2015-01-19  Hong Jen Yee... Workaround Qt 5.4 issue: Re-add a config file to the... fix-file-watcher
2015-01-18  Mika KobayashiUpdate Japanese translation.
2015-01-17  Luís Pereirai18n/i10n: Updates documentation and behavior
2015-01-15  Alf Gaidaremove lxqtleave from liblxqt
2015-01-13  Ivailo Monevlxqt_translate_desktop: pass -h instead of --no-filenam...
2015-01-12  Sérgio MarquesAdd Portuguese for actions .desktop files
2015-01-12  Ludger Krämeradd executable to handle leave actions
2015-01-11  Christian SurlykkeRevert 34232018eb. Fixes #430.
2015-01-10  Mika KobayashiUpdate Japanese translation.
2015-01-08  Luís Pereiralxqt_translate_desktop: Updates code to cope with the...
2015-01-05  JoernSchoenyangerman translation
2014-12-28  Christian SurlykkeMerge branch 'master' of git.lxde.org:/lxde/liblxqt
2014-12-28  Christian SurlykkeFix ConsoleKit powerprovicer to handle everything but...
2014-12-19  Helio Chissini... - Use simple approach to data dir. Current setup of...
2014-12-09  Michael Vetterremove not needed whitespaces
2014-11-24  Luís PereiraAdds StartOptions to the SingleApplication class
2014-11-21  Luís PereiraAdds the LxQt::SingleApplication class.
2014-11-07  Luís PereiraCMakeLists.txt maintenaince
2014-11-06  Luís PereiraFixes yet another translations install dir mistake
2014-11-05  Jerome LeclancheGet rid of USE_QT5 in lxqt-config.cmake
2014-11-05  Luís PereiraFixes translations install dir
2014-11-04  Luís PereiraUse the new LXQtTranslate modules.
2014-11-04  Luís PereiraFixes Qt5LinguistToolsMacros file extension bug
2014-11-04  Luís PereiraCopied Qt5LinguistToolsMacros.cmake
2014-11-04  Luís PereiraRemoves cmake commented code
2014-11-04  Luís PereiraRemoves duplicates add_definitions()
2014-11-04  Luís PereiraRemoves lxqt_translate_desktop() from the _use.cnake
2014-11-04  Luís PereiraAdds Qt5TranslationLoader cmake module
2014-11-03  Paulo LieuthierFix HtmlDelegate and move it to its own file. Also...
2014-10-31  Paulo LieuthierDelete XfitMan class. Fixes lxde/lxde-qt#226
2014-10-28  Luís PereiraDon't update (extract) translations by default.
2014-10-28  Luís PereiraIncludes all LXQt translation modules
2014-10-28  Luís PereiraAdds automatic translations loaders for LXQt libs and...
2014-10-28  Luís PereiraAdds LXQtTranslateDesktop module
2014-10-27  Luís PereiraAdds the LXQtranslateTs cmake module
2014-10-18  Ilya87Update Russian translation
2014-10-18  Jerome LeclancheDrop support for Qt4 in code
2014-10-16  Jerome LeclancheClean up CMakeLists.txt and drop Qt 4 support
2014-10-14  Luís PereiraAdd myself to the authors list
2014-10-14  Luís PereiraUse QString default constructor instead of ""
2014-10-13  Jerome LeclancheRelease v0.8.0 0.8.0
2014-10-10  Luís PereiraAdds a translation loader for plugins
2014-10-10  Luís PereiraAdds Qt5 automatic load of self translations
2014-10-09  Luís PereiraUpdates translations installation and search paths
2014-10-07  Luís PereiraMark translations as loaded for the English locale
2014-10-07  Luís PereiraUpdates translations
2014-10-07  Luís PereiraGenerate source.ts when updating translations
2014-10-07  Luís PereiraDon't translate uic generated files
2014-10-03  Luís PereiraFixes another QTranslator related memory leak
2014-10-03  Luís PereiraSimplify translate() code
2014-10-03  Luís PereiraFixes an memory leak that occurs when no translation...
