descriptionA collection of applications to manage settings on LXDE GTK
last changeFri, 30 Jul 2010 15:59:36 +0000 (17:59 +0200)
2010-07-30  Julien Lavergneopenbox-keyconf: use tempory file to write config,... master
2010-07-24  Julien Lavergnedebian: use proper Replaces/Breaks for lxadmin-common...
2010-07-23  Julien Lavergnedebian: depends on lxadmin-common instead of lxadmin.
2010-07-05  Julien Lavergnelxcc: Use the common function to get the "search softwa...
2010-07-05  Julien Lavergnecommon: Add a common function to retrieve the "search...
2010-07-05  Julien Lavergnelxcc: Fix lxfontconfig call
2010-07-05  Julien Lavergnepo: Updated Ukrainian po file, thanks Yarema aka Knedlyk
2010-07-05  Julien LavergneCopy to, to fix ./
2010-06-29  Julien LavergneAdd in the common module to register it...
2010-06-27  Julien Lavergnedebian: Rename lxadmin to lxadmin-common to keep lxadmi...
2010-06-27  Julien LavergneAdd Ukrainian translations, thanks Yarema aka Knedlyk
2010-06-20  Julien LavergneClean desktop files
2010-06-20  Julien Lavergnedebian: Really swith to 3.0 native source mode
2010-06-20  Julien Lavergnedebian: launch before configure
2010-06-20  Julien Lavergnedebian: Fix installation of lxkeyboardconf.desktop
2010-06-20  Julien Lavergnedebian: typo in debian/control
9 years ago master