Releasing debian version 1.2.5-3.
[debian/pcmanfm.git] / NEWS
1Changes on 1.2.5 since 1.2.4:
3* Removed options to Cut, Remove and Rename from context menu on mounted
4 drive on the desktop, user might accidentally recursively remove its
5 contents.
7* Removed 'Open in terminal' from context menu on folder on the desktop
8 that cannot be opened in terminal.
10* Fixed invalid unref on CSS provider (GTK+ 3.0).
12* Fixed unwanted unselection of items when right-clicked the desktop.
14* Fixed endless loop in desktop items placement in some corner cases.
16* Fixed spelling error in the manual page.
19Changes on 1.2.4 since 1.2.3:
21* Workarounded a bug in gtk_file_chooser_set_file() function (patch from
22 Simon Long).
24* Fixed single instance options cleanup that might affect next call.
26* Fixed wrong update of status text after folder update when there are
27 selected files in the folder.
29* Disabled using desktop background from the GTK+ style since there is
30 own color setting and changing the style may repaint the desktop.
32* Enforced desktop font update on the desktop resize with GTK+ 3.0.
34* Fixed items layout order to never be tried before desktop is realized.
36* Fixed item borders calculations when matching to pointer position.
38* Fixed forwarding events to root window, it could get unpaired events.
40* Fixed crash on too fast folder change with focus_previous=1.
42* Fixed stuck tooltip after click on the item.
44* Improved option to open folder in terminal, it should work with gvfs
45 paths that have resolvable local path as well.
47* Fixed incorrect file names rendering position on the desktop.
49* Fixed not working Connect to Server... dialog when non-anonymous user
50 is selected.
52* Fixed possible memory corruption in the Connect to Server... dialog.
54* Support explicit mention of scheme in the Server line of the Connect to
55 Server... dialog, not duplicate it if it's present. That includes the
56 https:// to fix support for secure WebDAV access as well.
59Changes on 1.2.3 since 1.2.2:
61* Disabled unrequested config save on changing dir if show_hidden changes.
63* Replaced deprecated atk_component_get_position() calls.
65* Fixed invalid callback get_image_position() on ATK icon, it could loop
66 and therefore hang the application.
68* Increased delay on restoring scroller position from 20 to 50 ms.
71Changes on 1.2.2 since 1.2.1:
73* Fixed Ctrl+- and Ctrl+= key combinations for zooming.
75* Fixed compilation with libfm 1.1.x.
77* Disabled showing items on desktop that are being dragged, they should
78 be at the mouse cursor, visually dragged instead.
80* Fixed setting of custom settings on wrong folders which were set on
81 directory change where show hidden flag was different.
84Changes on 1.2.1 since 1.2.0:
86* Fixed update desktop config from old settings.
88* Fixed 'Edit'->'Rename' menu item, it should be inactive if rename isn't
89 supported.
91* Fixed install and uninstall for modules directory.
93* Port number shouldn't be added in Connect to Server dialog if port is
94 default one.
96* Got rid of possible memory exhausting after changing wallpaper.
98* Fixed icons positioning when upper reserved area is not 0.
100* Fixed resetting cursor in location bar to beginning after navigation.
102* Corrected folder popup update on folder loading so context menu is now
103 correct for the folder shown.
105* Fixed dragging and dropping icons behavior on desktop.
107* Correctly use screen number to display all the windows.
109* Added "System;FileTools;" into Categories for pcmanfm.desktop, those
110 are recommended categories for the FileManager one.
112* Reordered 'View' menu items a bit to conform with HIG.
114* Implemented drawing icons of dragged items as cursor to see where they
115 will end up dropped.
118Changes on 1.2.0 since 1.1.0:
120* Implemented accessibility for the desktop managed by pcmanfm.
122* Added missing accessibility relations between main window parts.
124* Added tooltips for desktop items. Tooltips contain full file names,
125 while desktop text shows them truncated in case of long names.
127* For LibFM version 1.2.0 (and newer) show version of LibFM in the About
128 window as well, not just PCManFM version.
130* Added support for configuration options of LibFM 1.1.0 and 1.2.0 into
131 Preferences dialog.
133* Adopted new LibFM APIs and disabled all the deprecated calls.