2014-10-03  Paulo LieuthierFixes lxde/lxde-qt#140 and lxde/lxqt-panel#54
2014-10-01  Luís PereiraStop creating unused QTranslator instances.
2014-09-29  Kuzma ShapranFix top-to-bottom layout x-coord calculation
2014-09-08  Hong Jen Yee... Fix broken *.ts files and update to the latest strings.
2014-09-08  Hong Jen Yee... Replace LXDE-Qt with LXQt.
2014-09-08  Hong Jen Yee... Add -locations absolute option to lupdate so our *...
2014-09-08  Hong Jen Yee... Fix incorrect namespace in the *.ts files.
2014-09-08  Hong Jen Yee... Add code to update the *.ts files when the UPDATE_TRANS...
2014-09-08  Hong Jen Yee... Fix context names which uses C++ namespaces in all...
2014-07-10  Paulo LieuthierAdd support for getting the hints' flags of a window
2014-07-10  Paulo LieuthierSkip leave confirmation dialogs depending on session...
2014-06-21  Alf Gaidaremove magic from cmake. USE_QT5 should be the only...
2014-06-01  kinabcdUse the "new" CMake FIND_PACKAGE case policy
2014-05-31  Luís PereiraAdd include(${QTXDG_USE_FILE}) to Qt5 also.
2014-05-31  Luís PereiraUse the "new" CMake FIND_PACKAGE case policy
2014-05-31  Luís PereiraAdds missing libqtxdg dependency
2014-05-31  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'qt5'
2014-05-30  Luís PereiraDon't allow #include <lxqt-qt5/lxqtxxxxx.h> qt5
2014-05-30  Luís PereiraUpdates the Qt4 and Qt5 library names and related stuff
2014-05-30  Luís PereiraUse the same header namespace everywhere
2014-05-29  Luís PereiraDon't use undefined variables
2014-05-29  Luís PereiraFind liblxqt dependencies automatically
2014-05-29  Luís PereiraRemoves another duplicated installation of a file
2014-05-29  Luís PereiraRemoves duplicate installation of a file
2014-05-29  Luís PereiraFixes extra misleading slashes in path names
2014-05-29  Luís PereiraCleans commented unneeded stuff
2014-05-29  Luís PereiraFix a typo in variable name
2014-05-29  strebskiUpdate liblxqt_pl_PL.ts
2014-05-24  Hong Jen Yee... Fix broken build of qt4 version
2014-05-24  Hong Jen Yee... Use more portable Qt and qtxdg header names
2014-05-24  Hong Jen Yee... Use newer version of cmake 2.8.9
2014-05-24  Hong Jen Yee... Detect the path of qmake correctly for Qt5.
2014-05-24  Julien LavergneFix internal include
2014-05-24  Julien LavergneFix after merging from master, by removing dupplicated...
2014-05-24  Julien LavergneMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/lxde/liblxq...
2014-05-24  Julien LavergneUpdate qt5 porting
2014-05-15  vedatUpdate Turkish tranlations
2014-05-08  Hong Jen Yee... Set include dirs properly.
2014-05-08  Hong Jen Yee... Install pkgconfig file to /usr/local/libdata/pkgconfig...
2014-05-08  Hong Jen Yee... Set link directories properly
2014-05-07  Jerome LeclancheRelease 0.7.0 0.7.0
2014-05-01  Jerome LeclancheRelease 0.6.99 (0.7.0pre alpha) 0.6.99
2014-04-29  Jerome LeclancheUpdate the About dialog information
2014-04-29  Jerome LeclancheUpdate AUTHORS and COPYING
2014-04-29  Hong Jen Yee... Add CPack rules for creating tarball
2014-04-20  Hong Jen Yee... Fix incorrect arguments passing to logind
2014-04-19  Hong Jen Yee... Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/SokoloffA...
2014-02-12  Veeti PaananenDon't append library suffix to library path and use...
2014-02-04  Luís PereiraCMakeLists.txt: Adds quotes to the lib string