RazorAutostartEntry => LxQt::AutostartEntry
[lxde/liblxqt.git] / CMakeLists.txt
2013-10-06  Alexander SokolovRazorAutostartEntry => LxQt::AutostartEntry
2013-10-06  Alexander SokolovRazorApplication => LxQt::Application
2013-10-06  Alexander SokolovRazorConfigDialog=>LxQt::ConfigDialog
2013-10-06  Alexander SokolovRazorAboutDlg => LxQt::AboutDialog
2013-10-06  Alexander SokolovRazorPower => LxQt::Power
2013-08-06  Alexander SokolovCmake find_package files
2013-08-06  Hone Jen Yee (PCMan)Make liblxqt (original librazorqt) compiles independently.
2013-04-27  Kuzma ShapranOld files removed
2013-04-26  Kuzma ShapranRotated widget added
2013-04-21  Luís Pereiralibraries: Removes unneeded include(RazorLibSuffix)
2013-04-16  Alec MoskvinProgramFinder: a set of functions to check if programs...
2013-02-08  Alexander SokolovMerge branch 'master' into new-panel-api
2013-01-21  Alexander SokolovMerge branch 'master' into new-panel-api
2012-12-28  Alexander SokolovMerge branch 'master' of github.com:Razor-qt/razor-qt
2012-12-27  Alexander SokolovImproved razorpanellayout and new razorgridlayout.
2012-12-26  Alec MoskvinAdd autostart entry API into the library
2012-11-15  Alexander SokolovAdded "Copy to clipboard" button to razor-about->techni...
2012-10-14  Alec MoskvinFix components missing translations
2012-09-20  Alexander SokolovTranslators info & refactoring of the About dialog
2012-09-05  Alexander SokolovFixed librazorqt.qm directory
2012-09-05  Alexander SokolovTranslations for librazorqt
2012-06-06  Alec MoskvinImplement new RazorNotification class
2012-06-06  Alec MoskvinRemove RazorNotification classes (no license/copyright)
2012-05-06  pvanekfixed #277 cmake installs private class
2012-04-05  pvanekMerge pull request #259 from w0land/master
2012-03-30  Bartek TaczalaMerge branch 'master' of git://github.com/Razor-qt...
2012-03-27  Bartek TaczalaRemove custom settings, use razor ones
2012-03-26  Bartosz TaczalaMoving notification client library to razorqt
2012-03-07  Alexander SokolovRevert "Global shortcuts now based on PSI code."
2012-03-06  Alexander SokolovGlobal shortcuts now based on PSI code
2012-02-18  stuarchMerge https://github.com/Razor-qt/razor-qt
2012-02-15  pvanekRazorApplication class implemented; all modules ported...
2012-01-17  pvanekMerge pull request #175 from amoskvin/screen-lock
2012-01-14  Alec MoskvinMerge branch 'master' of git://github.com/Razor-qt...
2012-01-12  Alec MoskvinCreate a "standardized" configuration dialog
2012-01-12  Alexander SokolovXdgAutoStart rewriten (lgpl2+)
2012-01-01  pvanekMerge pull request #145 from amoskvin/autostart
2011-12-31  pvanekmenus are adopted to the new backends; old code removed...
2011-12-30  Alexander SokolovNew power engine & razor-power program
2011-12-23  pvanekMerge pull request #124 from librehat/master
2011-12-23  pvanekimplemented #70: pkg-config for libs
2011-12-22  pvanekMerge pull request #103 from helix84/master
2011-12-21  Anssi Hannularazorqt: add find_package(X11) as ${X11_X11_LIB} is...
2011-12-12  pvanekMerge branch 'master' of github.com:Razor-qt/razor-qt
2011-12-12  Alexander SokolovMerge branch 'master' of github.com:Razor-qt/razor-qt
2011-12-12  Alexander SokolovNew doxygen ifrastructure
2011-12-06  Alexander Sokolovmissing translations in CMakeLists
2011-12-05  Alexander SokolovXdgDesktopFile is implicitly shared
2011-12-04  pvanekhuge refactoring of the libraries build organization