openbox-keyconf: use tempory file to write config, and move it when it's ready
[lxde/lxadmin.git] / po /
2010-07-05  Julien Lavergnepo: Updated Ukrainian po file, thanks Yarema aka Knedlyk
2010-06-27  Julien LavergneAdd Ukrainian translations, thanks Yarema aka Knedlyk
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneAdd a it.po with old locale
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneAdd po/ru.po with old locale
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneAdd a de.po with old locale file
2010-06-19  Julien Lavergnepo/fr : Update
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneAdd gettext support for lxproxy
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneAdd fr translation for testing and TRANSLATION notes
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneDon't include pot file, cleaned by make clean
2010-06-19  Julien LavergneUpdate pot
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneUpdate desktop files.
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneAdd gettext support and add a pot file
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneMore autotools fixes, make it compile
2010-06-18  Julien LavergneInitial commit