2018-01-27  Luís PereiraMake lxqt globals a public header master
2018-01-27  Luís PereiraAdds Qt Strings abbreviations
2018-01-27  Palo Kisalxqtpower: Add support for turning monitor(s) off
2018-01-04  Luís PereiraUse qAsConst()
2017-12-23  Luís PereiraDrop foreach use
2017-12-08  Luís Pereiracmake: Handle CMP0071
2017-10-21  Alf GaidaRelease 0.12.0: Update changelog 0.12.0
2017-10-15  Alf GaidaBump minimum qtxdg version to 3.1.0
2017-09-24  Alf GaidaDon't export github templates
2017-07-30  Alf GaidaBump version and needed versions to the final values
2017-07-07  Palo Kisalxqtpower: Allow disabling of lxqt-session provider
2017-07-05  Luís PereiraDrops Qt5Core_VERSION_STRING
2017-06-15  Palo KisaHtmlDelegate: Fix sizeHint() computation
2017-06-14  Alf GaidaAdd some comments about the meaning of versions
2017-06-14  Alf GaidaMove LXQt version back to liblxqt
2017-04-22  Luís PereiraFixes (#118)
2017-03-31  Palo Kisalxqtapplication: Avoid wrong signal handling
2017-02-22  Luís PereiraRemoves unneeded semicolon in namespace definition
2017-02-22  Luís PereiraFix format conversions [-Wformat-pedantic] warnings
2017-02-22  Luís PereiraSuppress compiler warnings about unused function parameters
2017-02-22  Luís PereiraRemoves extra semicolons in Qt's Q macros
2017-02-13  Palo KisaTranslator: Prefer XDG_DATA_DIRS over compiled in path
2017-01-09  Luís PereiraMerge pull request #114 from lxde/use-const-variables
2017-01-05  Luís PereiraHelp the compiler optimizing loops
2017-01-05  Luís PereiraUse const variables where possible
2017-01-02  Alf GaidaUpdate AUTHORS
2017-01-01  Alf GaidaRelease 0.11.1: Update changelog 0.11.1
2017-01-01  Alf GaidaBump needed build tools version (#113)
2016-12-25  palinekbuild: Enable/disable WITH_XDG_DIRS_FALLBACK based...
2016-12-08  Luís PereiraUpdates lxqt-build-tools required version
2016-12-02  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'refactor-superbuild'
2016-11-30  Luís PereiraAdds a CMake minimum version requirement to the -config...
2016-11-30  Luís PereiraRefactors superbuild support
2016-11-30  Luís PereiraAdds PROJECT_NAME to the build with Qt version message
2016-11-30  Luís PereiraPack target_compile_definitions() and target_include_di...
2016-11-03  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'cmake-maint'
2016-10-27  Luís PereiraAdds PROJECT_NAME to the build with Qt version message
2016-10-27  Luís PereiraPack target_compile_definitions() and target_include_di...
2016-10-18  Luís PereiraUse the LXQtConfigVars module
2016-10-14  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'use-lxqt-build-tools'
2016-10-14  Luís PereiraMake liblxqt depend on lxqt-build-tools
2016-10-11  Luís PereiraUse the lxqt-build-tools LXQtCreatePortableHeaders
2016-10-06  Luís PereiraUse the new LXQt Build Tools package
2016-10-04  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'required-versions'
2016-10-03  Luís PereiraSets a minimum Qt5Xdg required version
2016-10-03  Luís PereiraAdds minimum Qt version requirement (5.4.2)
2016-09-30  Alf GaidaRemove cpack (#107)
2016-09-23  Alf GaidaRelease 0.11.0: Add changelog 0.11.0
2016-09-23  Alf GaidaBump version ot 0.11.0 (#105)
2016-09-19  Palo KisaSettings: Make use of reverse_iterator conditional
2016-09-19  Palo KisaApplication: Add <cerrno> include
2016-09-14  Palo KisaSettings: Add "homemade" XDG_CONFIG_DIRS support
2016-09-14  Palo KisaSettings: unify duplicated code
2016-09-07  Peter MatternAdd README.md
2016-08-12  Palo Kisatranslations: Change default translations repository
2016-08-04  Luís PereiraUpdate DBus Notify method annotation name
2016-08-03  Luís PereiraFix lupdate warning missing Q_OBJECT macro
2016-08-02  Luís PereiraReplaces deprecated QStyleOptionViewItemV4
2016-07-01  Luís PereiraDon't lock the screen when it's already locked.
