2010-06-19  Julien LavergneAdd a detect_os module to detect configuration files...
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneConvert lxdmconf to gettext
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneAdd a lxadmin package to host common files.
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneAdd shortcut for git-buildpackage
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneDon't include pot file, cleaned by make clean
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneUpdate pot
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneUpdate location of common py files
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneAdd missing files in build system
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneAdd also src/common/Makefile
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneAdd mkinstalldirs to gitignore
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneAdd also the m4 file in configure.ac
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneAdd some m4 macros
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneAdd defs.py to generate directory locations
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneAdd lxproxy to debian, but it's still not complete
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneInitial debian package
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneDon't remove .py on clean
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneUpdate desktop files.
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneAdd missing glade catalogs.
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneAdd gettext support and add a pot file
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneAdd xml-purge to .gitignore
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneUse more LXDE names.
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneRemove .py extension on installation.
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneFix instalation for lxproxy
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneMore autotools fixes, make it compile
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneFix Makefile generation
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneComplete Makefile.am
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneAdd missing Makefile
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneClean tree and add .gitignore
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneAdd python support in autotools
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneClean up autotools.
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneAdd lxproxy from Leszek Lesner
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneAdd services from Sidux rev 783
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneAdd screenshot from Sidux rev 783
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneAdd openbox-keyconf from Sidux rev 783
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneAdd lxcc from Sidux rev 783
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneAdd keyboard-setup from Sidux rev 783
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneAdd fontconfig.py from Sidux rev 783
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneAdd lxdmconf from Sidux, rev 783
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneInitial commit