2018-02-11  Palo Kisafixup...correct context object for disconnection master
2018-02-11  Palo Kisafixup...only one watcher object & invalidate key
2018-02-11  Palo Kisaxdgiconloader: Add GTK cache revalidation
2018-01-15  Palo Kisaxdgiconloader: Cache ScalableFollowsColorEntry properly
2018-01-12  Luís PereiraPrevent a possible container detach
2018-01-12  Tsu JanFixed a typo in searching gtk icon cache
2018-01-12  Luís PereiraNormalize signal/slot signatures
2018-01-06  Tsu JanFix symbolic SVG icons with Qt5.10
2017-12-22  Luís PereiraDon't allow Q_FOREACH to be used
2017-12-14  Palo Kisaxdgdesktopfile: Fix typo made in 24c9845
2017-10-21  Alf GaidaRelease 3.1.0: Update changelog 3.1.0
2017-10-16  tsujanMerge pull request #143 from lxde/bump-version-3.1.0
2017-10-15  Alf GaidaBump version to 3.1.0
2017-10-15  Palo Kisaxdgdesktopfile: Add API for getting actions info
2017-10-15  Palo Kisaxdgdesktopfile: Add support for activating actions
2017-10-15  Palo Kisaxdgdesktopfile: Add getting actions
2017-10-03  i.Dark_TemplarCheck $XDG_CONFIG_HOME and $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS for mimeapp...
2017-10-03  i.Dark_TemplarFix reading and writing mimeapps.list file.
2017-09-24  Alf GaidaDon't export github templates
2017-09-22  Alf GaidaRelease 3.0.0: Update changelog 3.0.0
2017-09-16  Luís PereiraBackport support for Scale directory key according...
2017-07-28  Alf GaidaBump Major to 3
2017-07-27  Luís Pereiratest: Drop Q_FOREACH
2017-07-27  Luís PereiraDrop Q_FOREACH
2017-07-09  Alf Gaidaliblxqt make no sense here
2017-07-09  Alf GaidaCopied issue template
2017-07-05  Luís PereiraDrops Qt5Core_VERSION_STRING
2017-06-14  Luís PereiraAvoid Qt special keywords collision
2017-05-17  Luís PereiraXdgDesktopFile: Stops allocating unneeded QMap::keys()
2017-05-17  Luís PereiraXdgDesktopFile: Stop allocating unneeded QHash:values()
2017-05-16  Luís PereiraXdgDesktopFile: Improve const-ness
2017-05-04  Luís Pereiraxdgiconloader: Reworks the unthemed/pixmap search
2017-05-04  Luís Pereiraxdgiconloader: Puts the hicolor at the end of the theme...
2017-05-01  Palo KisaXdgIcon: Add flag for "FollowsColorScheme" processing
2017-05-01  Palo Kisaxdgiconloader: Honor "FolowsColorScheme" theme hint
2017-05-01  Tsu Janxdgiconloader: Support symbolic SVG icons
2017-04-29  Luís PereiraMore fixes (#131)
2017-04-29  tsujanxdgiconloader: Correct hierarchy of fallbacks (#116)
2017-04-28  palinekxdgiconloader: Fix XdgIconLoaderEngine::actualSize...
2017-04-11  Alf GaidaUpdate CMakeLists.txt
2017-04-07  Luís PereiraIt adds loadIcon() timing measurements.
2017-04-04  Palo Kisaxdgiconloader: Consider all existing files/images
2017-03-16  Luís PereiraCheck QTXDGX_ICONENGINEPLUGIN_INSTALL_PATH existence
2017-03-16  Luís PereiraMark QTXDGX_ICONENGINEPLUGIN_INSTALL_PATH as advanced
2017-03-16  Palo Kisaxdgiconloader: Implement QIconEnginePlugin interface
2017-03-08  Luís PereiraDisables uninstall target
2017-03-06  Luís PereiraRemove last uses of Java-style (non-mutable) iterators...
