RazorAutostartEntry => LxQt::AutostartEntry
[lxde/liblxqt.git] / addplugindialog /
2013-10-06  Alexander SokolovAddPluginDialog => LxQt::AddPluginDialog
2013-10-06  Alexander SokolovBuild errors, wrong include paths.
2013-07-26  Luís PereiraRenames the "Add plugin" button to "Add Widget"
2013-07-26  Luís PereiraRemoves hardcoded "Add plugin" window title
2013-07-25  Luís Pereirarazorqt-desktop: Unify plugins and widgets names. Close...
2013-04-13  Petr Vanekissue #473: move count/active text into item header
2013-04-13  Petr Vanekinitial implementation for #473 Highlight installed...
2012-07-23  Alexander SokolovSort plugins in the "Add plugin dialog"
2012-01-14  Alec MoskvinMerge branch 'master' of git://github.com/Razor-qt...
2012-01-13  Alexander SokolovEnv variables for plugins dirs
2012-01-12  Alexander SokolovRelicense razorqtlib
2012-01-09  Alexander SokolovFix gmail.ru -> gmail.com
2011-12-23  Alexander SokolovLicense audit
2011-12-22  Alexander SokolovLicense audit
2011-12-05  Alexander SokolovXdgDesktopFile is implicitly shared
2011-12-04  pvanekhuge refactoring of the libraries build organization