135* Implemented separated desktop configuration for each monitor. The
136 Desktop Preferences dialog will be applied only to current monitor.
137 If no setup was ever done for secondary monitor then setup will be
138 copied from primary one. Configuration will be converted into new
139 style from old one on the first start of PCManFM desktop manager.
140 The new configuration will be not known to old version of PCManFM so
141 if you start old one again, it will gain default configuration for
142 the desktop instead.
144* Changed representing of sort mode in config file: instead of numerics
145 'sort_type' and 'sort_by' it's saved as 'sort=<list>' text setting.
146 Thus it is possible to save extended modes such as 'case' or 'mingle'
147 and save sort by extended columns (see LibFM new APIs).
149* Implemented saving of columns (works for Detailed List View mode). The
150 list of columns is represented as <name>[:<width]. This feature will
151 work with LibFM 1.0.2 or newer. The LibFM 1.1.x will get some benefit
152 only, the PCManFM can load that list from config. The possibility to
153 catch columns change is available since LibFM 1.2.0 so this feature
154 will work in full only with LibFM 1.2.0 or newer.
156* Changed strings to follow common Human Interface Guidelines for strings
157 capitalization.
159* New tab with Search Results now opened in Detailed List View mode with
160 columns: Name, Description, Location, Size, Modified. Since Search
161 Results is a special folder, its layout should be other than default.
163* The 'Tools'->'Open Current Folder as Root' menu item is removed along
164 with 'su_cmd' configuration option. That mode is too much dangerous
165 and appropriate functionality can be achieved using DES-EMA extension
166 for context menu, no need to hardcode it into PCManFM.
168* Added support for extended sort modes into main menu.
170* If used with LibFM 1.2.0 or newer then list of view modes in the main
171 menu will be not hardcoded but list of supported view modes retrieved
172 from FmStandardView widget.
174* Added support for per-folder configurations: sort mode, show_hidden,
175 and view mode. The settings will be loaded from the file .directory
176 if it exists, the file ~/.config/pcmanfm/<profile>/dir-settings.conf
177 will be used otherwise (and if linked with LibFM 1.2.0 or newer then
178 the file ~/.config/libfm/dir-settings.conf will be used instead by
179 the LibFM). Those settings will be saved not for each of the visited
180 folders but only if 'View'->'Save for This Folder' checkbox in the
181 main menu is checked, and will be forgotten after it's unchecked.
183* Changed representing of view mode in config file: instead of numeric
184 'view_mode' it is saved in portable way as string defined by widget
185 FmStandardView.
187* Changed representing of side pane mode in config file: instead of
188 numeric 'side_pane_mode' it is saved now in portable way as string
189 defined by widget FmSidePane.
191* Implemented Dual Pane mode which can be toggled on anytime. If there is
192 some tab next to current then it will be used for inactive pane, and
193 if there is only one tab present in the window then new tab will be
194 created (for the same directory as current view). When tab that is
195 shown in inactive pane is closed then Dual Pane mode is terminated
196 and may be toggled on again by user if needed. The Dual Pane mode can
197 be toggled either via the main menu or by pressing a key 'F3'.
199* Added icon size manipulations (increase, decrease, normalize size) into
200 View menu. New size will be remembered in config for the appropriate
201 type of icons.
203* Added configuration for toolbar: it can be now hidden, and elements on
204 it (New Tab, navigations, Home) can be hidden individually as well.
206* Added menu option 'Go'->'Connect to Server...". If selected it opens a
207 dialog window to select type of remote folder and few parameters
208 (host, port, path, login) for the connection. If not cancelled then
209 selected remote folder will be opened in new tab.
211* Implemented new config option 'media_in_new_tab', defaulted to false.
212 If set then automounted folder will be opened in new tab instead of
213 new window.
215* Implemented new config option 'desktop_folder_new_win', defaulted to
216 false. If set then folder from desktop will be opened in new window
217 instead of new tab.
219* Context menu options to open folder in new window / tab / terminal now
220 available also for side pane items' context menu if used with LibFM
221 1.2.0 or newer.
