2016-11-06  Andriy GrytsenkoReleasing debian version 1.0.2-1. debian/1.0.2-1
2016-11-06  Andriy GrytsenkoBump Standards-Version to 3.9.8.
2016-11-06  Andriy GrytsenkoMerging upstream version 1.0.2.
2015-12-07  Andriy GrytsenkoReleasing debian version 1.0.1-1. debian/1.0.1-1
2015-12-07  Andriy GrytsenkoMerging upstream version 1.0.1.
2015-12-07  Andriy GrytsenkoChanging Maintainer e-mail to Alioth based one.
2014-10-25  Andriy GrytsenkoEnabling parallel build (pass --parallel to dh).
2014-10-23  Andriy GrytsenkoReleasing debian version 1.0.0-1. debian/1.0.0-1
2014-10-23  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding lintian override against false positive hardenin...
2014-10-23  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding lintian-overrides file for debian-watch-may...
2014-10-23  Andriy GrytsenkoSetting NEWS file as ustream changelog (satisfy lintian...
2014-10-23  Andriy GrytsenkoMerging upstream version 1.0.0.
2014-09-28  Andriy GrytsenkoReleasing debian version 1.0.0~rc1-1. debian/1.0.0_rc1-1
2014-09-28  Andriy GrytsenkoUpdating symbols file to new APIs.
2014-09-28  Andriy GrytsenkoUpdating debian/copyright file.
2014-09-28  Andriy GrytsenkoMerging upstream version 1.0.0-rc1.
2014-09-28  Andriy GrytsenkoBump Standards-Version to 3.9.6.
2014-09-17  Andriy GrytsenkoRemoving intltool from Build-Depends: it's never requir...
2014-09-17  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding libglib2.0-dev into Depends for libmenu-cache...
2014-09-11  Andriy GrytsenkoRevert "Fixing priorities on -dev and -doc packages...
2014-09-10  Andriy GrytsenkoReleasing debian version 0.7.0-1. debian/0.7.0-1
2014-09-06  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding libfm-dev (>= 1.2.0) into Build-Depends since...
2014-09-06  Andriy GrytsenkoUpdating debian/copyright file.
2014-09-06  Andriy GrytsenkoMerging upstream version 0.7.0.
2014-09-03  Andriy GrytsenkoFixing priorities on -dev and -doc packages: should...
2014-08-26  Andriy GrytsenkoReleasing debian version 0.6.1-1. debian/0.6.1-1
2014-08-26  Andriy GrytsenkoMerging upstream version 0.6.1.
2014-08-26  Andriy GrytsenkoUsing autoreconf instead of autotools-dev (Closes:...
2014-08-14  Andriy GrytsenkoUpdating Breaks on libmenu-cache-bin to libmenu-cache3...
2014-08-09  Andriy GrytsenkoReleasing debian version 0.6.0-1. debian/0.6.0-1
2014-08-09  Andriy GrytsenkoCorrecting packages descriptions a bit.
2014-08-09  Andriy GrytsenkoUpdating multiarch support, multiarch-aware packages...
2014-08-09  Andriy GrytsenkoMoving libmenu-cache-bin files out of multiarch path.
2014-08-05  Andriy GrytsenkoUpdating copyright file (Closes: #719490).
2014-08-05  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding libmenu-cache-bin-dbg package with debug symbols...
2014-08-03  Andriy GrytsenkoMerging upstream version 0.6.0.
2014-07-04  Andriy GrytsenkoReplacing direct Pre-Depends on multiarch-support ...
2014-04-30  Andriy GrytsenkoRemoving duplicate "Section: libs" from binary packages.
2013-12-04  Andriy GrytsenkoUpdating watch file to support XZ tarball format and...
2013-11-28  Andriy GrytsenkoBump Standards-Version to 3.9.5.
2013-11-20  Andrew Lee... Releasing debian version 0.5.1-1. debian/0.5.1-1
2013-10-31  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding --disable-silent-rules to fix buildlog checker...
2013-10-10  Andriy GrytsenkoMerging upstream version 0.5.1 (Closes: #721885).
2013-09-12  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding Replaces: libmenu-cache1-dev for libmenu-cache...
2013-08-20  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding libmenu-cache3.symbols due to standards 3.9...
2013-08-20  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding Conflicts: libmenu-cache1-dev for libmenu-cache-dev
2013-08-20  Andriy GrytsenkoRemoving --libexecdir from configure parameters.
2013-08-20  Andriy Grytsenkodebian: new package libmenu-cache-bin: binaries should...
2013-08-20  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding libmenu-cache-dbg package.
2013-08-20  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding suggestion on libmenu-cache-doc package from...
2013-08-20  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding libmenu-cache-doc package with developers docume...
2013-08-18  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding files NEWS to libmenu-cache documentation.
2013-08-17  Andriy GrytsenkoBump Standards-Version to actual one (fixes lintian...
2013-08-12  Andrew Lee... Releasing debian version 0.5.0-1. debian/0.5.0-1
2013-08-08  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding Conflicts: libmenu-cache1 for libmenu-cache3.
2013-08-08  Andriy GrytsenkoEnabling hardening.
2013-08-08  Andriy GrytsenkoChanging libmenu-cache1 into libmenu-cache3 due to...
2013-08-08  Andriy GrytsenkoRenaming libmenu-cache1-dev into proper unversioned...
2013-08-08  Andriy GrytsenkoMerging upstream version 0.5.0.
2012-05-20  Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 0.3.3-1. debian/0.3.3-1
2012-05-20  Daniel BaumannRemoving binutils-gold.patch, included upstream.
2012-05-20  Daniel BaumannMerging upstream version 0.3.3.
2012-05-20  Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 0.3.2-4. debian/0.3.2-4
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannMoving package to priority optional.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 0.3.2-3. debian/0.3.2-3
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannAdding pre-depends to multiarch-support.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannDecrufting watch file.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannRemoving debian readme, does only repeat what package...
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannSimplyfing debhelper install files.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannUpdating package descriptions.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannSwitching to xz compression for both the source and...
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannMinimizing rules file.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannRediffing binutils-gold.patch with common diff options.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannPrefixing debhelper files with package name.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannRewriting copyright file machine-readable format versio...
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannUpdating homepage field.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannSorting packages.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannSorting depends.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannSorting build-depends.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannSorting source fields.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannUpdating package to standards version 3.9.3.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannUpdating package to debhelper version 9.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannRemoving whitespaces at EOL and EOF.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannUpdating vcs fields.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannAdding myself to uploaders.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannUpdating maintainer field.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.3.2-2.1. debian/0.3.2-2.1
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.3.2-2. debian-squeeze debian/0.3.2-2
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.3.2-1. debian/0.3.2-1
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannMerging upstream version 0.3.2.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.2.6-1. debian/0.2.6-1
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannMerging upstream version 0.2.6.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.2.5-1. debian/0.2.5-1
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannAdding upstream version 0.2.5. upstream/0.2.5