Releasing debian version 0.7.1-1.
[debian/lxpanel.git] / debian /
2014-09-22  Andriy GrytsenkoReleasing debian version 0.7.1-1. debian/0.7.1-1
2014-09-22  Andriy GrytsenkoRemoving --enable-man from options, new upstream source...
2014-08-23  Andriy GrytsenkoReleasing debian version 0.7.0-1. debian/0.7.0-1
2014-08-23  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding libfm-modules into Depends for lxpanel.
2014-08-22  Andriy GrytsenkoRemoving obsolete target override_dh_builddeb from...
2014-08-22  Andriy GrytsenkoDisabling run ldconfig on plugins by overriding dh_make...
2014-08-22  Andriy GrytsenkoFixing minus signs in debian/manpages/lxpanel.hints...
2014-08-22  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding package lxpanel-data with arch-independent files.
2014-08-22  Andriy GrytsenkoUpdating debian/copyright file.
2014-08-22  Andriy GrytsenkoEnabling build with autoreconf.
2014-08-22  Andriy GrytsenkoFixing configure parameters on non-linux architectures.
2014-08-22  Andriy GrytsenkoEnabling hardening on the package.
2014-08-22  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding xkb-data as recommended for lxpanel.
2014-08-22  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding libxml2-dev into build dependencies.
2014-08-22  Andriy GrytsenkoRemoving unwanted (deprecated) build dependencies.
2014-08-21  Andriy GrytsenkoRemoving 02-desktop-number.patch, it's included into...
2014-08-21  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding libfm-gtk-dev >= 1.2.0 into build dependencies.
2014-07-26  Andriy GrytsenkoEnabling multithreaded compilation.
2014-07-26  Andriy GrytsenkoRemoving TODO from debian/
2014-07-26  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding myself to Uploaders.
2014-07-26  Andriy GrytsenkoRemove '03-run-in-background.patch' as fixed in upstream.
2013-12-04  Andriy GrytsenkoUpdating watch file to support XZ tarball format and...
2013-11-28  Andriy GrytsenkoRemoving Daniel Baumann from Uploaders by his request...
2013-11-28  Andriy GrytsenkoBump Standards-Version to 3.9.5.
2013-11-18  Andriy GrytsenkoAdding --disable-silent-rules to fix buildlog checker...
2013-08-26  Andrew Lee (李健秋)Releasing debian version 0.5.12-3. debian/0.5.12-3
2013-08-26  Andrew Lee (李健秋)Revert fix_gtk_main.diff. (Closes:#720109)
2013-08-12  Andrew Lee (李健秋)Releasing debian version 0.5.12-2. debian/0.5.12-2
2013-08-12  Andrew Lee (李健秋)Applied fix_gtk_main.diff from Christoph Egger <christo...
2013-08-12  Andrew Lee (李健秋)debian/rules: re-added override_dh_install.
2013-08-12  Andrew Lee (李健秋)Releasing debian version 0.5.12-1. debian/0.5.12-1
2013-08-12  Andrew Lee (李健秋)debian/control: build-deps on libmenu-cache-dev.
2013-08-07  Mateusz Łukasikdebian/rules: drop override_dh_install, autoreconf.
2013-08-07  Mateusz Łukasikdebian/copyright: Update copyright for xkb and indicato...
2013-08-07  Mateusz Łukasikdebian/control: bumpped standard-version.
2012-06-11  Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 0.5.10-1. debian/0.5.10-1
2012-05-18  Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 0.5.9-4. debian/0.5.9-4
2012-05-18  Daniel BaumannAdding debug package.
2012-05-18  Daniel BaumannMerging lxpanel-dev into lxpanel package itself, lxpane...
2012-04-26  Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 0.5.9-3. debian/0.5.9-3
2012-04-26  Daniel BaumannRenumbering run-in-background.patch.
2012-04-26  Daniel BaumannUpdating handling of plugins in rules for non-linux...
2012-04-24  Daniel BaumannRemove extra tab in host_art_os variable assignment...
2012-04-24  Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 0.5.9-2. debian/0.5.9-2
2012-04-24  Daniel BaumannOmitting netstat plugin on non-linux, requires wireless...
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 0.5.9-1. debian/0.5.9-1
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannRemoving potfiles.patch, fixing the testsuite is to...
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding build-depends to libwnck-dev.
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannRediffing run-in-background.patch.
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannRediffing potfiles.patch.
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding upstreams todo file as documentation.
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 0.5.8-3. debian/0.5.8-3
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannUpdating package for multiarch.
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannDisabling hardening buildflags for the moment to preven...
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding back changes from Sébastien Villemot <sebastien...
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding back changelog entries for version 0.5.8-1.1...
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannTrimming lintian overrides.
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannTrimming readme debian.
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannRewriting package descriptions.
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannSwitching to xz compression for both the source and...
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannDecrufting rules file.
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannRediffing run-in-background.patch with common diff...
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannRediffing potfiles.patch with common diff options.
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannRediffing desktop-number.patch with common diff options.
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannRediffing default-config.patch with common diff options.
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannMoving manpage files to manpages subdirectory within...
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannMoving desktop files to desktop subdirectory within...
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannPrefixing debhelper files with package name.
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannUpdating homepage field.
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannMaking build-depends unversioned where already fulfiled...
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannCorrecting suggests.
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannRewriting copyright file machine-readable format versio...
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannUpdating package to standards version 3.9.3.
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannUpdating package to debhelper version 9.
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannUpdating vcs fields.
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding myself to uploaders.
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannUpdating maintainer field.
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.5.8-2. debian/0.5.8-2
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.5.8-1.1. debian/0.5.8-1.1
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.5.8-1. debian/0.5.8-1
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.5.7-1. debian/0.5.7-1
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.5.6-1. debian-squeeze debian/0.5.6-1
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.5.5-4. debian/0.5.5-4
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.5.5-3. debian/0.5.5-3
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.5.5-2. debian/0.5.5-2
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.5.5-1. debian/0.5.5-1
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version debian/
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.5.3-1. debian/0.5.3-1
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.4.1+svn20090524-2. debian/0.4.1+svn20090524-2
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.4.1+svn20090524-1. debian/0.4.1+svn20090524-1
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version debian/
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version debian/
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.3.7-1. debian/0.3.7-1
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version debian/
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.3.6-1. debian/0.3.6-1
2012-04-20  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version debian/