223* If used with libfm 1.2.0 or newer then option 'mingle' will be included
224 into default sort modes for the Desktop. This is expected by most of
225 users - we add something to Desktop, then we see it after all already
226 added items, not after other folders.
228* Implemented handling for extra items on the desktop:
229 - Trash Can
230 - "Documents" folder
231 - external media
232 Those items have not be in the Desktop folder, they will be added to
233 the view by desktop manager internally. Corresponding config options
234 are 'show_trash', 'show_documents', 'show_mounts' - those are set in
235 the desktop config for each monitor. Default is true for 'show_trash'
236 and false for other items. Note that all those items are not links of
237 any kind but folders itself so weird operations with them may lead to
238 weird results.
239 This feature will work only if linked against libfm 1.2.0 or newer.
241* Folder view modes moved to separate submenu to make View menu shorter.
243* Reordered View, Bookmarks, and Go menus placement in menu bar to follow
244 common order used by other applications and file managers.
246* The menu items 'Go'->'Applications' and 'Tools'->'Find Files...' should
247 become insensitive now if appropriate modules were not loaded.
249* Added new section 'autorun' into config where last choices made by user
250 for some kind of inserted media is remembered. Added a checkbutton
251 'Always perform this action on this media type' into the dialog where
252 user selects an action so user can remember the choice and never ask
253 again for that kind of media. The button is not available for unknown
254 or mixed media types. The 'do nothing' kind of choice is allowed to
255 remember as well if user selects not ask again and press the 'Cancel'
256 button in the dialog. The choice 'not ask' is saved in config file as
257 asterisk (*) prepended to application ID. The choice of view in the
258 PCManFM itself is saved as pseudo-ID "pcmanfm".
260* The menu option 'Edit'->'Delete' is split to two: 'Move to Trash' and
261 'Delete' because some users with disabilities may not be able to use
262 keybinding Shift+Del therefore should be a possibility to do exact
263 action by mouse only.
265* Added new menu option 'File'->'Folder Properties' which duplicates the
266 folder context menu option for those who cannot use the context menu.
268* Added new menu option 'Edit'->'Properties' from the selection context
269 menu for those who cannot use the context menu.
271* Added new menu option 'Edit'->'Open' to launch selection for those who
272 can use neither keyboard nor selection context menu.
274* Added new config option 'show_statusbar' with default to true which
275 defines should status bar be shown or hidden. It's controllable via
276 menu 'View'->'Show Status Bar'.
278* Added new menu option 'File'->'Create Link...' to create link(s) on the
279 selected file(s) into some directory.
281* Implemented a runtime option to open Find Files dialog window. It will
282 not replace any other options, i.e. if used alone and no other window
283 nor desktop manager is active, it will open new default window. It
284 will not open any additional window if used when an other window or
285 desktop manager is active though.
287* When wallpaper mode is color-only, the file chooser for wallpaper image
288 is not clickable anymore because it has no reasons to be clickable.
290* Implemented the interactive search for desktop contents. It is similar
291 to that in GtkTreeView and ExoIconView, activated by just typing or
292 pressing Ctrl+F. This small search entry window is opened at the top
293 right corner of workspace. It supports the same shortcuts as those
294 GtkTreeView - Ctrl+G for "find next" or "Shift+Ctrl+G for backward,
295 scroll gestures also possible.
297* Added new menu option 'View'->'Filter...' which allows to apply shell
298 pattern to files currently shown in the view. The pattern is case
299 insensitive.
301* After creation of new tab using keyboard Ctrl+T (or main menu option)
302 the Location Bar of new created tab will be focused to allow easy
303 change path. Any other created new tabs will have the focus as usual.
305* Added new config option 'change_tab_on_drop', defaulted to true to keep
306 old behavior: when you drag file(s) on tab label then tab will be
307 unfolded so you can drop files into folder view. If set to false (new
308 behavior) then the tab will be not unfolded but you can drop files
309 directly on tab label using any wanted gestures and files will end up
310 in the folder that tab label points to.
312* Added new menu option 'Edit'->'Copy Path(s)' to copy text paths for the
313 selection into clipboard.
