5153 212msgid "Text windows:"
e7ae895f 213msgstr "Fenêtres de texte :"
53c95396 214
215#: ../data/ui/
561f5153 216msgid "Toolbar Icon Size:"
c5f36180 217msgstr "Taille des icônes de la barre d'outils :"
53c95396 218
219#: ../data/ui/
561f5153 220msgid "Toolbar Style:"
c5f36180 221msgstr "Style de la barre d'outils :"
53c95396 222
223#: ../data/ui/
561f5153 224msgid "Tooltips:"
c5f36180 225msgstr "Bulles d'aide :"
53c95396 226
227#: ../data/ui/
561f5153 228msgid "Use customized color scheme"
c5f36180 229msgstr "Personnaliser le thème de couleurs"
53c95396 230
231#: ../data/ui/
561f5153 232msgid "Widget"
c5f36180 233msgstr "Interface"
53c95396 234
235#: ../data/ui/
561f5153 236msgid "Window Border"
c5f36180 237msgstr "Bordures des fenêtres"
53c95396 238
239#: ../data/ui/
561f5153 240msgid "_Edit"
c5f36180 241msgstr "_Édition"
53c95396 242
243#: ../data/ui/
561f5153 244msgid "_File"
c5f36180 245msgstr "_Fichier"
53c95396 246
247#: ../data/ui/
561f5153 248msgid "_Help"
c5f36180 249msgstr "_Aide"
53c95396 250
251#: ../data/ui/
252msgid "button"
253msgstr "bouton"
53c95396 254
255#: ../src/utils.c:212
256msgid "Select an icon theme"
561f5153 257msgstr "Sélectionnez un thème d'icônes"
53c95396 258
259#: ../src/utils.c:219
260msgid "*.tar.gz, *.tar.bz2 (Icon Theme)"
561f5153 261msgstr "*.tar.gz, *.tar.bz2 (thème d'icônes)"