Adding upstream version 0.7.2.
[debian/lxpanel.git] / ChangeLog
3* Fixed unhiding panel if it becomes empty and height_when_hidden is 0.
4* Fixed invalid X protocol word size: despite of stating it 32 bit, the X
5 server uses unsigned long which is 64 bit on 64-bit architectures.
6* Adapted to use libmenu-cache >= 1.0.0 - it could show empty folders in
7 the desktop menu.
8* Fixed crash in taskbar after visible task changed name then gone.
9* Ensured panel background update after some plugin was resized.
10* FileManager statement from old config should never be scanned again.
11* Fixed positioning of new created panel, the edge was not saved.
12* Eliminated hardcoded "xterm" in 'volumealsa' plugin - LibFM has enough
13 means to call terminal when needed.
14* Fixed crash if 'volumealsa' plugin initialization failed.
18* Fixed search for the gtkrc file.
19* Fixed search path for configuration - it should be not compilation time
20 path but paths using $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS.
21* Fixed incorrect flag for 'launchbar' plugin which marks him expandable.
22* Fixed dragging of task buttons.
23* Corrected using $XDG_MENU_PREFIX to work the same way as libfm does.
24* Fixed using font description, font in gtkrc file was ignored.
25* Improved search for hw sensors in /sys/class/hwmon/ hierarchy.
26* Improved check for critical temperatures in 'termal' plugin, now each
27 individual hardware setting (if available) is also taken into
28 consideration.
29* Fixed parsing alias name in 'weather' plugin settings.
30* Got rid of all individual plugins/*/Makefile - those rules more easily
31 can be contained in the plugins/ Adding a simple plugin
32 basically would mean to add three lines into that file instead of
33 writing whole
34* Fixed invalid system config path search ("lxpanel" part was missing).
35* Fixed incorrect requirements in the lxpanel.pc file.
36* Fixed memory leak in the 'volumealsa' plugin.
37* Now 'volumealsa' checks for 'MixerCommand' setting in the configuration
38 before guessing it.
39* Fixed color saving in the configuration.
40* Fixed incomplete resources deallocation in 'volumealsa' plugin.
41* Fixed make uninstall (it left plugins installed).
42* Fixed monitor number set from GUI.
43* Fixed hang on netstatus icon in auto-hidden panel.
44* Fixed icon grid compilation with GTK+ < 2.20.
45* Fixed compilation without menu-cache.
46* Now man pages are included in the GIT and tarball, not just xml files.
47* Fixed incorrect printf arguments in 'netstatus' plugin.
51* New plugin 'launchtaskbar' with combined functionality from 'launchbar'
52 and 'taskbar'. For easy support codebase is merged instead of doing
53 duplicates but appearance is still the same in dependency from mode
54 chosen.
55* Integrated with LibFM, all launching and application selection in the
56 launchbar settings is done by LibFM now.
57* New simpler plugins API implementation, using LibFM plugins loader. In
58 new API some callbacks were simplified and some removed, see all the
59 detailed descriptions in the file plugin.h.
60* New plugins are GtkWidgets now, therefore there is no explicit destroy
61 for them or their data, all will be handled implicitly.
62* Changed config access with simple API similar to libconfig one.
63* Using icon caching from LibFM.
64* Applications properties in the menu are managed by LibFM API, no more
65 calls to lxshortcut application.
66* Setting for file manager is not handled on its own but XDG setting is
67 used now, i.e. default choice for "inode/directory" MIME type.
68* Setting for terminal is handled by LibFM, therefore it is the same as
69 in PCManFM now, no own setting anymore.
70* Replaced configure option --enable-cast-checks with --enable-debug.
71* Replaced 'pager' plugin with former 'wnckpager' one. The 'wnckpager'
72 name is still supported for compatibility but it is the same plugin.
73* Added new plugin 'weather', written by Piotr Sipika.
74* Using drag & drop handling from LibFM in launchbar. It is possible now
75 to use any kind of files as launchbuttons, and folders can receive
76 drops as well.
77* Allowed drag applications from system menu plugin so they now can be
78 dropped somewhere. The obvious example is drop on the desktop.
79* Using human readable sensor names if available (like 'Core 0', etc.).
80* Panel is allowed to hide completely (setting width when hidden to 0).
81* The IconGrid converted into GtkContainer derived class PanelIconGrid.
82* Allowed to use <USER_CONFIG_DIR>/lxpanel/<profile>/gtkrc for the panel
83 custom style setup.
84* The panel itself in not a struct now but a GtkWindow derived class so
85 no special API to destroy it is required.
86* Improved the layout of icons in panel, they will not align to the edge
87 of screen but appropriately to panel height. Some of them did that
88 already but some were aligned to the screen edge without any gap.
89* The button to configure plugin in panel plugins configuration tab is
90 renamed from 'Edit' to 'Properties'.
91* All logging is unified. The option --log is deprecated and isn't used
92 anymore. User can change logs appearance using G_MESSAGES_DEBUG and
93 G_MESSAGES_PREFIXED environment variables (see GLib docs).
94* Old APIs are in place still for backward compatibility with third party
95 plugins but will be dropped later, supposedly on next feature release
96 point. Old APIs are not present in public headers, compatibility is
97 on binary level only.
98* A whole lot of bugfixes.
1241. Add manapages of lxpanelctl.
1252. Supported HWAddr status in netstat plugin.
1291. Add manpages.
1302. reduce memory usage and delete unused functions in netstat plugin.
1341. Fixed compile errors in configure and
1352. Deleted unused files.
1363. Add a new network status plugin - netstat (testing).
1374. Fixed incorrect path of icons.
1385. Changed icon size to reduce memory usage.
1396. Add LXDE-specific configuration profile for LXPanel.
1407. Use "*.directory" file for the translation of categories if available.
141 #1875624 - LXPanel does not correctly show xdg menus.
1428. Fixed tintcolor bug (Request ID 1900678).