315* Added new config option 'home_path' (unset by default) which defines
316 the file path or URI string to open when 'Home Folder' is activated
317 in side pane, toolbar, or menu. Available only with LibFM 1.2.0 or
318 newer.
320* Added new config option 'focus_previous' defaulted to false (preserving
321 old behavior) which allows select and focus the folder where we came
322 from when we go into parent directory. It's available only with LibFM
323 1.2.0 or newer.
325* Added new config option 'close_on_unmount' defaulted to true. If set to
326 true then tab containing a folder that is vanished (that happens if
327 the folder either was deleted or was renamed or was unmounted) will
328 be closed. If set to false then such tab will go to the 'Home Folder'
329 instead (with respect to 'home_path' config option).
331* Implemented possibility to set custom folder to display on desktop. It
332 is saved in monitor config option 'folder'. If that config option is
333 unset that implies default desktop folder. If that config option is
334 set to empty string then desktop icons support and drag&drop support
335 will be disabled for that monitor. Otherwise mentioned path will be
336 used to display on the desktop instead of Desktop Folder.
338* Changed saving option 'wallpaper_mode' into desktop config, it will be
339 saved as text instead of number to allow further improvements.
341* Added new wallpaper mode 'crop' that will scale image proportionally to
342 match the monitor size fut in difference to the 'fit' mode the scaled
343 image will fill whole monitor area and will be cropped if it's bigger
344 than the monitor.
346* Added new wallpaper mode 'screen' that will scale image to fill the
347 entire screen size and display appropriate part on the monitor it is
348 configured for. This mode is useful when people have an appropriate
349 wallpaper and want their screen composed of two monitors to show the
350 whole image - a part on first monitor and other part on second.
352* Added alternative to Location Bar - implemented FmPathBar support with
353 switching via menu 'View'->'Path Bar'->... radio buttons. The path
354 bar mode is applied to windows opened after change, the same way as
355 the side bar change is applied.
357* Added optional 'New Window' button to the toolbar left to 'New Tab' one
358 to those who don't like tabbed view.
360* The statusbar can show total size of selected files if some conditions
361 are met. Conditions are:
362 - number of selected files should be less than 1000;
363 - selection should contain no directories.
364 Those limitations are due to lightweight nature of the file manager
365 and otherwise counting will take too much resources.
367* Added API to create third-party plugins that may append own text to the
368 statusbar text for selected files. The plugins should be installed
369 into $(libdir)/pcmanfm folder and use "#include <pcmanfm-modules.h>"
370 directive in the code.
372* Added new menu option 'Tools'->'Run a Command in Current Folder' to run
373 an arbitrary command line from the folder opened in current tab. This
374 option works only with LibFM 1.2.0 or newer.
376* A whole lot of bugfixes.
379Changes on 1.1.0 since 1.0.1:
381* Corrected underscores (mnemonics) on every menu and dialog.
383* Migrated to new libfm APIs for simplification.
385* Fixed GTK+ 3.0 compatibility problems. Added switch --with-gtk=N to
386 configure script where N is GTK+ version: 2 or 3. Default is 2.
388* Added option 'Treat backup files as hidden' into 'Display' tab of the
389 preferences dialog and 'Use Application Startup Notify by default'
390 into 'Advanced' tab. Both have effect with libfm 1.0.2 or newer.
392* Added rintime option '--new-win' to open new window instead of new tab
393 when started with some directory name.
395* Added runtime option '--role' to set WM_WINDOW_ROLE property which can
396 be used by window manager to do arrangement of window. Works only if
397 option '--new-win' is also used.
399* Added search engine support. Works if compiled with libfm-gtk >= 1.0.2.
401* The items which cannot act (such as "Copy" when no items selected) now
402 are disabled in menu and toolbar.
404* Experimental implementation of option --one-screen to apply --desktop
405 option only for one (current) X-Screen.
407* Implemented side pane hiding, bound to 'F9' key press.
410Changes on 1.0.1 since 1.0.0:
412* Implemented basic multi-monitor support.
414* Implemented toggling fullscreen mode via 'F11' key press.
416* Added tab 'Layout' into Preferences dialog.
418* Few lesser bugfixes.