2012-04-17  Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 0.5.0-1. debian/0.5.0-1
2012-04-17  Daniel BaumannRemoving git workaround for empty directories, upstream...
2012-04-17  Daniel BaumannMerging upstream version 0.5.0.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannCorrecting spelling of upstream-name field in copyright...
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 0.0.1+svn20091206-3. debian/0.0.1+svn20091206-3
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannCreating directories in clean target of rules to workar...
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannRewriting package descriptions.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannSwitching to xz compression for both the source and...
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannSwitching to source format 3.0 (quilt).
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannDecrufting watch file.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannDecrufting rules file.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannRemoving shlibs placeholder from depends.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannRemoving pre-squeeze breaks against lxde-common.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannRemoving entry about upload to backports from changelog.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannRemoving debhelper docs file, all files included are...
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannRewriting copyright file machine-readable format versio...
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannUpdating homepage field.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannUpdating package to standards version 3.9.3.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannUpdating package to debhelper version 9.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannRemoving whitespaces at EOL and EOF.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannAdding vcs fields.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannAdding myself to uploaders.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannUpdating maintainer field.
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.0.1+svn20091206-2. debian-squeeze debian/0.0.1+svn20091206-2
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannAdding debian version 0.0.1+svn20091206-1. debian/0.0.1+svn20091206-1
2012-04-15  Daniel BaumannAdding upstream version 0.0.1+svn20091206. upstream/0.0.1+svn20091206