2016-07-01  Luís Pereiralxqtscreensaver: Makes it a opaque pointer class
2016-06-27  Palo KisaGridLayout: Store current animation flag
2016-06-27  Palo Kisalxqtgridlayout: Move private class definition
2016-06-27  Palo KisaHtmlDelegate: Take layoutDirection into account
2016-06-27  Palo KisaGridLayout: Take layoutDirection into account
2016-06-26  palinekapplication: Correct signal handling & clean-up (#72)
2016-06-01  Luís Pereiralxqtpower: Removes unused stuff
2016-05-31  Luís PereiraSingleApplication: Only create an DBus adaptor when...
2016-05-25  Luís PereiraNotificationPrivate: Fixes programming typo
2016-05-20  Palo KisaDon't set icon theme name
2016-05-20  Palo Kisaconfigdialog: Update icons in ThemeChanged event
2016-05-19  Thomas Masperlxqtpower: Add suspend and hibernate to ConsoleKit2...
2016-05-17  Palo KisaLXQtTranslateTs.cmake: Enable PULL_TRANSLATIONS by...
2016-05-16  Palo KisaLXQtTranslateTs.cmake: Use/update template in remote...
2016-05-15  Palo Kisa.gitignore: Cleanup
2016-05-15  Palo Kisabuild: Use external translations
2016-05-14  Alf Gaidats-files removal (#90)
2016-05-12  Palo KisaGridLayout: Fix memory leak
2016-05-06  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'icon-theme-fallback'
2016-04-28  Luís Pereiratranslations: Fix external translations logic
2016-04-28  Palo Kisatranslations: Add external translations support
2016-04-28  Luís PereiraMerge branch 'improve-iterator-performance'
2016-04-27  Palo Kisaconfigdialog: Fix icon bar sizing
2016-04-25  tsujanconfigdialog: fix size of PageSelectWidget (#83)
2016-04-22  Luís PereiraUse const references with the foreach iterator
2016-04-22  Luís PereiraSettingsCache: Improve performance
2016-04-22  Luís PereiraPrint warning messages when using the fallback Icon...
2016-04-22  Luís PereiraUse LXQT_DATA_DIR for fallback icon theme search path
2016-04-22  Luís PereiraSets Oxygen as the only fallback icon theme
2016-04-20  Luís PereiraAdds CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to the LXQt Theme search...
2016-04-08  Luís PereiraLXQtCompilerSettings: Add QT_USE_QSTRINGBUILDER to...
2016-03-18  Luís PereiraMerge pull request #82 from lxde/translate-add-options
2016-03-07  Palo KisaSingleApplication: Use QCoreApplication::exit() instead...
2016-03-03  Alf Gaidabump year
2016-02-23  Luís PereiraTranslateDesktopTs: Adds UPDATE_OPTIONS options
2016-02-22  Luís PereiraTranslateDesktop: Remove lupdate absolute option
2016-02-12  Palo KisaTranslateDesktop: Use -a switch in grep commands
2016-02-02  Palo KisaLXQtTheme: Remove (outdated) "singleclick" qss assembly
2016-01-27  Palo Kisasettings: Upgrade emitting of "changed" signals
2015-12-18  Palo KisaSingleApplication: Call also QWidget::show on activate
2015-12-09  IgorUpdated Russian translation