2017-02-24  Luís PereiraAdds a development qtxdg-iconfinder utility tool
2017-01-18  Luís PereiraEnable strict iterators for debug builds
2017-01-10  Luís PereiraRemoves extra semi-colons
2017-01-10  Luís PereiraImprove build warnings
2017-01-04  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'xdgiconloader-maint'
2017-01-02  Alf GaidaBump year
2016-12-26  Luís PereiraQtGui: eradicate Q_FOREACH loops [already const]
2016-12-26  Luís PereiraOptimize QIconLoader::findIconHelper()
2016-12-26  Luís PereiraMerge pull request #113 from lxde/xdgiconloader-maint
2016-12-21  Luís PereiraRemove unused variable in QIconLoader::findIconHelper()
2016-12-21  Luís PereiraImprove use of QHash to minimize double hashing
2016-12-21  Luís PereiraQIconLoaderEngine: add missing Q_DECL_OVERRIDEs
2016-12-21  Luís PereiraReplace QLatin1Literal with QLatin1String
2016-12-21  Luís PereiraQIconCacheGtkReader: use QStringRef more
2016-12-21  Luís PereiraGui: use const (and const APIs) more
2016-12-19  Luís PereiraAdds Link Time Optimization
2016-11-09  Luís PereiraReplaces CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR by PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR
2016-11-03  Luís PereiraRefactors superbuild support
2016-11-03  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'cmake-maint'
2016-11-01  Luís PereiraRemove duplicate use of source header files
2016-11-01  Luís PereiraUse AUTOMOC everywhere
2016-11-01  Luís PereiraStop using include_directories()
2016-11-01  Luís PereiraRemoves test project definition
2016-11-01  Luís PereiraUse CMAKE_INCLUDE_CURRENT_DIR
2016-10-29  Luís PereiraAdds PROJECT_NAME to the build Qt version message
2016-10-29  Luís PereiraSimplify target_compile_definitions() and target_includ...
2016-10-29  Palo Kisaqiconloader: Reuse Qt implementation
2016-10-17  Luís PereiraXdgIconLoader: Fix FTBFS in super-build/in-tree builds
2016-10-04  Jesper Schmitz... Allow xdg-user-dirs in the realpath of $HOME.
2016-10-04  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'required-versions'
2016-10-04  Luís PereiraUpdates version requirements in pkg-config (.pc) stuff
2016-10-04  Luís PereiraMake Qt5Xdg use only the same version Qt5XdgIconLoader
2016-10-04  Luís PereiraAdds minimum Qt version requirement (5.4.2)
2016-10-04  Luís Pereiratest: Fixes false positive in tst_xdgdesktopfile::testR...
2016-09-30  Alf GaidaRemove cpack (#106)
2016-09-17  Alf GaidaRelease 2.0.0: Add changelog 2.0.0
2016-09-08  Alf GaidaBump version to 2.0.0
2016-09-07  Peter MatternExtend README.md
2016-08-18  Luís PereiraUpdates dependencies
2016-08-05  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'backport'
2016-08-05  Luís PereiraFixes QIcon::hasThemeIcon() behavior with our Icon...
2016-08-02  Luís PereiraAdds Qt5Svg explicitly to the required packages
2016-07-29  Luís PereiraQIconLoader: Use the GTK+ icon caches
2016-07-29  Luís PereiraQIcon: add a hook in the engine so a non null QIconEngi...
2016-07-13  Luís PereiraQIconLoader: don't make QIconDirInfo::type a bit-field
2016-07-13  Luís PereiraDo not support static QIcon instances
2016-07-13  Luís PereiraRespect manual set icon themes.
2016-07-13  Luís PereiraRemove <qhash.h> where it's not used
2016-07-13  Luís PereiraMake it more obvious that Q_WS_ is dead code, and shoul...
2016-06-26  Luís PereiraXdgDesktopFileData: Explicitly initialize members ...
2016-06-24  Palo Kisabuild: Create separate Qt5XdgIconLoader target
2016-06-17  Luís PereiraXdgDesktopFile: Adds tests
2016-06-16  Luís Pereiraxdgdesktopfile: Removes an not needed debug info