2012-11-25  Julien LavergneAdd a debian directory master
2012-11-25  Julien LavergneAdd missing file in po/POTFILES.in
2012-11-11  Hong Jen Yee... Add author information.
2012-11-11  Hong Jen Yee... Trivial fixes.
2012-11-11  Hong Jen Yee... Add a port of the gdm Dusty theme.
2012-11-11  Hong Jen Yee... Add zh_TW locale.
2012-11-11  Hong Jen Yee... Rename greeter the ui file and gtkrc file to make them...
2012-11-11  Hong Jen Yee... Correctly set required version of lightdm in configure.ac.
2011-08-25  Andrea Floriofixed no return in non void function
2011-08-25  Andrea Florioadded copying file
2011-08-22  Andrea Floriofix lightdm.h location
2011-08-18  Hong Jen Yee... Little fix and update theme.
2011-08-18  Hong Jen Yee... Migrate to LightDM 0.9 API and rename to lightdm-gtk...
2011-08-03  Robert AncellUpdate to lightdm 0.3.5 API
2011-08-03  Robert AncellUse user defaults for language and session, fix some...
2010-10-28  Hong Jen Yee... Handle language selection.
2010-08-30  Hong Jen Yee... Fix problems in theme greeter.ui file.
2010-08-30  Robert AncellUse libldmgreeter version 0 and get themedir from lightdm
2010-08-28  Hong Jen Yee... Initial checkin.