2013-10-06  Alexander SokolovRazorAutostartEntry => LxQt::AutostartEntry
2013-10-06  Alexander SokolovRazorApplication => LxQt::Application
2013-10-06  Alexander SokolovProgramFinder=>LxQt::ProgramFinder
2013-10-06  Alexander SokolovRazorConfigDialog=>LxQt::ConfigDialog
2013-10-06  Alexander SokolovLibtranslate => LxQt::LibTranslate
2013-10-06  Alexander SokolovTranslatorsInfo => LxQt::TranslatorsInfo
2013-10-06  Alexander SokolovSmall code refactoring in the LxQt::Power
2013-10-06  Alexander SokolovAddPluginDialog => LxQt::AddPluginDialog
2013-10-06  Alexander SokolovRazorAboutDlg => LxQt::AboutDialog
2013-10-06  Alexander SokolovRazorPower => LxQt::Power
2013-10-06  Alexander SokolovBuild errors, wrong include paths.
2013-08-06  Alexander SokolovCmake find_package files
2013-08-06  Hone Jen Yee... Fix broken CMakeLists.txt and make the lib compile...
2013-08-06  Hone Jen Yee... Make liblxqt (original librazorqt) compiles independently.
2013-08-06  Hone Jen Yee... Add COPYING and AUTHORS files
2013-07-31  Alexander SokolovFix for Issue #571 [quicklaunch plugin]
2013-07-26  Luís PereiraRenames the "Add plugin" button to "Add Widget"
2013-07-26  Luís PereiraRemoves hardcoded "Add plugin" window title
2013-07-25  Luís Pereirarazorqt-desktop: Unify plugins and widgets names. Close...
2013-06-05  Kuzma ShapranMore verbose constants
2013-05-24  Kuzma ShapranType sign fixed
2013-05-23  Kuzma ShapranNo dependencies on STL
2013-05-22  Kuzma ShapranTypo fixed
2013-05-10  Kuzma ShapranIssue #605 fixed. Double rendering removed
2013-05-09  Kuzma ShapranTheme change autodetection
2013-04-28  Kuzma ShapranMouse event transparency is controllable in rotated...
2013-04-27  Kuzma ShapranOld files removed
2013-04-26  Kuzma ShapranRotated widget transits some mouse events
2013-04-26  Kuzma ShapranHelper functions added to Rotated widget
2013-04-26  Kuzma ShapranRotated widget requires content
2013-04-26  Kuzma ShapranRotated widget added
2013-04-21  Luís Pereiralibraries: Removes unneeded include(RazorLibSuffix)
2013-04-16  Alec MoskvinInitial version of Razor Screenlocker
2013-04-16  Alec MoskvinProgramFinder: a set of functions to check if programs...
2013-04-13  Petr Vanekissue #473: move count/active text into item header
2013-04-13  Petr Vanekinitial implementation for #473 Highlight installed...
2013-04-01  Christian SurlykkeMerge branch 'master' of github.com:Razor-qt/razor-qt
2013-04-01  Christian SurlykkeChange "leave"-button in razor-lightdm-greeter to a...
2013-03-31  Alec MoskvinFix typos
2013-03-24  Alexander SokolovAdd RazorGridLayout::setCellXXXWidth, RazorGridLayout...
2013-03-23  Alexander SokolovFix for Issues
2013-02-20  Alexander SokolovAdd moveItem method to RazorGridLayout
2013-02-08  Alexander SokolovMerge branch 'master' into new-panel-api
2013-02-03  Alexander SokolovClose Issue #541
2013-01-30  Alexander SokolovClose Issue #541
2013-01-28  Alexander SokolovRazorGridLayout handle new item incorrectlly
2013-01-21  Alexander SokolovMerge branch 'master' into new-panel-api
2013-01-11  Alec MoskvinFix translators' webpage links
2012-12-28  Alexander SokolovUpdate layout when plugin shows.
2012-12-28  Alexander SokolovMerge branch 'master' of github.com:Razor-qt/razor-qt
2012-12-27  Alexander SokolovImproved razorpanellayout and new razorgridlayout.
2012-12-26  Alec MoskvinAdd autostart entry API into the library
2012-12-25  Alec Moskvinxfitman: try to get window title even harder
2012-12-22  Alexander SokolovNew panel layout and many changes
2012-12-13  Alexander SokolovImprove icons handling.
2012-12-12  Alexander SokolovAdded missing license header in the technicalinfo
2012-12-03  Alec MoskvinMake it possible to load translations for multiple...
2012-12-01  Alec MoskvinAbout dialog: Reword authors tab
2012-11-15  Alexander SokolovAdded "Copy to clipboard" button to razor-about->techni...
2012-11-09  Alec MoskvinDon't "fail" when a dbus call returns no value
2012-11-06  Alexander SokolovTrtanslations
2012-10-26  Alexander SokolovConflicts resolved
2012-10-26  Alexander SokolovRazor-panel: New plugin API
2012-10-24  Alexander SokolovSimplify code in the PowerManager
2012-10-24  Alec MoskvinDo not display non-urgent notifications in fallback...
2012-10-20  Alec Moskvinrazor-power: add systemd support
2012-10-17  Alexander SokolovChange license for xfitman
2012-10-17  Alexander SokolovBSD does not handle the way with two consecutive slashes.
2012-10-16  Alexander SokolovTranslations updated
2012-10-16  Alexander SokolovTranslations updated
2012-10-16  Petr Vanekfirst part of fixes based on Coverity Scan (code static...
2012-10-14  Alec MoskvinFix components missing translations
2012-10-12  Alexander Sokolovrazor-about: Authors text changed
2012-10-12  Alexander SokolovTranslations
2012-10-11  Alec MoskvinDelete bad en_GB translations
2012-10-09  Alec MoskvinUpdate translations
2012-09-23  Alec MoskvinMinor fixes
2012-09-20  Alexander SokolovTranslations updated
2012-09-20  Alexander SokolovRemoved line num from TS files.
2012-09-20  Alexander SokolovTranslators info & refactoring of the About dialog
2012-09-19  Alec MoskvinReplace <p> tag with newlines since it's not valid...
2012-09-09  Alec MoskvinAdd a fallback provider for those without UPower/CK
2012-09-07  Alec MoskvinDon't write on every RazorSettings initialization
2012-09-06  Alexander SokolovTranslations
2012-09-05  Alexander SokolovFixed librazorqt.qm directory
2012-09-05  Alexander SokolovTranslations for librazorqt
2012-09-03  Petr Vanekfixed #412 Panel plugin configuration is broken
2012-08-31  Petr Vanekoptional debugging when there is RAZOR_DEBUG env.var...
2012-08-29  Petr Vanekfix for infinite event loop on panel start in power...
2012-08-28  Petr Vanekfixed #349 RazorSettings settingsChanged signal is...
2012-08-24  Petr Vanekrazor-desktop reworked to enable future features and...
2012-08-03  Manuel A. Fernandez... Update libraries/razorqt/screensaver.cpp
2012-07-23  Alexander SokolovSort plugins in the "Add plugin dialog"
2012-07-17  Alexander SokolovUpdated ts.src files
2012-07-04  Petr Vanekpart of #329: on-click on notification launces default...
2012-06-26  Petr Vanekextended "razor-about" implementation. Resolves #253
2012-06-20  Alec MoskvinAdd capabilities and server information functions
2012-06-13  Alec MoskvinImprove RazorNotification docs
2012-06-12  Alec MoskvinAdd Hints support
2012-06-08  pvaneknotifications: vrious fixes; more options (hardcoded...